He’s overselling something.

Shorter Pat Dooley:  My ranking Jeff Driskel the fifth-best quarterback in the SEC is proof, I tells ‘ya, that the conference is loaded with quality quarterbacks.



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7 responses to “He’s overselling something.

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The conference IS loaded with quality QBs. Jeff Driskel isn’t one of them, though.


  2. RP

    Where’s Hutson Mason?!


  3. Macallanlover

    Seems like a lot of butthurt from Dooley when you read the synopsis on AM. It is factually correct but you really have to be a Florida fan who knows Urbie let a great one get away to ignore all the glittering factoids on Murray’s resume. Stay thirsty my friend.


  4. Spike

    The Gators “overachieved” last year? Who knew? After losing ugly to Louisville…


  5. Irwin R Fletcher

    Uhhhh….I know I’m ranking him as the 3rd best QB in what I’m terming the ‘loaded’ SEC, but I’m not going to say anything positive about him.

    Explain to me again which are the “biggest” regular season games and which are not, Pat Dooley?

    And please tell me what it means to ‘cut down on his interceptions’? Because he threw interceptions at a higher rate last year than he did his freshmen year. He threw 10 in 386 attempts while in 2011 he threw 14 in 407 attempts. Was that the only improvement or was it the 65% completion rate and 10.1 yards per catch that showed Murray to be a better QB in 2012?

    And I’m not taking anything away from Johnny Football…but I don’t understand why Dooley’s description of him isn’t “He went for 0 TDs and 3 Ints in two of the biggest games of the year for A&M.”

    It takes a real DB to watch Murray put together the body of work he has and say something inane like ‘he cut down on his Ints but didn’t show up in the biggest games’ while ranking him the 3rd best QB in the conference.

    But hey..he’s no Teddy Bridgewater, I guess.