Mike Slive’s new baby

Okay, the SEC Network is now a reality.  It’s a 20-year deal with ESPN.  (Will we even be watching TV in 2034?)

There’s one little tidbit in all the details I hadn’t anticipated.

As for game times, CBS will retain the first pick for which SEC game it wants each week. After that, Slive said scheduling discussions go to what he called a “content board.” Basically any other game will be on an ESPN platform, including the SEC Network, with other outlets for what Slive called “overflow” games.

But CBS won’t have an exclusive window for its 3:30 p.m. games. The SEC Network or ESPN could have a game going on at that time too.  [Emphasis added.]

That’s… interesting.  Is there a little message sending going on there to a CBS that is perhaps a bit recalcitrant in ponying up a few more bucks for Slive’s new, improved 14-school SEC?  Or is it more outright, say, “pay us for the exclusivity, if you want it”?

Of course, it would be a little weird to have a conference network not showing football mid-afternoon Saturdays.  But I can’t imagine the suits at CBS were happy about it when they heard the news.


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12 responses to “Mike Slive’s new baby

  1. wnc dawg

    I just left the same comment on TSK. I thought that was the only real news from the whole event today. But the presser was worth the price of admission just to get to watch Saban not have time for this shit right over Slive’s shoulder.


  2. Castleberry

    I’m liking the other options @ 3:30. There have been more than a few weekends where CBS decided to show ‘Bama vs. whoever when there were more competitive matchups.

    Also, it seems like it opens up the door for longer tailgates and fewer noon kickoffs.


    • Jimmy Williamson

      Maybe at other schools but not UGA. You have no idea how much the power structure here lobbies for early kickoffs. And that’s the way we like it.


      • M E

        Im all for 1PM-330PM kickoffs. It is the 4-8PM kickoffs that are a killer.


        • Jimmy Williamson

          Duly noted. I’ll be sure to let the president know the next time I meet with him to whine about this subject. I personally don’t like anything starting after 1:30 but 3:30 is tolerable.

          And I don’t care how much TV exposure the late afternoon/early evening kickoffs give UGA – they should be OUTLAWED. Our fans are maniacs and savages and can’t handle it the way fans at LSU, Florida, Alabama, Florida State, USC, Oregon, Auburn, Oklahoma, and South Carolina can (just to name a few). Thankfully, the president and board feel the same way.


          • ME

            Thanks. But it is not the crazy fans from an all day party. I’m up @ 6am on gameday. Too excited to sleep & just want to go settle into the tailgate spot, set up, & relax with a radio & newspaper on the campus I love. Soo many good memories. I drive 240 miles to enjoy game day. Wife & I just don’t last much past about 8pm on game day anymore. Late kickoffs screw up the day & the experience. We miss 1/2 the game & are exhausted by the time we get to the hotel. And forget about getting to eat a decent dinner out Sat pm. Drive thru or hotel delivery eats & maybe time for a shower before nodding off is what it amounts to with games after 4 pm.


  3. Derek

    I have questions Senator:

    Since the deal is done the 9 game schedule discussion would seem entirely tied to being attractive to the playoff selection committee right? I mean they aren’t getting more money for it now are they? Wouldn’t it seem that they’d “wait and see” on that issue rather than jump to nine on pure speculation?

    Also I saw where James Franklin said that if a team thinks they are national title caliber they can schedule a tough non-conf. game whereas a team in rebuild mode can schedule the 4 cupcakes. In short nine games may help the top teams but hurts the middle and bottom. Smartest thing I’ve seen from that guy and why I think they’ll stand pat.


    • Coaches had good reasons why Slive didn’t need to tighten recruiting rules a couple of years ago. Lotta good that did ’em.

      Nine-game schedule is a decision being made above the coaches’ pay grade.


      • Derek

        I remember. I was the lone voice saying those over signing rules would happen despite Saban’s protests. I just don’t see the incentive to go to nine if the tv contract is done. It may happen. Just not this year IMO.


  4. Macallanlover

    I don’t mind having 2-3 SEC games at 3:30, it is better than one at noon, one at 3:30 and the rest piled in between 6:30 and 9:00. I love night games, wish all UGA games were at night, but the current imbalance means some very bad games being the only option during the early slots. Spread the SEC over the 12 hour window on Saturdays, sounds better to me.


  5. Cojones

    Confusion. Our AD, when at FU, saw scheduled 4 of the weakest cupcakes ever to the NC’s schedule, yet those Div II relative strengths didn’t mean crap at the end of the season. Everyone gave McGarity the rube when he scheduled them for us so that now we are leading off with Clemson. Yep, I’d say that is confidence in a good team by Franklin’s standards and agree with Derek’s take on Franklin. “Ok, Coach, you don’t play nine SEC people, but you can schedule and lead off with the best from Big 12, Pac12, ACC and Big E.” OK.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    “Will we even be watching TV in 2034?” I won’t. I’ll be dead by 2034.