Georgia, steady flowing pipeline to the pros

John Pennington takes a look at which current SEC schools have produced the most pro talent and compiles this chart:

SEC Rank   Picks ’93-’12   Picks ’03-’12   Picks ’08-’12   Picks ’12   1st Rd Picks ’03-’12
  1   Georgia 101   Georgia 56   LSU 30   Alabama 8   LSU 12
  2   Tennessee 101   LSU 56   Georgia 28   Georgia 7   Alabama 11
  3   Florida 98   Florida 48   Alabama 24   S. Carolina 6   Florida 9
  4   Alabama 85   Alabama 45   Florida 20   LSU 5   Georgia 8
  5   LSU 82   Tennessee 39   S. Carolina 18   Arkansas 4   Auburn 7
  6   Texas A&M 66   Auburn 33   Arkansas 15   Texas A&M 4   Tennessee 7
  7   Auburn 62   S. Carolina 31   Auburn 15   Miss. State 3   Arkansas 6
  8   Arkansas 48   Arkansas 29   Missouri 13   Florida 2   Missouri 5
  9   Miss. State 47   Texas A&M 25   Tennessee 13   Kentucky 2   Ole Miss 5
  10   S. Carolina 46   Missouri 21   Texas A&M 13   Vanderbilt 2   S. Carolina 5
  11   Ole Miss 40   Ole Miss 21   Kentucky 11   Auburn 1   Texas A&M 4
  12   Kentucky 35   Miss. State 16   Ole Miss 10   Missouri 1   Miss. State 2
  13   Missouri 29   Kentucky 15   Miss. State 9   Ole Miss 1   Vanderbilt 2
  14   Vanderbilt 21   Vanderbilt 12   Vanderbilt 8   Tennessee 1   Kentucky 1

That is some remarkable consistency – through three head coaches – for Georgia.  And some of you might try reading between the lines to see what that chart says about one Rodney Garner.


UPDATE:  It’s not just about recruiting.  Check out what Mike Tomlin had to say about Jarvis Jones.

“When you look at the outside linebackers in 3-4 defenses, generally there is some projection and so forth involved in the evaluation,” said Coach Mike Tomlin. “This was an easy evaluation from that standpoint. He plays in a very similar scheme, he’s asked to do things in a manner in which he’ll be asked to do it here in Pittsburgh. Very little guesswork in that regard made it a fun evaluation and made it a comfortable evaluation. He excelled in what they asked him to do, and he’ll be asked to do similar things here.”



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18 responses to “Georgia, steady flowing pipeline to the pros

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    Auburn didn’t hire him because of his player development?


  2. Macallanlover

    I don’t think anyone questions Garner’s value to UGA the first few years he was on board. Richt clearly needed him for the first 2-3 years but CMR himself became a force in recruiting with his early succes. After the second “gun to the head” threats of RCG leaving there seemed to be a major effort to have other coaches more involved with recruiting, especially building relationships with HS coaches. I don’t think Garner would have been a major loss as a recruiter for the past 4-5 years although I would have preferred him go to a West Coast school.


    • Check out Tennessee’s numbers…


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Looks like somebody’s been underachieving in KnoxVegas.


      • Macallanlover

        I wonder how much the information available on the internet has leveled the playing field with recruiting? In the 70s, 80, and 90s you had to have “sources” and pound the pavement to find the sleepers, now everyone can scout from home and let the univeristy’s reputation and relationships with the staff be the diciding factors. Not taking away from Garner’s accomplishments and skills but it really is easier to find and evaluate all the talent these days.


        • W Cobb Dawg

          CRG was at UGA for 15 years. Some years were good and frankly, some years were pretty bad. But overall we recruited well before he arrived and we’ll recruit well now that he’s gone. For starters, we just wrapped up about a good a recruiting year as we’ve had under CMR. When it came to decision time, CMR let CRG walk – that says all we need to know.


  3. NC Dawg

    Talk about your potential perfect fits. Jarvis Jones and the Steelers. As it looks now, my Sundays will become a lot more interesting.


  4. Congrats, JJ. DGD.


  5. cube

    I think what this chart says is that it really doesn’t matter who the coach is – Georgia is going to be able to recruit well. This state is loaded and we have no in-state recruiting competition.

    And yes, I know we have several big programs nearby in other states that try to recruit here. No situation is ever perfect (other than maybe LSU’s situation down in Louisiana).


  6. Cojones

    He will carry on the tradition that Mr Hines has set at Pittsburgh. Boy, they be liking them some Dawgs up there, eh?

    I too will look for the Steelers on TV and specifically continue to watch Jarvis conquer the dumbshits who passed on him.


    • Just Chuck (the other one)

      Exactly. Haven’t had a reason to follow the Steelers since Hines retired. Now my interest is back.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Hines Ward’s career at Pittsburgh immediately came to my mind as well. Jarvis is a perfect fit for the Steelers – who have worked the draft as well as any nfl team for decades.