Somebody’s gotta pay.

Booster fees have been on the rise at Florida.

The biggest complaint is the increase in booster fees during the worst economy of our lifetimes. For many ticket holders, the booster fee has about doubled since 2007.

Clarke’s per seat fee increased from $125 to $250. Some seats that carried a $400 fee six years ago are now $1,000. The fee in the Touchdown Terrace, a section in the north end zone that comes with a pre-game buffet, was $1,200. Now it’s $2,200.

The fan complaints in the story aren’t much of a surprise.  But check out the reason the athletic department gives for the increases.

Gator football spokesman Steve McClain said the final numbers aren’t in, but ticket sales overall are slightly ahead of last year’s pace as of the Tuesday deadline. He said the jump in booster fees is largely the result of tuition increases, which have driven the cost of athletic scholarships up by $3 million since 2008, and other costs.

It’s always something.  But it’s worth keeping in mind in this era of less public funding for higher education, leaving schools – and their athletic departments – to fend for themselves more and more.


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5 responses to “Somebody’s gotta pay.

  1. The other Doug

    With the HOPE scholarship, unlimited access to student loans, and full rides from the Athletic Department what incentive does UGA have to keep tuition costs down?


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    I think tuition is around $4500 which Hope covers. Student fees at around $1100 and books at $600. is out of pocket. Books are really out of sight. Always have been and now with ebooks etc there really is no reason. But you’re right no matter how you cut it they will always take what they perceive is the fat. Reminds me of tracking lumber prices. When interest rates dipped building materials always went up.


  3. Greg McGarity

    This week we are planning to announce we are freezing all expenses on athletics. Instead, we are investing our money in promoting kickass concerts.


    • Lorenzo Dawgriguez

      So many students are borrowing so much money that athletic fee increases don’t faze them. They complain about costs, but vote for increased fees for football…….see the two wanna-be GSUs as an example. All driven by school Presidents who will leave those schools deep in debt as soon as they use them to step-up in scale and move on.


  4. 81Dog

    today’s spoiled rich kids (which by no means constitute the entire student body) and their helicopter parents have been demanding spa-like accomodations at UGA for years. Czar Mike is only too happy to comply, because when you have palatial dorms, rec centers and various academic buildings, who’s going to complain about your palatial suite of administrative offices? You surely dont expect the ruler of all that he sees to make do with an office (or residence) that is simply nice.

    the quest to turn UGA from the state university for Georgians from all parts of the state into a resort for select rich kids and those relatively few smart kids who are good enough students to qualify for full scholarships is proceeding nicely. When someone else is picking up the tab (HOPE), not only is there no incentive to hold down costs, the incentive is to grab the cash and keep pouring it into capital improvements that will encourage more people with more cash to keep coming.

    I think it’s great that a lot of smart kids want to go to UGA. I certainly dont think they should be living in tents or studying by firelight. On the other hand, it seems to me a lot of what’s gone on over there the last 15 plus years is a thinly disguised money grab. Stats are up? Give Mike Adams a raise. Enrollement is up? Give Mike Adams better perks. Building is up? Let Mike have whatever he wants. Never mind that with HOPE as the carrot, any competent administrator, or probably, a monkey in a Brooks Brothers suit flinging bananas out of the windows of the academic building, could have improved stats and enrollment, and probably capital improvements, too.

    But, whatever.