Monday morning buffet

You might as well fill up… we’ve got almost five months before we get some live football again.

  • John Adams on the current state of Tennessee football:  “An offense seemingly bereft of playmakers struggled. While the defense looked both faster and more physical than last season’s bunch, that’s not necessarily a glowing recommendation in that the 2012 defense was the worst in school history.”  Ouch.
  • Phil Steele predicts the SEC will place five teams in the AP’s preseason top ten, six in the top twelve.
  • Anybody remember Josh Jarboe?
  • Seth Emerson reviews the unresolved questions coming out of Georgia’s spring.  Let’s just say they pale in comparison to UT’s issues.
  • And David Paschall looks at what’s up in the air with the Dawg offensive line.
  • Grantham sounded satisfied that the Red team’s second G-Day try at a two-minute drill ended less successfully than did the first try.  (Of course, some of that can be chalked up to Murray quarterbacking the first one and LeMay handling the second one.)
  • James DeLoach is a guy that, when you’re talking about newcomers, has done a nice job…”
  • Rivals buys into the “de-commitment is a problem” meme, blames it on great recruiters who confuse the recruits.  Just wonderin’ – how much less product would Rivals have to sell if some kids didn’t de-commit?
  • If you’re interested, here’s a virtual look at the new College Football Hall of Fame, currently under construction.


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18 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. SouthGaDawg

    Bama and Ohio State are the easy #1 & #2. Can you imagine the giddy goo goo eyes that the worldwide leader has for OSU. They cannot wait to kiss Corch’s tail.

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Josh Jarboe is a great story….hope he gets drafted and becomes a successful rapper when he retires from the NFLBusiness.

  3. uglydawg

    Jarboe is a great story…and I trust Freeze’s instincts, yet I worry. I pray Josh will stay track and have a great life. He can have a very positive influence on kids with his story one day.

  4. uglydawg

    I realize Phil Steele isn’t listing his top teams, but predicting the media’s choices…but it still erks me to see ND ranked in the top ten. After Alabama made them look like a mediocre high school team, the media will still be singing the praises of the Irish. It’s a sad commentary on media honesty and it’s the greatest piece of evidence I can point to as a reason that polls should NOT be a part of any playoff system. Polls gave us the sorry match up in the NC game last year…just to appease the ND lovers. I have no hatred for ND…only for the media idiots who can’t be honest concerning them.

    • DawgPhan

      Look ND might not have been world beaters, but at 12-0 with wins over Oklahoma, Michigan, Mich St., Miami, USC, and Stanford there is never going to be a college football season end where a ND team with that resume doesnt play for a national title.

      ND played in the title game to appease common sense.

      • Macallanlover

        That is a fair assessment, the system we have put them in a position to give us an unworthy matchup. It is why we have needed a playoff for decades, some unworthy/deserving teams get a pass into the playoff but they will get weeded out if they don’t belong. The Oklahoma win was the shocker for me, and it seemed they should have stumbled against at least one other of the teams you mention. Games against Big 10/11/12 teams are given too much weight, that conference has less talent at the top than the ACC, imo.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        For me the shocker was ND’s win over Stanford…wait…They really DIDN’T beat Stanford you say? The Stanford RB really crossed the goal line but the refs just didn’t stick up their arms and yell “Touchdown” you say? As for the ND win against Oklahoma we saw exactly how good Oklahoma really was in the post-season. The truth is ND had zero legitimate wins over high quality opponents last year and still played in the BCSNCG. What a travesty. Next time pick a MAC team, BCS.

        • uglydawg

          ND’s win over Pitt came after Pitt missed a chip shop field goal in multiple overtimes. There are a lot of teams that would have went undefeated against that the end, though, my bitch is that they got the humilitation they deserved (“they” meaning the media mostly but all ND fans some) but learned nothing from it. They are entitled to a high ranking because…well, just because.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            When it comes to ND the media never learns. As for the ND fans, they forgot about the humiliating loss to Alabama 5 minutes after the game was over.

        • Joe Schmoe

          They also would have lost the game against Pitt I believe it was if it hasn’t been for a ridiculous pass interference call on 4th down.

        • Macallanlover

          I think Stanford was a litlle better, but on the road that one wasn’t so much of a shock to me. Agree, they got screwed but that is the type of team ND can play with, not enough offense to put them away.

  5. Turkey Tacos

    Wait for it…Wait for it….”Gosh, even the new CFB HOF has an indoor practice facility.”

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Brasfield & Gorrie always does a good job. The fly through animation was well done. Looks like Vectorworks. FWIW that indoor practice facility you covet is a 45 yard field. South Bend will be paying $1.6 mil a year for their foray into the chance to have the CFB HOF in their town….. at least through 2017. They wielded some heavy influence in bringing that facility to their town. Karma?

  6. Cojones

    Omit the reasoning that Steele is using to say that the polls will favor Stan and Ore above UGA. The D diff with Stan doesn’t make the grade and won’t be listed there in the Fall. Same for the other Pac-12 team that’s only a hair better than most Big10 teams. I think UGA will end up #3, but hoping against it. We need some more “under the radar” time.

    • Ok, UGA enters at #3…could happen, but where are they sitting come September 29th after running that opening season gauntlet?

      I feel like having them where they are factors in that they will probably lose at least one, if not more of those games.

      • Cojones

        Doesn’t really matter since we will be Dawg-polled no matter what.

        And from the FU campus comes this large cheer that Driscol can run and even throw the ball. All it took for that grand assessment is not to have a scrimmage, but rather, a poser exhibition to get the juices flowing. Bullshit.