The talent gap in Georgia closes.

Really, isn’t that the best way to make lemonade out of the lemons otherwise known as Georgia Tech’s NFL draftee numbers… er, number?  I mean, the Dawgs have eight kids selected, the Jackets have no picks, so wouldn’t that mean the 2013 rosters are more balanced?  Amirite?

Heck, even Mark Bradley won’t swallow that one.  Tech is getting killed in recruiting and there’s not enough genius in the Genius to make up for that.  Attitude in a head coach will only take you so far – shoot, James Franklin’s got that, but the reason there isn’t an AD who wouldn’t take Franklin over Johnson at this point is because Franklin can recruit kids and hire competent defensive coaches.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for that certain combination of schadenfreude and sour grapes that marks the Tech fan, StingTalk, as always, is your go-to destination.


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  1. Dawg in Beaumont

    Even better than the fact that Tech had zero draftees is that Valdosta State and Georgia Southern both had 1.

    Georgia Tech tied with Agnes Scott, Spelman, Brenau, etc. for fourth most draft picks in the state of Georgia

  2. Go Dawgs!

    A little shiver ran down my spine when I imagined James Franklin as the head coach at Georgia Tech. I think that could be a pretty successful combination. Tech has no excuse to be as bad as they are, given their history, location, and conference. I have no idea if Georgia Tech is still more committed to the sport than Vandy in terms of resources and administrative support, but I do know that Franklin is the kind of coach who could put Tech back on the map.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Of course, I don’t really have to worry about that, Vanderbilt’s now a better gig than Tech. He’d be crazy to take that job!

      • Macallanlover

        True dat. Vandy is a better school, Nashville is a much better city, and there is no state income tax (lot of extra spending money for a guy at his income level.) Plus, after you have climbed that mountain of building a lowly regarded football program into a winner, do you really have to do that again, or should you ride the wave? I get that GT will need to look for a new coach as soon as they realize this one has put them into an even steeper decline, but while Franklin may be obnoxious I don’t see him jumping on that sinking ship. I could see him at USC though once the Kiffin train jumps the track.

        • Normaltown Mike

          “once the Kiffin train jumps the track”


        • stoopnagle

          Well, it depends on if you really think Tennessee is going to stay down forever.

          Franklin is benefiting from the zero-sum game that is SEC football. Once UT gets its act together, Vandy will suffer on the recruiting trail. Hell, Ole Miss is probably cutting into their action at the moment (they sure as shit cut into our’s).

          It’ll be interesting to see how long JF believes he is the next Jim Harbaugh.

  3. harry balzack

    This stingtalk quote sums up the nerd mindset perfectly…

    “It would be interesting to see an analysis that would demonstrate (as a hypothesis) that GT has won more games with fewer drafted players than anybody over the last four years. Drafted players would get points – (e.g., first round = 10, tenth round = 1, etc.) then total up the points and total up the wins. I’m guessing not many teams – if any – with fewer “draft points” than us have more wins.”

    • gastr1

      LOL. StingTalk is comedy gold, Jerry, I tell ya.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I’m sure you could probably make that argument, at least among the other BCS conference schools. That being said, is that really something to be proud of? Georgia Tech isn’t getting top flight football players anymore. There’s no reason that they can’t get them if schools like Vanderbilt and Stanford can. Are they really not going to address the problem? Paul Johnson’s offense works when the other team isn’t used to facing it and when they have NFL players to run it. Unfortunately, NFL players don’t want to run it. At least there’s an explanation for the offensive recruiting… why aren’t they getting defensive talent anymore?

  4. Andrew Jackson

    Stingtalk = desperate virgins

  5. Smitty

    THIS: It would be interesting to see an analysis that would demonstrate (as a hypothesis) that GT has won more games with fewer drafted players than anybody over the last four years. Drafted players would get points – (e.g., first round = 10, tenth round = 1, etc.) then total up the points and total up the wins. I’m guessing not many teams – if any – with fewer “draft points” than us have more wins.

    Right out of the tech handbook…..

  6. uglydawg

    Reading the “stingtalk” comments section, I couldn’t help but notice two primary ways the nerds are taking this. One is bitter resignation that this is the way things are and we’re pissed about it but “oh, well”. The other is to take unfounded jabs at the SEC (of course, esp. UGA) and resort to the old sour grapes routine. You don’t see the war party forming up to scalp the coach like you would at most schools. Just bitterness and bitching. It’s like they nerds are resigned to accept this as the permanent or at least the semi-permanent condition of Yellow Jacket football.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Lashing out at CPJ for Tech fans is like beating your own child. In your child, you see all of your personality traits, innate strengths and weaknesses. Tech fans see CPJ as the brilliant engineer that can’t have a conversation without being caustic and smarmy while simultaneously exuding an inferiority complex.

      To savage yourself is a cut too deep.

    • stoopnagle


  7. Joey Bryan

    I rarely read StingTalk, but when I do, I laugh my hind end off.

