Jim Delany is not a happy man today.

ACC is prepared to announce a grant of media rights agreement has been reached.  That cuts off the financial incentive for another conference to chase a current ACC school.

In other words, if a school decides to leave the ACC for, oh, say, the Big Ten, then its media revenues go to the ACC – and not to the school – for the length of the Grant of Media Rights agreement. Translation: you’re not leaving the league.

Even worse for Delany?  Note the number of schools that are parties to the agreement.  Then consider that the ACC is officially a 14-team conference (for football, anyway).  You do the math on what that means.


UPDATE:  Official announcement here.



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27 responses to “Jim Delany is not a happy man today.

  1. Dog in Fla

    I thought Touchdown Jesus had an exclusive contract with NBC. Or was he not Team 15?


  2. paul

    So Touchdown Jesus has signed on as well?


  3. The984

    I’ve held out against a 9 game schedule because I believed the SEC would be expanding in the near future to 16 teams, and an easy 16-team, 8-game schedule can be set up. Now though? Without any viable option for expansion, nine is coming, and I don’t like it. It’s going to spell the end for either Jacksonville, Clean Old-Fashioned Hate, or intriguing OOC match-ups (already partially killed by McGarity).


  4. FCDore

    The Maryland folks have to be a little irritated, too. I’m sure they made the move with the implicit understanding that they would be the first of an eastern/southern push by the Big Ten (Virginia, UNC, Georgia Tech). Now they’ll have West Virginia’s travel headaches and little chance of being reunited with closer, traditional peers.


    • David K

      Agreed, Maryland saw the writing on the wall that the ACC was about to implode and they jumped early. Somehow the ACC survived and now they’re stuck in the Big Midwest conference with a bunch of teams they have nothing in common with. They also get to share the Big Integer Eastern Division with Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Penn State in the newly geographically aligned (and unbalanced) divisions.


      • Agreed, Maryland saw the writing on the wall that the ACC was about to implode and they jumped early.

        Maryland jumped because it was looking for a quick money fix to its self-inflicted athletic department woes and Delany was willing to supply it.


        • James

          This and this only. They even admitted as much, this was all about not having to cut sports today, regardless of the future impact.

          For the Big Ten, the big issue now is that they’re locked in with a lower fanatic fan base per school when they started, there’s no room to maneuver, as a result they’re chained to a fading bundled business model. They started all of this in a power position and now basically locked themselves into a degrading one.


  5. What is “Notre Dame won’t be joining the Big 10 anytime soon,” Alec?

    That was fun…give us another one.


  6. The other Doug

    Is there any chance that there is a clause in the agreement for teams that leave? That would explain the unanimous vote.


  7. Darrron Rovelll

    Do you really think it is Delaney who is unhappy or Slive?

    Most observers agreed that potential SEC targets were members of the ACC who sit in the Top 25 TV markets on the East Coast.


    • Dog in Fla

      Swofford takes Slive’s King


    • I really don’t think the SEC is as keen on expansion as the Big Ten is.


      • I agree – I think Slive viewed it as a necessary evil. The two schools mentioned as the most natural fit culturally – FSU and Clemson – were a pipe dream based on the likely veto of Florida and SC, respectively.


        • Neither bring much on the TV front, either.


          • Otto

            It doesn’t expand markets in the traditional opening up a new major market. But, FSU would bring more than NC St or UVA at a national level. FSU vs Bama/LSU/Aub/UGA turns on sets across the country. Nobody cares about UVA or NC St outside of their local area and even then they are not a clear #1 in the their own state.

            I don’t think this is as over as it seems.


            • Darrron Rovelll

              Totally agree regular matchups of FSU would have a national appeal but the national footprint is covered with CBS & ESPN. Expansion is about broadening the reach of the regional cable footprint. If you have a teams in from states like NC or VA, then you can sell Raleigh, Charlotte, Richmond, DC, etc.

              The SEC can already sell the Florida markets since UF smack dab in the middle of the states. Adding FSU would solidify that market from a ratings standpoint but that is secondary than looking for new eyes.


      • Darrron Rovelll

        I think Delaney has been more outspoken about expansion and they openly covet Notre Dame. But I would think that Slive himself or his proxies have been quietly checking in on the Va Tech’s, the UVA’s, the NC State’s and the UNC’s.

        It is interesting that the announcement is timed close to the SEC Network announcement though.

        Also, wonder how much “Bristol consulting” has aided the decision-makers in this decision.


  8. Connor

    The devil has to be in the details here. As you’ve noted, Notre Dame is listed as one of the schools granting media rights, but how can they be granting all of them as CBS just re-upped them last week? What if this is just second tier or some such?


  9. gastr1

    I’m not whether to be sickened or thoroughly entertained by Conference Monopoly. I think the money is fake and Jim Delaney is the thimble. Not sure what that means