It’s a beautiful day for a spring game – let’s play two!

Could the weather be more perfect today?

I’m getting ready to head out the door.  Beer, fried chicken and G-Day await.  But I thought I’d leave you with this Jordan Jenkins observation about what we might expect to see today:

“Right now I know Coach Grantham wants to shut the offense up,” outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins said. “Soon as they make a big play (against the second or third-team defense) I think Coach Grantham is gonna send back in the ones. He wants everyone to make sure everyone knows the defense is still gonna be on point. I feel like he’s gonna want to prove we’re not gonna have a drop-off, and I think he’s gonna want to prove we’re still gonna be a competitive defense this year.”

I’ll be back with more.



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8 responses to “It’s a beautiful day for a spring game – let’s play two!

  1. Scott

    So Karempelis may have earned some carries this year.


  2. Aye on Murray and Conley. Aye Aye on JJ Green and Josh-Harvey Clemons . Aye Aye Aye on Tray Matthews.
    Aye Carumba on Jonathon Rumph!

    But the guy who really really impressed me as a huge emerge was Justin Scott Wesley.

    Artie and Jay got the K-Y and the stickum tubes mixed up.
    Dline played pretty darn well I thought, but the Conner Shaws of the world are going to give us trouble.

    Am not near as worried about the ‘D’ as I was. I think we will be AOK. Atkins and company did a nice job imo.


    • Cojones

      Right on, right on!

      As fans of Wooten, he made us look pretty good, but Rumph;- “Wow”.. He is Bennett with an attitude. The over-the-back-shoulder catch was reminiscent of Bennett’s takeaway at the same spot of the endzone in his first FU game.


  3. PatinDC

    It was a fantastic day for a game. Our group had a great time. Now I just have to figure out how to get my XL popcorn bucket on the plane.


  4. Cojones

    “two” as in a spoken “too” for us to play online as well or; “two” as in our desire to see more big games and a 9-game schedule with an insensitivity toward those who have to play the game?

    Which is it? Or is my radar screwed “too” tight?


    • Macallanlover

      I am comfortable knowing that you are the most likely here to have something to mellow you out. “Too tight” is typical for all of us that are passionate for this great game, and yes, that applies to the Spring Game. All in all, I think we have to feel pretty good about our position going into fall camp, no major injuries, not any suspensions that we know of, and a lot of gifted athletes that are working hard from all we hear from the coaches.

      I wasn’t too crazy about having two more practices after the game until I heard Grantham’s comment about being able to use the game film from yesterday to use as a teaching opportunity next week while the experience is fresh in their minds. I am where I was going into yesterday, not real comfortable with the run blocking or pass defense, but gaining confidence about the front group on defense. We sure ain’t perfect by anyone’s estimation, but good enough to play anyone on our schedule if we perform near our potential. I am pretty sure all our opponents have concerns at least as troubling as ours. Now sitting back preparing for my favorite week of sports, one that never fails to live up to expectations. Life is good: leaves are about the pop out, Dawgs looking strong, and The Masters begins filling the sports pages and channels tomorrow. Smoke ’em if you got ’em (and my humidor is full.)