Blowing up, and not in a good way

I was prepared to roll my eyes over the latest “Georgia coach not complacent” story as typical offseason fluff, until I saw this blurb:

Gates, a potential four-year starter, should be the team’s best left tackle, according to Bobo. But Gates needs to lose weight, weighing in around 330 this spring, while 305 is the more ideal playing weight at tackle. So he’s not assured a starting spot, nor apparently is anyone not named Andrews.

Gates is officially listed at 318 right now.  So based on what Bobo’s saying, he’s actually swung 12 or so pounds further away from what he should be carrying, which ain’t the best endorsement I’ve heard for the S&C program.

So, yeah, I can understand where Bobo is coming from right now.  Good thing it’s a long summer.


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16 responses to “Blowing up, and not in a good way

  1. Russ

    Endeavor to streamline? Maybe they should endeavor to persevere.


  2. Will Trane

    Like it when coaches can not oversee players. The use, the play, and the definition of words and policy are a joke. You’ve seen Gates all this time in games, practices, and wherever…you pass Gates coming out of the Varsity with an armful of sacks full to the brim…Coach, I’m on my way home to watch TV by myself this evening…Hey Gates, how much are you up to now, 330, 340, 350…don’t worry coach I’ll be in mid-season form when we start 2 a days…you mean like in 60 days…didn’t mean to see Gates, but a man that hard it is not easy when you have to hold the door open and let him pass thru….just passing each.
    Diamond Dawgs…never have been in any kind of shape….beginning, mid-season or end of season. When the season ends, hopefully, it is the end of the season…and a lot of evaluation should go about go on about coaches, players, and maybe a complacent AD…just another miserable season of performance and achievement…how long has this been going on…somewhere there is song with lyrics like that.


  3. Macallanlover

    I have always thought our OL under Richt was unathletic because the emphasis has been on weight, not a combination of height/weight/body build. A 6′ 5″ guy at 330 can be athletic/mobile, a guy at six feet shouldn’t be carrying that weight…they are fat. While that may be too general an observation but I think it is directionally correct. Not only can they not move well enough, they are subject to more ankle and knee injuries, imo. Glad to see Bobo taking a firmer stand.


  4. Cojones

    Feel like another dimension has descended. On a blog about Gates’ wt and playing shape, there were three posts about Tech and another that gave first hand knowledge about his true possible wt and then crashed and burned having finally blown up lamenting the passing of the Baseball Team.

    Bewilderment:- a guy described as 330 by the coach and who needed to lose down to a 305 playing wt. is now officially listed at 318. Well, gosh, he lost 12 lbs already and has only 13 to go. What’s so difficult about that? Bobo has him on track. Unbewilderment:- OOoh! Bluto didn’t add a smiley face for us sarcastically challenged concerning the described wt. as being more recent than the listed wt. Bad Dawg, Bluto! 🙂

    Gee, I just took Bobo’s word for it all. Glad Will Trane goes around bumping into these guys. If that bag was full of chili dogs and chocolate water from the Varsity, my old taste buds just kicked in. Do they still have the kiddy tv rooms with the same sized desks in which you try and get comfortable except when you stand up, you’re wearing it? Haven’t stepped into a Varsity in many years, but they used to stretch your buck in college.


    • Cojones

      See how magically the thread keeps shifting? Could be we don’t want to contemplate that Gates isn’t out there with Moses, our Leader (and our Summer Coach-in-waiting) slathering the pounds off religiously in getting ready for his NC year.


  5. The TARDIS

    …What the hell is going on?


  6. Joe Schmoe

    I either still drunk from last night or some of these posts don’t make any sense.

    I must say, I had the same question about S&C when i read everything about Jenkins playing so overweight in the sec championship game. Whoe is responsible for monitoring these guys weight? It’s one thing to be 5-10 pounds over ideal playing weight, but 30? That doesn’t happen overnight.


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    Just takes discipline.


  8. I like Gates but don’t think he is quick enough on his feet for speed rushers on Aaron’s blind side, otherwise known as Jadeveon Clowney. He seems to be a better fit inside like Cordy Glenn always was. I’ll admit I was wrong last year when I thought Andrews was the weak link. He has been a rock in the middle of that line. Theus should be better, Burnette is a potentially budding star, and Gates/Lee/Long should be solid at guard if Beard could move into the left tackle spot.


  9. We need more linemen on steroids.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Good to see our nutritionist hire is paying dividends :-& .


  11. Go Dawgs!

    If I still had access to the hot sandwich line at Snelling, my weight would be trending in the wrong direction, too.