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Say what you will, but getting talent to come to Athens hasn’t been a problem over the last decade or so.


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  1. BenG

    I hate to thread jack, but I’m surprised you haven’t picked up on this gem of a Richt quote.

    Georgia, of course, has Georgia Tech from the ACC. South Carolina plays ACC member Clemson and Florida gets ACC foe Florida State.

    “These other schools have nine but they’re not going to have that 10th game that is a team that is BCS-quality or ACC-quality or whatever you want to say,” Richt said.


  2. Rebar

    Does this list include walk ons? Pretty sure UGA had some players in that time catch on with pro teams that weren’t drafted. Ellerbe, maybe?

  3. Ausdawg85

    Not Bama or Texas? Interesting.

  4. TrboDawg

    As much as I love having Mark Richt as our coach (and I truly do), this factoid is the most troubling to me. Lack of talented players has definitely NOT been the reason we seem to be the Buffalo Bills of the SEC.

    • Dog in Fla

      I blame Marv Levy

      “This is much worse than the 1995 ‘bobble’ of the Big Board that saw five players’ names from the mid-first round come unpinned and flutter to Mel Kiper’s floor,” said Buffalo Bills general manager Marv Levy, who was woken by aides and told of the knock-over only minutes after it occurred. “We weren’t sure whether we were supposed to draft Warren Sapp, Ruben Brown, Mark Fields, or Ellis Johnson. In the end, we had to guess, and Sapp went to Tampa Bay. I don’t want this to happen again, to anyone.”


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It does make one wonder, doesn’t it? This, plus the team showing up at least once or twice a season not ready to play and the repeated coaching blunders at the end of games that steal defeat from the jaws of victory. Yeah….it gives one pause.

      • Dog in Fla

        That refreshes. The next time he slacks off and goes 12-2, he should be fired…or forced to do another hip-hop video.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          How short our memories have become. In 2010 the team was 6-7 with at least 3 end of game screw-ups that resulted in losses that should have been a wins–not to mention the field goal debacle that happened on the first drive of the bowl game.

          • Dog in Fla

            What memory? It’s been purged by 12-2. At least he can recruit which is surely better than the alternative. See, our basketball program.

          • Hackerdog

            Richt has a career winning percentage of 75%. Saban’s is 73%. Richt has won 10 or more games 8 out of his 12 years. I think 2010 can safely qualify as the outlier.

            And I still fail to see how, in the 2010 Liberty Bowl, Ealey rushing for 1 yard on 3rd and 2 means that the resulting 4th and 1 would be an automatic pick up. It seems to me that, if UGA could pick up 2 yards 100% of the time, they wouldn’t have failed on the 3rd down attempt.

    • Hackerdog

      A national championship, especially in the SEC, has as much to do with luck as it does having a good team. UGA hasn’t been lucky over that time span. Neither has VA Tech or Oklahoma.

      • Bulldawg165

        Every team on that list except us and VA Tech have played for a NC. since 2001. Most of them have played for (and won!) more than one

        • Hackerdog

          And they’ve been lucky. How many of those teams went undefeated? UGA had good teams in years where you needed to be just a little bit better.

          LSU won a national championship with 2 losses. Bama won a national championship without winning its division. UGA was precluded from playing the in game for those same faults in years that wouldn’t allow us to benefit. Just bad luck.

          • Bulldawg165

            Fair point. Florida and LSU both still haven’t had an undefeated season. Bama only has 1 and I don’t think they would have beat Texas in 2009 if Colt McCoy didn’t go down. Luck is indeed a factor and we certainly haven’t had enough of it, but 2006-2010 didn’t help much either and you can’t deny the fact that, even in our best seasons the past few years, there still seems to be times when we just completely, 100% show up flat.

            • Hackerdog

              I do agree that we had some recent lean years. And also that we have had our let downs (like South Carolina in 2012). But most teams have those. UF lost to an unranked Ole Miss squad in 2008 and still won the MNC. They, and other teams, just got lucky that one bad showing didn’t cost them a shot at a championship.

              I think Richt has proven that, if he gets the right breaks, he can take advantage of them.

              • PTC DAWG

                Hacker speaks the truth

              • Macallanlover

                Hackerdog is dead-on with this. Do people really think Coker, Cheetzik, Miles, or even Foolmer are better coaches than Mark Richt just because of selection to play in one specific game that is decided more by bias, politics, one break via a ref’s call or bad than a coach’s ability? UGA could make a strong case that in 2002, 2007, and/or 2012 we would have won that game if we had gotten the invite. We were one play that OSU made in 2002, three weird plays in TN games in 2007, and 8 yards away last year against Bama. We have been in the Top 10 rankings 7 or 8 times in CMR’s tenure at the end of the season. That is far more impressive than the one hit wonders I mentioned above, and has been accomplished in the Golden Era of SEC football. If Mark Richt were your child and brought home grades of 95 on test scores regularly, would you harp on the kid for the 5 points he missed? If so, you would drive the kid away, and I am convinced many UGA fans will drive Richt away before his work is done. All fans want us to win every game but you cannot make yourself miserable in life by constantly dwelling on the negatives.

                • Macallanlover

                  Sorry, should be ” or a bad bounce than by a coach’s ability”.

                • Cojones

                  The last part of your last sentence; – yeah some can (make themselves miserable – and try to take some of us with them) and I hope they stay miserable and don’t enjoy this upcoming season either since they stubbornly can’t come to grips with reality.

                  Richt and Bobo are kings of O. Get it through your skulls. Stand back, watch the play in the arena and enjoy the program while you can.

            • AlphaDawg

              McCoy didn’t play defense. When was the last time you saw a team with 2 RB rush for over 100 yards and loss a game? Texas had no answer to Bama’s running backs and OL. Saban even took his foot off the gas in the middle of 3rd qtr and sat Ingram on the bench until the middle of the 4th. Texas would still lose that game with McCoy.

          • AthensHomerDawg


        • Dog in Fla

          Even before 2001, Va Tech v. FSU for the NC in the 2000 Sugar Bowl where the Beamer lost a defensive stuggle 46-29 but only because FSU had an awesome Bobo-like offensive coordinator.