Lay your money down.

First betting line I’ve seen for the opening week of the season has Georgia as a two-point underdog at Clemson.


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  1. watcher16

    Alabama vs. Virginia Tech (+22)

    This is tempting as I don’t see Bama winning by that much

  2. Spike

    I’ll take some of that action against Clemson. I remember 2003.

  3. DawgPhan

    yeah I am not too worried about 2 points.

  4. DawgPhan

    also shouldn’t death valley be worth a little more?

    • Macallanlover

      Traditionally homefield is worth 3 points, I doubt Clemson’s homefield edge is worth any more than the average to bettors. I, on the other hand, feel a night game is worth more. I won’t decide on betting this game until much closer to kickoff, there are bound to be better bets on opening weekend. This is where Steele’s magazine is worth several times what you pay, he provides so much research that can help you find a good edge in a few games. Lot of big mismatches the first weekend, why jump into a game that is picked to be decided by a FG or less?After the early part of the season, say 3rd or 4th week of play, I rarely look at the magazine again, except to settle a bar bet or two.

      • Cojones

        Smith and Street used to be the preseason bible for betting mainly because they did more than profile teams and they had the season’s schedules for the country. Lately the offshore betting material/info has held up to some good investing. Think that may be the place to go except they don’t carry the teams this far ahead of time.

        Bar bets are fun. Made in front of others and many times with someone you know well such that it has nothing to do with money. That money usually goes into buying a round or benefiting the guy that lost it in some way (last year, after my FU friend lost his bet, he had a Tgiving cookout for many and I furnished the smoked turkey).

        Someday, Mac, we have to get together for a round. Let me know if you venture near Bainbridge. If we get near inebriation, we can switch the conversation to the Senator and gossip his ass to oblivion.🙂

        • Cojones

          Plus, these points won’t occur again . Going to get some of this before the sober people begin giving the odds.

  5. Essentially a toss-up or UGA as a slight favorite on a neutral field – I like us by 4 right now.

  6. Bulldawg165

    This doesn’t surprise me. We lost nearly our entire D and you know we’re going to have several people suspended for the game…

  7. NC Dawg

    Dawgs have to overcome their recent tendency to start the season slow. That’s probably part of the reason for the spread.