“I first met Jarvis at a Cracker Barrel…”

David Paschall explores the difference between coaching college and pro games through Todd Grantham’s perspective.

One – helping kids grow versus coaching players who play for a living.  As Richt puts it,

“I think Todd really embraced that we’re more than coaches,” Richt said. “We’re mentors, and we’re father figures. We’re guys who these guys really kind of count on for a lot of counsel besides just football. He really embraced that from the very beginning, and I was very happy to see that along with what he could bring to the table just as far as football was concerned.”

Two – variety versus the No Fun League.  Again, from Richt:

“I think there is so much more diversity in the types of offenses that you see on a week-to-week basis in college depending on who you’ve scheduled,” Richt said. “One week we might be working against a spread team and the next week it’s the triple-option and next week it might be a team that wants to run with power and slow the game down. There’s just so much more diversity in offensive styles in college compared to the NFL.”

That’s all nice, but as we learned earlier in the year, Grantham would go back to the NFL if the right opportunity presents itself.  Ironically, I expect that the time he’s spent in the college ranks will wind up making him more attractive to the pros in the long run.


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4 responses to ““I first met Jarvis at a Cracker Barrel…”

  1. The TARDIS

    I know you don’t get too into recruiting Senator, but I’m interested to see how this defensive class finishes out next February when the inevitable NFL job offers come for CTG. There are some potential studs out there for 2014. I don’t mind if Grantham wants to seek employment elsewhere (whether or not he instigates the contact), but I do mind when it happens during the final sprint of the recruiting process. It didn’t hurt us too badly last year, but with limited numbers for this 2014 class I can’t help but wonder how it will all shake out. It’s a long way away, but worth keeping in mind as recruiting picks up this summer and fall.


  2. timphd

    We got what we wanted so we should just deal with it: We wanted coaches that everyone else would covet, and now that seems to be the case, we hear lots of worry over losing them. Can’t have it both ways, boys.


    • Bobby

      +1. I think it’s awfully presumptuous for people to speak poorly of a coach simply b/c he’s exploring (or perhaps taking) opportunities for career advancement. It’s still business, and we’re talking about a man’s livelihood and family responsibilities. As long as recruits are not being lied to or misled, I don’t think anybody has a right to question it.

      For the record, I am not trying to imply that any commenter on this board has spoken negatively about CTG regarding his exploration of NFL opportunities.


    • You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Although, I think that is pretty much what we all want.