Today’s blame Bobo statistical tidbit

Points per red zone possession, circa 2012:

Best thing about that is all the weapons that made that work so well last season should be in place for 2013, too.


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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Unfortunately, they will pretty much be in place for that school a couple notches ahead of us on that list.

    350 yards rushing.

    • Other than last year’s offensive line and Eddie Lacy being gone, that is.

      • TomReagan

        I cannot express how excited I am at the prospect of a dominant offensive line. It’s been a while.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Ok, so what? 300 yards this year? If we get to play them again Dec. 7, would you suggest their offensive line won’t be at least as good as last year, or that they won’t have replaced Lacey with someone at least as good?

        Truth be told, it ain’t there offensive line or backs that worry me….I know what to expect from them…it’s our defense stopping them that worries the hell out of me.

        • TomReagan

          Alabama’s losing two potential top 15 picks, and one of the most decorated players in SEC history off of last year’s line. That’s a lot to replace, even for Alabama. They will not be as good as they were last year. But they did hire Mario Cristobal as their new offensive line coach which, if possible, should make their recruiting even better.

      • They got backs, so Lacy isn’t the issue. But that OL, yeah, thankfully Womack, Fluker, and Jones are gone (although to be honest, I fully expect a few grayshirted beasts to step up in their place, maybe not Jones’ but Womack and Fluker’s certainly).

  2. Wake Forest is #3. I think that’s all you need to know about this statistic.

    The number of red zone touchdowns is interesting. I know we had a prolific offense last season with a total of 72 TDs (38 red zone), so without checking all the details I’m guessing we had a lot of long runs/passes.

    I’m not sure if you have done this stat yet, but UGA had the best yards per play average of all teams. 7.09

    • I commented on Georgia ypp before.

      Wake Forest or no Wake Forest, what’s impressive about Georgia’s red zone showing is that the Dawgs also excelled on the big play last year. That’s versatility.

  3. charlottedawg

    Clemson’s on the list, the opening game this far should be interesting to say the least.

    • RP

      Clemson loses Ellington, Hopkins, and Brandon Ford. They will still be good, but that’s no small deal.

  4. The power in this statistic is the context. We didn’t bog down when we got into the red zone, and we scored a lot of points outside the red zone. All of this with an offensive line that spent the first half of the season finding its way gets me fired up for how good we could be in 2013.

  5. Cojones

    Most interesting was % TDs in RZ for the SEC: 3 out of 4 times in RZ resulted in TDs for UGA, Bama and A&M. Total scoring in the RZ was impressive with Bama (90.3%), A&M (87%), and UGA (86%). Those are O machines.

    Even tho Clemson plays in the ACC, 95% scoring in the red zone is impressive in any conference.

  6. Macallanlover

    We were excellent all year in the scoring zone, that is why I felt so confident about having two shots against a reeling Alabama defense at the end of the SECCG. You can’t beat fate though, we did everything right but got hit with an absolute fluke from an odd combinations of happenings on that play. If I ever missed Bennett after his injury it was not having him available for that crossing route near the goal line, feel much more confident on that play than a fade.

    Anyone else feel that beginning position in the RZ is a key contributor to TD conversions? I would rather start the RZ series at the 15 or 18 yard line than the 8 or 9. I have never seen a statistical study of points scored in relation to where a team starts a RZ posession after entry.

    • jryuuu

      i’d be interested to see that as well because it’s a balancing act between proximity to the goal line (easier to score) vs end zone end line as a 12th defender. hmm, i wonder if one of those advanced metrics sites might have it?

      at the very least, i’m sure there’s an analyst at bama working on it.

  7. Keese

    If anyone remembers…right before Bobo took over offense and Richt was OC…red zone TD efficiency was a struggle most years

    • Joe Schmoe

      I was going to point out the same thing for those who have downplayed the importance of this stat. Red zone efficiency was a huge issue with UGA’s offense up until recently.

      • Keese

        I remember the GT game where Billy Bennett had like 6 field goals in the first half and zero TD’s.

        There was a reason Bennett broke NCAA scoring records as a kicker during Richts tenure as OC