Spring games? Bah, humbug.

I understand that what Florida substituted for its annual spring game left something to be desired, but so do Pat Dooley’s musings on what to do about spring games.

… I’m not sure what the answer is to spring games, which are getting to be less and less entertaining because coaches — understandably so — worry about injuries. Perhaps the NCAA should allow an extra practice as long as that practice involved no pads and was used as a skills challenge of some kind. My friend Marty Cohen of GatorBait suggested they turn it into a carnival celebrating Gator football. That’s not bad. Of course, in the end we all have to realize that spring practice isn’t for the media or the fans, it’s for the coaches.

Yeah, heaven forbid those who turn over their coin every year to support a football program should get a little pleasure out of spring ball.

Perhaps he can explain why a scrimmage in front of fans is more likely to lead to injuries than one played without a public audience.  Because otherwise I can’t figure out why old farts like Dooley always seem to insist that the best option for the sport is one that delivers less to the fans.


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  1. 69Dawg

    If the Gayturds can’t have one nobody should have one.

  2. Read a piece by Andy Staples today talking about UF and they might be awesome (or not!). Then saw where SI’s spring game recap mentioned how Driskel “significantly improved.” So I click the link that stated as such, yet the only thing mentioned was a quote from Muschamp saying JD made strides in terms of reading protections. That’s it.

    • I read that and tweeted Andy about how he could ignore the role turnover margin played in UF’s season. His response is that it was a function of how conservative the Gator offense was last season and that the offense will be as conservative this year.

      • I can’t get over how many good writers are glossing over UFs issues. Gillesle (sp?) was a damn solid back, but now the backup is even better and will be amazing!! The WRs are terrible and the OL is nothing other than solid. UGA has a better OL and I’m not sure it’s OL is anything too special. I believe Muschamp will always have a good defense, but he lost some insane talent last year, and their best CB will be playing two-ways. Then you factor in that they’ll play LSU and SC on the road, host Free Shoe and play UGA and I can’t see anything better than 10-2. All of this national title talk seems way off base to me.

        • D.N. Nation

          Don’t forget- These mensas thought *Jeff Brantley* was going to be great, based on some garbage minutes in a blowout against UAB. Remember, “if he was on any other team in the country he’d start herpa derpa doo.”

          Essentially: Is it wearing a Gator uniform? THEREFORE MUST BE AWESOME. Did it lose to Georgia and get drop-kicked through the uprights by Louisville? TURNOVERS SLOPPY GAME WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN

          • Skeeter

            Studies have shown that wearing orange kills brain cells. In fact, we is stupider just thinking about the Gaturs.

      • I don’t get the Florida love either. The safety that left was the best player that I saw on their defense last year and I believe that if Driskel were capable of more then he would have done more last year, or the year before. Is it August yet?

        • Cojones

          You are on the scent, Siskey. That’s exactly the reasoning that these pundits can’t seem to view. Driskel is Driskel , no matter what the excuse has been each year(first it was that he was recruited to Tebow’s setup of supporting players and he ain’t Tebow; second, he wasn’t any better last year ,but he had this great D[bullshit!]).

          If we lose to them this year it will be because of our poor D (if they can’t pound Driskel). FU’s new replacements will have to mature extra fast concerning SEC teams they have never faced and they won’t get the competition that UGA’s Freshmen get.

          Just can’t see an upside to good ole FU’s football program this year. Neither can their fans that I’m acquainted with.

      • Cojones

        Senator, would you mind not using “old farts” as a negative classification, even if it is a befuddled pundit. We don’t castigate others by classifying them as “….lawyers like NCAA…. “. Some of us old farts wear the label proudly as old Dawgs , but not outside these pages.🙂

        This is not a remark to be taken seriously (similar to many of my postings).

  3. Yawn

    Ranking the SEC’s College Football Coaches for 2013

    well… when we cant beat South Carolina that’s why CMR is still Steve Spurrier’s little whipping bitch


    • Getting your ass beat on national TV by a Connor Shaw-led team will do that. The SoCar game is a must-win for UGA this year. They can’t expect the Cocks to lose two games in conference and to run through LSU and UF unscathed should they lose that game. 2-0 to start the year would be oh-so nice. That would mean UGA could lose to either LSU or Florida and still be in great shape as far the SEC/National title go.

      • Yawn

        Fuck Florida.. and im actually not worried about the Gaytors this year. I’m more worried about South Carolina. They miss Bama, LSU, A&M and Ole Miss which is going to be good this year

        08/29/13 vs. North Carolina TV Columbia, S.C. 6:00 p.m. ET
        09/07/13 at Georgia # Athens, Ga. TBA
        09/14/13 vs. Vanderbilt # Columbia, S.C. TBA
        09/28/13 at UCF Orlando, Fla. TBA
        10/05/13 vs. Kentucky # Columbia, S.C. TBA
        10/12/13 at Arkansas # Fayetteville, Ark. TBA
        10/19/13 at Tennessee # Knoxville, Tenn. TBA
        10/26/13 at Missouri # Columbia, Mo. TBA
        11/02/13 vs. Mississippi State # Columbia, S.C. TBA
        11/16/13 vs. Florida # Columbia, S.C. TBA
        11/23/13 vs. Coastal Carolina Columbia, S.C. TBA
        11/30/13 vs. Clemson Columbia, S.C. TBA

        • I’m always worried about the Gators.

