They asked; I answered.

The guys at the great LSU blog And The Valley Shook had five questions for me about Georgia’s spring.  Let me know what you think I got right and and what I got wrong.


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  1. uglydawg

    That’s good. I feel the heart of the whole “take away” from spring was the comment you made about the defense looking more solid than most of us had feared, but still a little scary in the backfield. Your comments concerning up and coming talent were also appreciated.
    The comment on the place kicking does give me something to worry about, A regression to 2011’s special teams debacle would surely spoil our hopes.
    Out of curiosity…was this a verbal interview, or something you had time to sit and contemplate as you wrote it? I suspect the second. If it’s the first, you should apply for J. Carney’s job.

  2. AthensHomerDawg

    It’s nice that the LSU fans noticed.
    “btw anybody remember the last time we went ’tween the hedges? When Charles Scott got flagged for raising his index finger in the air after scoring a TD, and then the refs tried to make up for it by auto-flagging AJ Green the next time he scored (for basically smiling after his TD)?

    Gotta love SEC zebras.”

      • Macallanlover

        And that is VERY significant, the flag on AJ stole the game from us, the “make-up” flag was a CYA that did nothing but delay the final gun. Along with GT 1999, I consider that a win. Those two calls were “missed calls” in the traditional sense, the zebras had to interject a call that didn’t exist to make both of those wins become losses. Different from aq ref getting it wrong, it was blatent robbery. Not LSU, or their fans’ fault, strictly SEC incompetence/corruption coming from the Birmingham office. I always enjoy LSU games and look forward to their trip to Athens in September, hope we do a 2004 type whupping on them but will settle for a 2 TD win.

      • D.N. Nation

        Seriously, how do you screw that up as a fan? It was kind of a big deal.

        • I corrected on the order.

          However, how did it “steal” the game? Georgia got the same stupid call as a makeup with plenty of time on the clock to take advantage the way LSU did.

          That said, the whole sequence was a shitshow.

          • Personally, I thought the shitty kickoff coverage on the ensuing kickoff had more to do with the loss than the AJ Green call. There was a picture floating around (may have even been posted by the Senator) showing the kickoff team all like trailing 10 yards behind the ball when it was kicked. Definitely agree on the overall shitshow.

            • Mark Curles, wasn’t it?

              • D.N. Nation

                Marc Curles, who knucklehead trolls at the AJC spent all week defending. And then Marcy Marc does down to Gainesville and blows ANOTHER huge call, finally leading to the SEC giving him some time off.

                One of the best things to happen to the SEC post-Rogers Redding is that Curles and Penn Wagers have been relegated to doing noon games rather than important showdowns. The conference was always winning titles, so Redding’s Era of Error was an afterthought, but that guy was a complete disgrace.

                • They actually gave him time off? I don’t even remember that.

                  Penn still does the occasional night game. For some reason bugeyes is the “big game du jour” ref for some reason.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      Note Curles was not suspended for the bogus call about AJ Green nor did Curles ever apologize for that one either. The SEC office admitted the AJ Green call was wrong but took no corrective action. And yes, the bogus “celebration” penalty (which occurred without a flag ever having been actually thrown) cost UGA the game. Things got muddied because LSU had a good runback on the KO and scored subsequently a TD but the Tigers would have gotten the ball near midfield regardless since the Dawgs had to kick from the 15. The likely scenario would have had the Bengals kicking a winning FG with time running out. I will go to my grave believing this game was fixed.

              • Dog in Fla

                Is it not reasonable to think that Marc C. drove Bobby P. to becoming unbalanced?


          • The other Doug

            Because we lost damn it!!!! 😉

          • Macallanlover

            It absolutely “stole” the game. We may have sucked on the kickoff coverage and made defensive boo-boos, but that penalty pumped up a deflated LSU team and flipped field position. If I recall, a running play hurt us on that drive, doubt that would have been run from 30 yards back down the field. Great call, but tougher to make from the 20. Game was handed to LSU on a horrendous flag agaonst AJ who did everything by the book. Stolen,,,,,period.

            • So wait…the call stole the game because Georgia had bad kickoff coverage? Okay…

              • Macallanlover

                Wow, sorry man. Venus and Mars thingy. Live in a fog if you would like but that wasn’t what I said. You would NOT have won that game if you had started from the field position you had all game. You got oxygen from a (truly) contrived call. Inexcusable. Even if I had been on the other side of that call I never would have denied we were handed the game…and you shouldn’t either. On the books, you get a W, but we both know it was stolen. I couldn’t look in a mirror and state your position if I were you. Enjoy it, you didn’t deserve/earn it, but one day that may work our way.

  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    You might have pointed out Hutson Mason does not go to Valdosta.

    • Cojones

      Hell no! He’s too busy scrapping with a 235lb linebacker’s condescending slap on the helmet. If Hutson doesn’t get laid sometime soon, I fear for his life.

  4. Rugbydawg79

    Just right Senator ! You did not give them any ammunition-and no need to mention our 262lb fullback or 2 very large TE’s ready for a break year !

  5. I wanna Red Cup

    Assuming Chris Conley is not already a star, I would call him a definite player to watch. I expect a huge year

  6. TheSaint

    #1 concern HAS TO BE winning games against the top teams. For whatever reason, the last 3 years, we are maybe 1 & 10 record vs top teams–the kind that finish in the top 10 or top 20 in the AP Poll.

    Why? Not exactly sure. Lack of depth at key positions? Grantham’s defense giving up too many points and rush yards? Murray? Offensive line inconsistency? No special teams coach?

    • Cojones

      You are about a year late with “the sky is falling”. That old saw about “hasn’t won a big one” is now older than the hills, but if you don’t know about the games that were won, you missed the middle and the end of the season. But you knew about that anyway, didn’t you?

  7. TheSaint

    Came out of spring concerned more about the offense than the defense.

    And, I think our tight end tandem might be the best in the nation. They both went Gronk against Alabama. Just hope they get used more than glorified blockers this year. Talent there off the scale, mismatch for ANY team, including Alabama.

  8. johnny

    You are a fine ambassador for us! Old “Yes Dawg”