The scheduling problem that refuses to die

Missouri’s AD, after observing that the SEC is pretty satisfied with a 14-school conference – at least for the moment, anyway – goes on to mention that “… there remains debate about whether the league could go from an eight-conference game format to nine.”

Likely translation:  the networks (CBS in particular) still haven’t been impressed enough by the sheer genius of Mike Slive to pony up the kind of money the conference thinks it deserves from this round of expansion, but are willing to talk turkey if there’s more product.

My prediction is that if there’s more TV money for a school in a ninth conference game than in a seventh home game against a non-conference cupcake opponent, then we’ll get that added SEC game.  The coaches won’t be happy, but money talks louder.  Besides, they’ll be mollified with some sort of assurance that the selection committee will take into account how tough the conference is.



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6 responses to “The scheduling problem that refuses to die

  1. DawgPhan

    After this weekend of non stop ESPN coverage of the Rutgers coach situation and the less than stellar reporting on the Auburn situation, I wonder if ESPN isnt getting too much power. They spent a good chuck of their TV time this weekend leading into the final four demanding that the president of a university be fired.

    Seems like they are getting too big for their britches….Of course FOX getting into the sports business doesnt seem like things are going to get reigned in either.

    I can see it now, Fox hacking SA’s cell phones, and ESPN letting a school know that if a SA doesnt play, it will impact their inventory and they can’t have that.


  2. Cojones

    When “taking something into account” does this mean that it definitely will not be the money that drives it? Thought not.


  3. Greg McGarity

    Thank you everyone for your donations and season ticket money!


  4. Macallanlover

    The reason this subject never dies is the 8 game conference is schedule is indefensible. 14 team conference and 12 games to play, how can you deny the fans a better home schedule? The SEC is the best conference in CFB, and there is nothing else close, but with the rotation we have now fans are lucky to have 2 good matchups a season at home. All this in the face of rising costs. Slime is close to undermining one of the key strengths the SEC has always enjoyed, the fan passion/support. To hell with the networks, do the right thing for the fans and the game. When you diminish that experience, you have sold your soul to the devil….and he won’t stanbd up for you when things go south on the money front.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Mac, you’re absolutely right but my approach to the solution is different. The SEC should be playing a round robin schedule each year which would allow every team to play every other team, home and away, every 2 seasons. That will only work having a 12 game schedule, as a practical matter, with 10 teams (9 conference games and 3 OOC games). Kick USCe, Arky, Mizzou and aTm out of the conference and THEN have 9 conference games for each team.