Postponing the inevitable

Everyone realizes what a mess the SEC has made of scheduling since expansion to fourteen schools.  Take seven team-divisions and one permanent cross-divisional rival, toss in a dose of ad hoc scheduling these first two seasons that have led to steady complaints about unbalanced schedules for contending teams and even Les Miles sounds like he’s coming around to the only logical solution to the problem:

Miles even said he wouldn’t be staunchly opposed to going to nine conference games down the road.

“I’m for doing whatever we can to make it balanced for all teams,” he said.

If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect that Mike Slive deliberately made a hash of he first two schedules just to break down the coaches’ resistance to a nine-game conference format.  Actually, now that I think about it, maybe that’s not so farfetched after all.


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3 responses to “Postponing the inevitable

  1. Mike

    Can you credit Slive with being both that Machiavellian and that subtle? If so, it’s a rare combination.


  2. I wanna Red Cup

    I don’t know about Slive’s intentions,but I want a 9 game schedule. I am tired of playing directional and cupcake u


    • Cojones

      Yep, and the talk of hurting yourself in the rankings by playing that many SEC opponents should carry no fear nor trepidation for what could occur. It will make us stronger plus will help in consideration when SOS is considered in rankings. That’s coming up and when we go to 8 teams in a playoff,it will ensure more SEC teams included(slowly backs away from keyboard and awaits the cacophony of disagreement).