  8. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    They and PJ are a match for each other and it seems they won’t/can’t fire him. My only concern would be if they get a coach who puts in the spread and gets a couple of good athletes to run it. That way they could attract some decent other talent, guys who do want to go to the NFL. Why would any NFL team look at a wishbone lineman? Cut blocks, no pass pro at all.

  9. Cojones

    It has become my habit to read comments and, after digestion and agreement, look back to see who wrote it. Lately the author most encountered is Normaltown Mike. Along with Mac and a few others, the end result of their input leaves little to say, especially since they consume the heart of the matter.

    Tech’s protestations demonstrate that they refuse to examine the heart of their football exploits, past and present. Years ago they truly competed with their play on the field. Now they can’t fight their way out of the paper bag created to contain their football knowledge. They truly are pitiful. Hopefully their APR will justify their self-proclaimed recruitring techniques of classroom brains before brawn on the field; otherwise, they are grabbing student athletes and not ensuring their future in the world by any standard of measurement.

    C/mon, Tech. Stop the whimpering, get serious about football and sports again and begin rebuilding. At the rate you are going, your competitive spirit is being douched and you will announce the end of sports pursuits because you “don’t have time for this well-rounded shit”. Yall need to regain a pair of cojones in order to go for the best sports endeavors similar to what you used to do or you will end up recruiting for Ga St. If that happens you will have conferred your state pride to another team while you wander the football halls picking your ass and making excuses.

  10. Chi-town Dawg

    This comments sums up the level of football knowledge we’re dealing with on that board….
    Re: Sec 63, acc 31……gt 0
    Well, both the QB’s in this year’s Super Bowl were SEC QB’s from one of the Big SEC schools. If I remember correctly, Kaepernick went to LSU and I think Flacco went to either Auburn or Florida, can’t remember which one. So the proof is right there staring at you.
    Nevada and Delaware, LSU and Auburn/Florida, cloae enough. Never argue with idiots or irrational people because you just can’t win!

    • Your sarcasm meter needs an adjustment, methinks. He was trying to make the point that big-time NFL players don’t always come from big schools.

      Unfortunately for him, they don’t seem to be coming from Georgia Tech often enough, either.

      • Cojones

        You need to dumb down your sarcasm meter, Senator. You put our noses on the deluded and stupid fans at Stingtalk; then you turn around and don’t want us to think they are that stupid!

        You must know the poster over there.

      • Chi-town Dawg

        Senator, after reading some of the asinine comments on Stingtalk, my sarcasm meter was completely turned off, so I’ll give the poster the benefit of the doubt……but he sure seemed like his comment was serious!

  11. harry balzack

    Georgia Tech football: More probations than wins over UGA this millenium..;..and fewer 2013 draft picks than the Colorado School of Mines

  12. Comin' Down The Track

    Nerd World is a world class echo chamber. That’s it, fellas. Just keep your eyes closed and your ears plugged, and you’ll always have the greatest scholar-athlete tradition around. Hive mind, indeed.

  13. Bark Madley

    This once again proves the genius of coach Paul Johnson. His ability to take inferior talent and mold it into an ACC division champion is truly remarkable.

  14. Bevo

    My favorite post, in response to another fan that blamed PJ for lackluster recruiting:

    “Seriously. Paul Johnson is totally the only reason we can’t get NFL talent in to Tech. We have everything else we need already in place. Hot coeds. Fake majors. Under the table payola. NCAA in our back pocket. Huge stadium, sold out every week with rabid dumb fans willing to support a team even when it loses. And the local media completely in our favor. We have it all. The only reason we can’t recruit must be the coach.”

    Hilarious. Also interesting that the local media can be against UGA and Tech at the same time.

    • Bevo

      And then…

      “Totally! If only we could claw our way back to the Gailey years, which were so incredibly awesome for GT football, we’d be in much better shape. There’s never been a figure who united GT football fans behind our program like Chan Gailey. He was so awesome.”

  15. harry balzack

    another quote…this from the hive…

    “2012 felt a lot like 1997, IMHO. And if you look at the meat of things, we played UGA a LOT closer than the score indicated. We out gained them by 100 yards. And to rub a poster or two the wrong way, had Godhigh been a bit more average, he would have gone down before he broke through the line when the ball was stripped from him while he was trying to get down. That play pretty much cost us the ball game….”😉

  16. Dog in Fla

    What Paul and the StingTalkers need is a parade

  17. “It would be interesting to see an analysis that would demonstrate (as a hypothesis) that GT has won more games with fewer drafted players than anybody over the last four years. Drafted players would get points – (e.g., first round = 10, tenth round = 1, etc.) then total up the points and total up the wins. I’m guessing not many teams – if any – with fewer “draft points” than us have more wins.”

    This is the winner in my book. It sums up the nature of the problem, in one juicy little nugget of unintended comedy.