Lesson learned.

For a guy whose career as a football coach is in tatters, whose actions took his school into a probationary period in which it’s still suffering, Jim Tressel is remarkably at peace with Tatgate.

Although it might have ultimately cost Tressel his coaching career — he also received a five-year show-cause penalty in the NCAA’s sanctions, which would result in penalties for any NCAA school that hires him as coach within that time window — he did not express regret for failing to report his players’ violations.

“If my fault is on the loyalty side, I’ll take it,” Tressel said.

Tressel said OSU’s violations were a result of “personal decisions” made by his players.

“Sometimes they’re the right decisions, and sometimes they’re the wrong,” Tressel said.

Not that the distinction matters, evidently.  ‘Cause he’s a loyal guy.

Jesus, think that “show cause” penalty was justified?  An AD would have to be a certified moron to hire Tressel to run a football program again.  Ever.


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7 responses to “Lesson learned.

  1. Dawgfan Will

    Thank goodness there are no certified morons in the ranks of ADs out there, amirite?


  2. The other Doug

    So you think he is Knoxville bound?


  3. gastr1

    Paterno says he was loyal too. What’s the big deal, even??


  4. Cojones

    But OSU can hire him back as Head of Player Personnel or even AD if they wanted to, right? And all OSU alums would back the idea because they think that “Tat-Gate” was promulgated by vengeful Democrats.


  5. Somebody desperate enough will hire him sometime.