Hold up on that Pulitzer, boys!

Hey, ESPN – great exposé on the synthetic marijuana story at Auburn.  Except for the part you got totally wrong. Crackerjack journalism, there.

Maybe you can get Mike Patrick to bring it up again during a broadcast of a Tigers game this fall.


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16 responses to “Hold up on that Pulitzer, boys!

  1. Jeff Sanchez

    Off topic, but the video screencap of that Charmin bear is somehow terrifying.

    I may have to skip a few weeks until you get a new sponsor, Senator…


  2. Eric Johnson

    Leave it to Serena Roberts, ESPN, and the NCAA to get me to root for Auburn coming out clean and proving these blowhards wrong.


  3. uglydawg

    AU may have grounds for a lawsuit somewhere in there..but the worst thing AU can do is get the media on the warpath against them.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Whaddaya expect….it’s a bunch of sportswriters who think a FOYA is some kind of penalty kick in soccer.

    I find the excuse that it was illegal to tell parents about drug test results one of those legal arguments that makes a convenient excuse….depression, folks is one of the side effects of Spice use.

    But, of course, the Auburn Athletic Department has no input into the drugs the Biracial Drug Policy Committee on Gettin High on the Plains views as not good for the kiddies.

    What would Lou Holtz do? (Tongue firmly in cheek)

    “An excuse is a lie, wrapped in a thin skin of the truth.”


    • AthensHomerDawg

      “I could not dig: I dared not rob:
      Therefore I lied to please the mob”


    • FOIA. Freedom of Information Act. Also, that’s for federal records, not state.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Thanks for clearing that up. I didn’t know what “FOYA” was. 😉
        Although not for lack of trying!
        1.Foya is a town in the Foya District of Lofa County, Liberia.
        2. The Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) program
        3. foya F@#k Off You A#$hole
        Nerd: Hi guys, what are you doing?
        “Guys”: FOYA
        4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-fs1k8OnVI

        ………rides here! GO DAWGS!


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Yes, I let newspaper vernacular get into my fingers whilst typing….FOYA is the slang for FOIA, which, I believe applies to all public records, not just federal, but, hey….WTFDIK?


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    On one hand that sounds like a strained, just discovered, legal fig leaf to hide behind. On the other hand, colleges specialize in finding strained legal fig leaves after the fact.


  6. It is staggering how bad Jay Jacobs and the AU SID are at their jobs that they waited until now to get their side of the story out.

    Just stunningly inept.

    They have been under investigation for 6 months and they knew it. Just for the Spice story. How could you not be ready?


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Was talking with my college sons about their futures, the economy and jobs. I suggested that judging by how poorly some well paid professionals performed and how many get fired and then find even higher paid jobs they needn’t worry as they have worked very hard and should be able to displace some of those clowns.


  7. Lorenzo

    AL.com exists, like the entire state of Elabimmer, to justify and rationalize any actions taken by in-state teams and to denigrate anyone who attacks those two semi-pro Athletic Depts at Tuskyloser and the Barn.


  8. Always Someone Else's Fault


    Auburn throws up a smoke screen in response to a smoke and mirrors article about smoking spice.

    Rampant spice use. Two former players shot dead. Four on trial for felony home invasion. Grades changes in Memphis. I’m not feeling sorry for anybody affiliated with that program.


  9. I see the ‘Not Banned By Auburn’ and I see the ‘Not Banned By the NCAA’.

    But the ‘Not Banned By the State of Alabama’; that one smells funny.

    Jan. 27, 2011 versus Jul. 1, 2010


    That’s pretty banned by Alabama to me counselor, when selling is a Felony punishable by a 10 year prison sentence, and possession is a misdemeanor punishable by 1 year in the HoosGow.