Oh, Auburn, you’re so Auburn.

You can take the Auburn out of Chizik, but you can’t take the Chizik out of Auburn.  From yesterday’s spring game comes this news:

On the second play of the third quarter, Reese was leveled by cornerback Jonathon Mincy and was down for several moments before walking to the sideline. Mincy was assessed a 15-yard personal foul penalty for targeting a receiver above the shoulders and ejected.

Getting ejected from a spring game takes some work.  And the scuttlebutt was that Mincy was taunting after the hit.

Best tweet I saw about this was somebody speculating whether Mincy would have to miss the first half of next year’s spring game.


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11 responses to “Oh, Auburn, you’re so Auburn.

  1. Sneaky Short

    Somewhere on the plains there’s a hat not turned backwards and a towel not being waved after that big hit. A nation mourns.


    • HahiraDawg

      what was that SS? Aub nation of morons?
      Before I came back home to Hahira my call sign here was (initially MontgomeryAlDawg) DawgnAub. Work called me to Auburn for two years, had to be there during CNewton and ThugFairley.
      I was glad to get outta there.


  2. BoZ

    Apparently Mincy was pissed at Reese for smoking all his spice..


  3. Macallanlover

    Nothing about AU and rules violations or dirty play will ever surprise me again but we need to all be concerned about this application of this new rule. Disclaimer: I fully understand, and support, the intent of the rules to provide better safety for players. But we will never eliminate injuries from the game of football until we wrap players in a 3 foot diameter foam pad and let them bounce off each other like pinballs.

    There will be games decided, this season, by ejections of players who will miss not only the balance of the current game, but playing time in the next game. Unfortunately many/most of these incidents will not be because of targeting to inflict injury, or even an illegal hit by accident, it will be by refs unqualified to make that snap judgement on action occuring at full speed. The hurdle bar should be set very high for ejecting a player and should be used only in examples that are blatent, and perhaps should be a mandatory review where “beyond a reasonable doubt” is required. Currently many high hits gets flagged just because they are high, and late hits out of bounds are miscalled just because the runner is near the boundary and the momentum of the hit carries the two players out of bounds. These bad calls have already changed the game as we know it, and this new mandatory ejection rule can do even worse damage.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. Also certain SEC refs have an agenda (Penn Wagers and GT alum Marc Curles I am looking at you) and expect the ejection rule to be applied “unevenly” (to phase it gently).


  4. Cojones

    One image from this mayhem is of Reggie lying on the ground motionless and Green(?), from Auburn, picking the ball from his unconscious fingers and taking possession. Remembering the long wait as he lay on the field, the praying of both teams in circles to the side, taking his semiconscious body off the field; – it made for a surreal call to God for everyone in the stadium and watching at home.

    Ron Courson had spearing outlawed in CFB the next year and it was welcomed by all. It’s easy to call the penalty for spearing, but putting the intent and extent of a hit fully into the hands of the zebra-striped judgement makers should call for hours in film review prior to placing a whistle in their mouths. Personally, I’d like to see it certified that they have had such training before being allowed to call the new rule.

    Does anyone who is friends with zebras have any suggestions from the officials as to how far their training should go in order to call this rule??


    • mwo

      The Auburn player was Junior Rosegreen. We were there at the game, I don’t remember if there was a flag or not. I don’t believe there was.I do remember Rosegreen standing over him and celebrating.


  5. WF dawg

    I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I hate Auburn. It can never be said enough.


  6. Trbodawg

    Interesting that the A-Day game was ones vs twos.


  7. Lorenzo

    Never underestimate Auburn. If they ever resurrected the old SWAC, Auburn would be a great fit.