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Rematch on steroids

Upon hearing that, Les Miles immediately began lobbying Mike Slive to go to a seven-game conference schedule.


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“Most coaches like eight games.”

That’s Missouri’s Gary Pinkel, stating the obvious about how SEC coaches feel about conference scheduling.  (Didn’t take long for him to get the lay of the land.)

Of course, if you want the whiny version of that, Les Miles is more than happy to oblige.

“I wonder about the view of how the champion is decided in the finest collegiate football conference in America,” Miles said Wednesday without any prompting. “It’s interesting to see how you would compare our schedule with others. I wonder if there should be no permanent partners. I wonder if a computer might pick a fairer schedule by random draw.”

Hey, no big deal.  Les is just wonderin’.  Me, I wonder if tradition has anything to do with the finest collegiate football conference in America being the finest collegiate football conference in America.

Meanwhile, Steve Spurrier goes for the gold in Olympic whining with this beaut:

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said if the SEC wants to be fair, it will do away with permanent cross-divisional foes. The Head Ball Coach didn’t stop there, either.

“Tennessee’s got Alabama, who’s been the best team the last three or four years, and that’s not fair for Tennessee to have to play those guys every year,” Spurrier said. “But I don’t know. Heck, that’s just sort of the way it is. The coaches … we don’t make the rules. We just try to coach our teams the best we can.

“Nobody said it’s supposed to be fair anyway. Have you ever heard any commissioner or anybody say it’s supposed to be fair? They’d make the recruiting rules more fair. Right now, it seems like the same team gets all the top players every year in recruiting. We just need to go play whoever they tell us to play and do the best we can, and things will work out hopefully.”

Maybe the SEC can start a draft of high schoolers, Steve.  You should schedule a meeting with Slive about that.

Leave it to Nick Saban to be the voice of reason.

Alabama coach Nick Saban favors a plan that would allow a player to face every school in the league at least once during his career.

“I think it makes it more league-oriented to play more cross-divisional games,” Saban said.

How to go about doing that is the tricky part.

Saban said playing two cross-divisional foes every year and eliminating the permanent foe would be one way, but he also pointed out that going to nine conference games would also allow teams the opportunity to play more cross-divisional games. That way, the Alabama-Tennessee and Auburn-Georgia rivalries would survive on a yearly basis.

That really is the nut of things, isn’t it?  Assuming he cares about the coaches’ bitching, Slive’s got a pretty clear-cut choice.  That he hasn’t actually made such a choice means (1) he doesn’t care and/or (2) he’s buying time until he gets a final answer out of CBS and ESPN about how he can maximize broadcast revenue for the conference.  We’ll learn a lot more about both when we see what emerges from Destin in June.  That is, assuming anything does.



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Jessamen Dunker, you will be missed.

I tell you what – Florida football has proven itself good for some chuckles this week.  With the news that Gator offensive lineman and scooter maven Jessamen Dunker has elected to further his talents elsewhere, we learn that Dunker didn’t play well with the others.

But it should also be noted that Dunker was regarded by many as a bit of an outsider in a Florida locker room that has seemed more mature and composed in recent months. There’s this Robbie Andreu tweet…

…and there were comments calling Dunker “kind of a shithead” and “not a stand-up citizen” in Inside the Gators’ Parting Shots series ($), so it’s possible that Dunker’s departure is related to being a misfit in Muschamp’s new football culture as well as his arrest.

Gee, nobody likes being a misfit, especially in Boom’s “new football culture”, whatever the hell that is, so if there’s a personality clash, it’s probably for the best… wait, what?

Despite those character concerns, Dunker was likely to get a shot to play as a rotation lineman with the Gators if he made it made into Muschamp’s good graces and onto the team…

Meet the new football culture in Gainesville, same as the old football culture.


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Thursday morning buffet

Simple.  Nourishing.

  • Finally, a media headline about college footballers not making money that points the finger in the NFL’s direction.
  • Over the past five years, Georgia has been one of the slower offenses in the game.  But things have been speeding up recently.
  • More Willie Martinez love“No Georgia defensive player has gone before the third round since the Indianapolis selected cornerback Tim Jennings in 2006 in round two with the 62nd overall pick.”
  • It’s nice that the Peach Bowl name will be making a reappearance, but the BCS commissioners’ fixation with naming is getting a little weird.
  • Richt says J.J. Green will stay on offense.  One thing about Green that impressed me at G-Day was that he showed good hands snagging a high, hard pass.  If he can offer some blitz protection, he definitely looks like a contributor on passing downs.
  • You know this is shit Nick Saban doesn’t have time for.
  • Sounds like Bill Hancock’s gotten a little sensitive about the old order he’s been defending:  “There are two letters that are not associated with this name,” Hancock said.  Hey, nobody ever said being a flack was easy.
  • NCAA ponders waiving the waiver process for 6-7 teams that want to go bowling.


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