“ESPN knows the market…”

Jon Solomon has a detailed breakdown of what’s coming down the turnpike with the launching of the SEC Network here.  Key paragraphs:

Bevilacqua said he believes the SEC missed a big opportunity several years ago by negotiating longterm deals with ESPN and CBS that everybody now knows were fairly under-market deals.

“At the time, they looked like they were fully-valued deals,” he said. “But it’s fair to say the market accelerated forward and has changed quite dramatically. As a result of those deals, the SEC has to deal with ESPN in a non-free agency matter. It’s very difficult because ESPN has the leverage of 15 years worth of future rights to have the preferred structural outcome.”

Which is why history is about to repeat itself with the SEC signing another long-term broadcast deal with the WWL.  The conference may have the product, but the networks have the contracts.

Considering what the last set of deals brought us – a round of expansion that the conference is currently struggling with on the scheduling front – who knows what we’ll wind up with this time around.  Just remember Mike Slive’s hole card.

“The SEC is noted for the loyalty and support from its fans, who are a passionate audience,” Pilson said.

It’s a comfort to know we’ll always be there for him.


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3 responses to ““ESPN knows the market…”

  1. paul

    Again, it’s precisely for this reason I believe the SEC is yet unwilling to go to a nine game conference schedule. It’s the only card they have left to play a few years from now when they once again wish to renegotiable.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    What has Mike Slive done to justify keeping his job? He borked the TV negotiations so badly that we had to bring in Texas A&M and Mizzou and screw up all of our schedules. Now he’s about to stumble through it again? Why is this guy our commissioner?


  3. Cojones

    The time for criticism of the deal has passed. Any would-be future negotiators in Bloviation Land have missed their opportunity to shine. Slive has a staff of lawyers he holds responsible for negotiations and it would be nice to hear what they worked for in this contract that benefits CFB vs benefitting ESPN and our pocketbook.. After the announcement, no amount of bitchin’ and groanin’ will undo this contract done by money professionals on both sides. If there is something in the contract that was pissily done, then let’s hold the whole motherin’ SEC HQ responsible and get another one. Until then, let’s don’t presage this contract as done poorly according to Slive’s efforts. Remember, ESPN runs the risk of loosing if everything becomes unbundled.

    Me? Looking for the difference between Hulu and others to get the one that is correct for my next 5 yrs of viewing without selling the 401k to ESPN (any suggestions?). Although I expect a more sedentary life during that time, I’ve already embarked on rehab of leg muscles prior to and after expected medical operations to replace joints. After completing that little sojurn into knee and hippy wellness land, hopefully I’ll be able to make it to a seat in Sanford or Everbark Field without beating some of you on the knees with my walking staff . If this all turns out as well as expected, I’ll be the one you see doing a hand stand on a wheel chair in celebration; or be the guy fighting with FU fans while trying to complete the roller covering of the “n” in Everbank to an “r”.