Yeah, but this time he means it.

I was going to post something about Bill Hancock’s shameless change of face about a four-team playoff, but Rodger Sherman saves me a lot of time and trouble with this post.

I’m just surprised Ari Fleischer hasn’t weighed in yet.


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7 responses to “Yeah, but this time he means it.

  1. Dog in Fla

    Talk heard round The Algonquin is that Ari is unavailable for an encore performance with Bill because Ari is currently strapped into negotiations with Tsarnaev cell attorneys to unleash a PR offensive for the sentencing portion of the show trial.

    Coincidentally, this guy* from State # 57 just became available yesterday and would be perfect for Bill’s use at press conferences

    * “I thought the police said rice” not rice-a-roni is easily translatable to “I thought they said ate not fore.”


  2. Connor

    Obviously Hancock is just a corporate mouthpiece, but I still get annoyed with quotes like “The event is very simple – the top 4 teams will play in a semifinal.” It’s just maddening to hear that kind of oversimplification. I’m old enough to remember that exact same sentence with a 2 in place of the 4 used as justification for the BCS.


    • Dog in Fla

      Because arithmetic is hard, why not let ESPN select them each year from these choices:

      1. Notre Dame
      2. Southern Cal v. Oregon winner
      3. Whoever Irvin is coaching
      4. SEC West winner


  3. I heard Colin Cowherd on the radio this morning say that Jesse Palmer was campaigning to be on the playoff selection committee and would be a great choice. I about wrecked my car.


  4. Bright Idea

    This committee needs some media but not anyone who played or coached for a big school. Too much conflict of interest. No Palmer, Herby, Holtz, Pollack, etc. They could vote for their school when they don’t belong or against their school just to prove they are impartial. Too much pressure from their employer.