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Enter Jarvis Jones.

Can Jarvis thrive in Pittsburgh’s 3-4 defense?  His track record at Georgia suggests he can.  (And, yes indeed, one of the reasons ‘Bama went run-heavy in the second half of the SECCG because it was having trouble handling Georgia’s pass rush.)

One minor quibble in an otherwise excellent piece – about that “the linebacker was virtually never asked to handle any responsibilities against the pass save for “get the quarterback””?  Jarvis managed to rise to the occasion elsewhere now and then.



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God doesn’t care about Hotty Toddy.

At least these cretins have enough sense not to show themselves on a football Saturday, because I doubt they’d make it out of the Grove in one piece if they tried.


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Give ’em credit for consistency.

Kentucky opposes going to a nine-game conference schedule now, just like the school opposed going to an eight-game schedule in 1992.

It’s hard to kick a cupcake addiction.  Although the AD claims to have something else on his mind.

Going to nine SEC games a year would make it more challenging for UK to get enough wins (six) to become bowl eligible. Barnhart says the physical impact on Kentucky’s players also factors into his stance.

“History says it’s very difficult for us to have the level of depth, the second, third, fourth lines of players, that some of the other schools in our league have just as a means of their in-state recruiting situations,” Barnhart said. “When we have to play a long line of league games, it’s a grind, our teams can get beaten up physically. It’s better for us, for our players, when the schedule allows us to have some so-called breathers, so that our kids can sort of restore themselves physically in-season.”

That’s how you inspire confidence in your football program.

Oh, and here’s your bonus chuckle:

Still, strictly from a position of UK’s self interest, Barnhart is right to oppose the ninth SEC football game. If they are smart, the administrations at schools such as Mississippi, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and even South Carolina will fight it, too.  [Emphasis added.]

Looks like they’ve still got a public perception problem in Columbia.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Lots of goodies to sample today.


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