Episode #426 of Mark Emmert Says The Darnedest Things.

Really?  A.J. Green begs to differ.



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16 responses to “Episode #426 of Mark Emmert Says The Darnedest Things.

  1. SCDawg

    He said that, like, for real said that? LIttle late for April Fools.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Too soon.

    Also, screw that guy.


  3. Debby Balcer

    AJ got screwed.


  4. Russ

    The douchebaggery is high with this one. Michael Adams will fit right in.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    The fucking guy….he just can’t keep his mouth shut…all he had to say is that they were aware of the situation. That is all he had to say.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Oh…and I guess in the Mind of Mark Emmert, a newspaper story is different from like a special investigative report, Right, Sen?


  6. RocketDawg

    If Auburn doesn’t go down for this then we should just accept the fact that the NCAA knows and turns a blind eye to their cheating ways. After what happened with AJ off a a freaking TMZ REPORT the fact that they are taking no action on this is completely laughable.


    • Why would AU go down for this? See it for what it is. 4 guys headed to prison bitching about AU. They wont testify to the NCAA and that means all of this is hearsay. They will get a few bucks to shut up. And nothing will come of this.

      Schools don’t go down for this shit. We didn’t go down because Tony Cole said we were paying him. We went down because he had a written receipt for the payment. And then Harrick told Rashad and Chris to lie to the NCAA. They realized their careers were over if they stuck with his lie.

      So they changed their story. Boom. Here sits UGA with a wire transfer receipt and 2 players admitting to being forced to lie.

      THAT is evidence in NCAA terms. This AU stuff is a joke. The kids won’t roll over on AU when push comes to shove.


  7. RocketDawg

    Oh…F’You Mark Emmert.


  8. Gravidy

    Man…as much as I don’t like Emmert, I think I hate “Average Media Member” just as much. Emmert versus Media is a classic meteor game for me.


  9. Dog in Fla

    Now left as the only one defending himself because no one can find Remy, he closed his Atlanta presser with the always uplifting , “If you’re not getting sued today, you’re not doing anything,” Emmert said. For an encore, he added, “Bitches.”



  10. Faulkner

    All the above being said, Selena Roberts threw the Duke boys under the bus with gusto. After being proved completely wrong, she never had the decency to apologize from what I hear. I will need more and better evidence from credible sources before I start enjoying Auburn’s downfall.


    • Cousin Eddie

      After reading that I don’t think Auburn can be sighted with lack of institutional control, that had it under control. Somehow au will blame it all on Chiz and get away with everything, again for that team.


  11. Cousin Eddie

    He is afraid of what his staff will do wrong with this investigation after flubbing up the Miami fiasco, so he decided to turn a blind eye on it AGAIN.


  12. Mr. Tu

    I am more interested in the follow up to the “mom sold her car” explanation given to the NCAA Investigator by Dakota Mosley for the pic of him holding wads of cash. Seriously? Was that even the case, or did the NCAA just accept that explanation and move on?