G-Day highlights clip

In case you weren’t there, or don’t have CSS access, here you go:


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19 responses to “G-Day highlights clip

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I’m drinking the Kool-Aid. This team seems to be shaping up really well.

  2. Keese

    Rhett McGowan and JSW really stood out to me.

    Great to see good ILB play. So glad we’ve got some new bodies at that position….I went back and have watched DVR’ed SEC Championship game last year. If you can point to one MAJOR weakness…it was Mike Gillard. Good grief…he got ran around…ran through and picked on the entire game. Many times he was totally out of position or simply bumped down. SMH

  3. Debby Balcer

    They left out the somersault and tackle by Trey Matthews.

  4. Cosmic Dawg

    It was like this, doc…there…there on the screen were my Georgia Bulldogs, who I root for, playing… the Georgia Bulldogs, who I also root for. But I couldn’t root for both teams…and yet…and yet I had to. And I also had to root against both teams – I had to root against myself. How to reconcile this….this paradox…of everything I know to be true…this paradox….which cannot itself be true?
    Had the world gone mad?
    But then I thought…what if it was me? Have I gone mad? I don’t feel insane, I feel just like myself…but then, people who go mad – they don’t feel crazy, either, do they?
    How can you tell, doc…?

    • shane#1

      We don’t use terms like mad Mr. Dawg. Have you been drinking more lately, or do you know a person named Cojones? I have a sample Alcoa hat that you can have free of charge. I suggest you wear the hat when you sleep. That will be 75 dollars and we will set you up for next Monday at 9:00.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        Thanks Doc! And by the way, the hat is great, for the first time it feels like my brain is being heated evenly on all sides!!

    • Cojones

      Great fun, Cos.

      Now we can place the rational question forward: If the Black Team was our second string O (announced during the game) and they scored their 23 pts on 1st string D, how is that a win for the D ? If our 2nd string O beat our 1st string D, how does that compare with the 2nd string D holding our 1st string O to 17 pts ? First, that’s equal to the lowest points the O was held to all of last year (FU game) so that was a great effort by the 2nd string D, but does it overshadow the fact that our 1st string D was beaten by the 2nd string O?.

      Any rationalizations out there?

      • Cosmic Dawg

        I’m going to drink the kool aid until somebody makes me stop – for the time being I’m going to go with the analysis I believe the Senator and others have made, which is that we perhaps have fewer superstars on D this year but more overall depth.

        I hope it’s correct, but it seems too much to believe that we can lose all those starters and have *more* depth this year.

        I’m not sure if our first team defense front 7 were just gassed in the SECCG or were simply outmatched, or if the latter helped exacerbate the former, but I’m looking forward to seeing what a different D-line and some depth might do…

        • Cosmic Dawg

          Point being that the division between 1st and 2nd team on D are a little fuzzy this year.

      • adam

        Actually, the starting offense faced the starting defense and the 2nd string faced the 2nd string.

        • Cojones

          That’s what I thought was going to take place, but the announcement of who was who came during the game (the white team was 2nd string playing the red 1st stringers) was unambivalent.

  5. Turd Ferguson

    Off-topic: Is this real?


    And if they are, shouldn’t we be making fun of it?

    • uglydawg

      Turd, I checked it out. Talk about “target rich”! I would get kicked right off of this blog if I posted the comment I’m tempted to post…it’s tempting though, to go out in such a blaze of glory.

  6. Harry Balzack...

    FWIW… ESPN3 now has G-Day game available on replay…

    ’bout time….

  7. Houndmouth

    This band is about to hit the big time. Past the East Coast bed time palette cleanser. Go Dawgs!


  8. uglydawg

    Watching the clip (thank you for providing it), I have to ask, were there any big runs? I did like the determination to run after the catch by a couple of guys.

    • Cojones

      Karempolis (?) made a few from line of scrimmage. In fact, a few largeholes were opened by the O line, yet there is some leftover negative opinion about the line. Two scatbacks made good yardage as well.

      The negatives might be connected to the # of “sacks” (one-handed touch does not constitute a sack to me) which would be a false negative indicator.