Snitches get stiches.

I know he’s got a long way to go, but I’m willing to bet right now that cooperating with the NCAA will go down as the dumbest thing A.J. Green ever does his entire life.  And whichever compliance genius in Athens advised that course of action ought to be unceremoniously shown the door.

In case you can’t tell, I’m still not over that damned suspension.



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  1. heyberto

    I’m over it until I read crap like that.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    “At 6:30 tonight, we still have not heard anything from the NCAA,” attorney Ed Tolley, representing the UGA Athletic Association in the matter, told the AJC.”

    >>>>>……………………..”UGA hires heavy-hitting NCAA attorney for represention on Jarvis Jones, other cases

    6:00 am August 10, 2011, by Chip Towers

    ATHENS – Whether it’s the reason Georgia received such a quick and favorable response from the NCAA in the Jarvis Jones case will probably never be known, but hiring Mike Glazier to lead its investigation certainly didn’t hurt.”

    Ya gotta have heart and a creative lawdawg!
    My worst court case was being sued by a partner on a development that we couldn’t get funded because of the housing bust. In hind sight….probably the best thing to happen to me. Outside of the heart attack and ICU and facing a law firm with over 200 lawyers I survived. I was armed with local talent of two lawyers and a paralegal and some other staff. Fought to a draw that was dismissed with prejudice. Ex recently busted and HUD is looking for their money. Karma.


  3. Chuck

    You know how an umpire will miss a call, and then sometimes make up for it by going the other way on the next pitch?

    If the NCAA had any integrity they would throw us a bone and let Kolton Houston play. We are too honest for our own good sometimes.


  4. Bob Smith

    Serious question: does this have anything to do with Lance Thomas not being a current NCAA player?

    If they had tried to interview him while he was at Duke, could he still say “no” without repercussion?


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Pelicans have him on their roster at 3/4 million.

      New Orleans Pelicans Roster – 2012-13
      Team Roster
      0 Al-Farouq Aminu SF 22 6-9 215 Wake Forest $2,947,800
      17 Lou Amundson PF 30 6-9 225 UNLV $185,955
      33 Ryan Anderson PF 24 6-10 240 California $8,700,000
      23 Anthony Davis PF 20 6-10 220 Kentucky $5,144,280
      10 Eric Gordon SG 24 6-3 215 Indiana $13,668,750
      12 Terrel Harris SG 25 6-4 190 Oklahoma State $94,154
      4 Xavier Henry SG 22 6-6 220 Kansas $2,323,200
      15 Robin Lopez C 25 7-0 255 Stanford $4,899,293
      8 Roger Mason Jr. SG 32 6-5 205 Virginia $854,389
      2 Darius Miller SF 23 6-8 235 Kentucky $473,604
      25 Austin Rivers SG 20 6-4 200 Duke $2,238,360
      22 Brian Roberts PG 27 6-1 180 Dayton $473,604
      14 Jason Smith PF 27 7-0 240 Colorado State $2,500,000
      42 Lance Thomas SF 25 6-8 225 Duke $762,195
      21 Greivis Vasquez PG 26 6-6 211 Maryland $1,191,240

      so is he getting paid or not?


      • gastr1

        That’s just it. If Green had refused to talk the NCAA would have withheld his eligibility and we would have had to forfeit games he played in. Once Lance Thomas was no longer affiliated with an NCAA institution, the NCAA had no leverage to make anyone do anything.

        It’s pretty clearly apples to oranges, I’m afraid.


  5. Derek

    Isn’t whether you cooperate or not dependent upon your eligibility? I mean Todd Gurley couldn’t refuse to cooperate the same way that kwame geathers could today right?

    Also, if the NCAA can’t act like a criminal investigative agency why should they be held to a similar burden of proof? I am suggesting that they should be allowed to punish Duke without an admission. Just put out the facts: A is dead ass broke. A’s family is dead ass broke. We could find no family member or like person who was t dead ass broke. No one wanted to say where the 100k came from. Had to be an agent or booster. Here are the penalties. Should an appeal be filed showing that A for example won the lottery we’ll reconsider.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      OK Bluto you’re on deck.


