The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Mindful of Tommy Perkins’ Afghanistan analogy, let me just say this about Kentucky’s serious recruiting outreach into Ohio:  go ‘Cats, go!  Anything that makes Corch have to devote even an ounce more of his energy and attention to defending the home front and not coming down south to raid is a plus in my book.


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4 responses to “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  1. PatinDC

    It is a good idea for KY. There must be a number of good players in that area that want to play at an SEC level. OSU can’t sign them all.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Today, Cincinnati. Tomorrow, the World.


  3. Normaltown Mike

    I’ve always wondered why Kan-tuck-ee didn’t go for talent from Land of the Pretenders years ago. In fact, if they could’ve hired John Cooper after tOSU sacked him last decade, he’d probably be the toast of the town after leading the Cats to several years of slightly above average football and frequent trips to December bowl venues.


  4. Meyer has already been focusing on Sunbelt recruiting, certainly more than Tressel did. Michigan has been a big beneficiary of the change, signing two of the top five players in Ohio in each of the last two classes. The fact that Brady Hoke is: (1) a much better recruiter than RichRod; (2) from Ohio; and (3) employing Greg Mattison are all factors. Michigan State has been a big loser in Meyer coming to Ohio State, as Tressel would direct Ohio recruits whom he wasn’t going to offer (LaVeon Bell, for one) to East Lansing. Tressel liked helping Dantonio (his former defensive coordinator); Meyer has no such interest.

    I’d guess that Meyer might not mind nudging second-tier Ohio recruits to Kentucky. I don’t expect that Kentucky is going to seriously contest the five-star and high four-star players in Ohio (the SEC brand is really strong, but as UM, ND, and OSU’s recent recruiting efforts demonstrate, they also have cache with recruits), but the players a little further down the chain? Better they go to Kentucky than Wisconsin or Michigan State.