        • D.N. Nation

          “They miss Bama”

          Hey, speaking of which, here’s Alabama’s schedule next year, from toughest to easiest:

          1) SEC Championship Game
          2) Aggy
          3) …LSU?
          4) Nobody.

          Tide manages to avoid Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. I’m sure this fact will be pointed out by approximately zero pundits.

          • Well, winning titles gets you the benefit of the doubt, but I agree. We won’t hear anything about Bama’s easy slate, meanwhile LSU has to play UGA and Florida to go along with TCU, Bama and Texas A&M.

            • Macallanlover

              Actually we will hear about their schedule, it cannot be missed, but there will be no challenges to their worthiness when they stroll into Atlanta. The team that will get glossed over is Ohio State, continuing a 4 decade pattern.

    • charlottedawg

      Les Miles should be at least 3 or 4. For all his antics the guy is remarkably consistent

    • Cojones

      “…CMR is STILL(?) (my emphasis) ……..”

      Have you reviewed CMR’s record against FU when he was FSU’s O coordinator?

      • Yawn

        What’s disturbing is South Carolina has taken four of the last six games from our Bulldogs, including three in a row.

        • Cojones

          We are all disturbed by that, but that doesn’t make CMR his “whipping bitch”. It makes UGA his “whipping bitch” and I don’t particularly like that connotation.🙂

          • Yawn

            what’s wrong with the “whipping bitch” reference/connotation. Okay then, you do know three losses in a row is considered… pussy whipped bitch… is that better?

            • Yawn

              and look we got Clempson to start the season and then South Carolina the next weekend. i’m very worried.. just saying

            • Hackerdog

              CMR is 7-5 against USC. He is 4-4 against Spurrier at USC. That isn’t great. But, I don’t see the need for hitch as an appropriate adjective.

    • Ptc dawg

      Obviously, losing to Carolina is not the end of the season.

      That said, Dawgs need to play better this year vs the Clucks.

      • Cojones

        Yep. And I’m kicking the wife’s chickens earlier this year. She began noticing the missing tailfeathers last year and I had to attempt replacement. She finally saw me holding one between my knees trying to glue a couple feathers on the slowest rooster and muttered, “Kinky pervert!” before walking off. Now I use old darts glued to feathers in a hit and miss feather replenishment operation.

  4. John Denver is full of $h!t

    Maybe instead of asking him what he thinks about Spring games, maybe someone should ask him what he thinks about quantum physics to remind him how wise he actually is…?

    • Dog in Fla

      Or old he is actually is because he’s a Blind Faith fan.

      Quantum physics is too Halliday-Resnick hard. Quantum mechanics have to give you an estimate first but particle brevity demands that the Dooley article photo captioned, “Florida coach Will Muschamp watches a play during last Saturday’s Orange and Blue Debut at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium” needs a shorter caption

      • Cojones

        Let me help: “Muschamp view’s ‘God particles’ during poser scrimmage.”. You got your quantum physics mixed with the essence of what’s happening. What else do you want in a head-up-your-ass line?

        • Dog in Fla

          Which can only lead to “Muschamp looks for Higgs boson but it’s already particle the way up his…”

      • shane#1

        So what’s wrong with Blind Faith? I hope you are not like my GF’s Son in Law who tries to tell me that the drummer for Rush is better than Ginger Baker! Horsecrap! Keith Moon maybe, but Rush? Gimmie a break, or gimmie shelter, or gimmie something! Think I’ll go have a beer and calm down.

  5. hey to goober

    But, but … a carnival! It would be fun for the kiddies, with pony rides and petting zoos and amusements of all sorts! Maybe jesters and stilt-walkers! It could spill over into downtown and join up with the annual human rights festival! Maybe we could get Patton Oswalt to come!

    A real celebration of all that is good and wholesome … that’s all I’m saying.

    • Yawn

      You can forget all that fun including tailgating at UGA. Pres Adams fucked it all up years ago. We might have the worst college campus in the SEC for fans and tailgating

  6. DawgPhan

    I also like that the fact that they didnt have enough OL to hold a spring game, but one of their DL getting a ton of “sacks” is notable.


  7. ScoutDawg

    Not to jack the thread, did you see Weiszer’s article today about Taylor? In hindsight it seems the recruiting “guru” who used to be UGA D-line coach forgot 1/2 his job description. It MAY BE the Kool-aid, I think Garner’s replacement is going to be the biggest commitment of the ’13 class.