    • Monday Night Frotteur

      Also, if the NCAA can’t act like a criminal investigative agency why should they be held to a similar burden of proof?

      The NCAA member schools probably don’t want an enforcement division that combines a lack of relevant information with the power to punish. Would you voluntarily sign up to be part of that organization?

      The problem here is unenforceable rules. The NCAA member schools have never been able to fully keep the lid on the black market in compensation that their agreement creates, With the recent substantial increases in money sloshing around the system, the member-schools’ grasp is getting even more tenuous.

      The easy first answer that nobody has been able to find fault with (other than Athletic Directors who don’t want their power diminished) is to eliminate all restrictions on outside income and de-regulate most recruiting rules.


  6. Anon

    I’m pretty sure anyone involved with that decision from the compliance dept is no longer on the staff. They had wholesale changes a year or so back.


  7. Ben

    “The dumbest thing A.J. Green ever does his entire life”

    Maybe from our perspective. It doesn’t seem to have hurt him very much.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It was actually the dumbest thing the UGA Athletics Department ever did. AJ’s getting paid now anyway like he was going to be all along. His suspension had a lot to do with 3 losses (and arguably a 4th since he came back not in game shape) that season.


  8. uglydawg

    Except that it may have taught him that honesty isn’t always the best policy. That’s a shame in itself.


  9. Dawg19

    Even with AJ, we couldn’t beat Colorado. Had AJ been there for the first four games, we probably beat Arkansas but I’m not sure about South Carolina or Mississipi State. Either way, that season ultimately resulted with Grantham in place and I’m fine with that. I am more upset about the Kolton Houston situation.


    • pantslesspatdye

      It was a bad year. Otherwise, agree with your observations that the other games would be up in the air. But, if AJ had been in any rhythem from playing in the first 4 games, we would have most certainly beaten CO.


  10. Monday Night Frotteur

    The problem with the AJ Green situation is the rule itself. He should be able to sell his jersey, clothing, et al. to whoever is willing to buy it. This is a capitalist country that believes (and encourages) entrepreneurial activity.

    The arbitrary and wildly inconsistent enforcement is a by-product of a horrible, unjustifiable rule.


  11. Bobby

    I think this is a dumb rule. However, a rule is a rule, and AJ broke it. So, I don’t really have a problem w/ NCAA enforcing that. I don’t even really have a big problem w/ the 4 game suspension on its own. After all, this rule was put in place after a lot of UGA players sold their 2002 SEC Championship rings. It would make sense, then, to punish a UGA player more severely b/c of UGA’s historic place in the rule’s origin.

    What I cannot abide, though, is how disproportionately severe AJ’s suspension was in comparison to the punishments given to Marcell Dareus and the rest of the perpetrators in Miami-gate. Everybody knows that you can’t go party w/ an agent in Miami doing strippers and cocaine and god knows what else. That’s actually a serious violation, and Dareus gets only a two-game suspension?! I don’t care if he flipped on other perpetrators or cooperated w/ investigators, he still committed a glaring violation of an NCAA rule that actually makes good sense from a policy standpoint. To make it all the more ironic is that they were initially investigating AJ for his potential involvement in Miami, found that he was clean there, but then found out about the jersey business. And then they give him a 4-game suspension for make a couple grand off his jersey.

    That’s complete bullshit. If the NCAA insists on having these stupid rules, it should at least enforce them fairly.


    • Macallanlover

      And that is the issue, might be a dumb rule, but it was the rule. The disparity between the AJ and Dareus’ offenses was huge, yet AJ got double the time….not half. I won’t get over that one anytime soon either. Just another nail in the “why you should hate the NCAA” cross, and a wonderful example of why they deserve the ridicult that comes their way. (And the Kolton Houston case adds fuel to the fire. He has gotten a what, four year sentence for a rule he didn’t even break in college, and has no advantage over anyone playing the game. People shoot and stab folks and get less time for their crimes than KH has gotten.)


  12. Dog in Fla

    Duke is widely regarded as a renegade fall-back school


  13. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    I’m still not over the excessive celebration call after AJ scored against LSU. Closest I’ve come to thinking an SEC official might be on the take . . .