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It’s a beautiful day for a spring game – let’s play two!

Could the weather be more perfect today?

I’m getting ready to head out the door.  Beer, fried chicken and G-Day await.  But I thought I’d leave you with this Jordan Jenkins observation about what we might expect to see today:

“Right now I know Coach Grantham wants to shut the offense up,” outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins said. “Soon as they make a big play (against the second or third-team defense) I think Coach Grantham is gonna send back in the ones. He wants everyone to make sure everyone knows the defense is still gonna be on point. I feel like he’s gonna want to prove we’re not gonna have a drop-off, and I think he’s gonna want to prove we’re still gonna be a competitive defense this year.”

I’ll be back with more.



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Hold up on that Pulitzer, boys!

Hey, ESPN – great exposé on the synthetic marijuana story at Auburn.  Except for the part you got totally wrong. Crackerjack journalism, there.

Maybe you can get Mike Patrick to bring it up again during a broadcast of a Tigers game this fall.


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