Enter Jarvis Jones.

Can Jarvis thrive in Pittsburgh’s 3-4 defense?  His track record at Georgia suggests he can.  (And, yes indeed, one of the reasons ‘Bama went run-heavy in the second half of the SECCG because it was having trouble handling Georgia’s pass rush.)

One minor quibble in an otherwise excellent piece – about that “the linebacker was virtually never asked to handle any responsibilities against the pass save for “get the quarterback””?  Jarvis managed to rise to the occasion elsewhere now and then.


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8 responses to “Enter Jarvis Jones.

  1. NRBQ

    Jarvis was cool before being cool was cool.

    Wish the Falcons had him.


  2. Jordan Reed

    No kidding 😦


  3. DugLite

    I knew the Steelers were a good fit for Jarvis. I wish him all the best. I hope he has a HOF career with them.


  4. Rebar

    I seem to remember Jarvis dropping back in coverage occasionally and doing a good job of it.


  5. doofusdawg

    I always thought that Jarvis could have played inside as well as outside. He saved our rears in Mizzou when ctg had him take over the middle of the defense where we were getting gashed.


  6. I really struggled to find examples of Jones playing in coverage, the Steelers coverages are pretty advanced compared to what he did in college, and that play he’s literally just standing there. I think he was actually spying the QB in case he took off and ran and then the QB didn’t see him there and basically just threw him the ball.

    I’m not saying Jones can’t cover, I just wasn’t able to find much evidence of him doing it. I’m guessing the Steelers have a really good training regimen for making good coverage players of their linebackers.