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“He’s served his suspension.”

I just watched the Outside The Lines episode on Kolton Houston.  This is how outrageous the situation has gotten:  Houston recently underwent surgery to remove fatty tissues containing traces of the steroid he was injected with, not because there was a danger to his health, but simply to lower his count for NCAA approval.

It didn’t work.  He’s gone from 260 nanograms per milliliter at his first test to 4 ng/ml.  It’s clear he’s not using steroids.  But he’s not under the mandated limit of 2.5 ng/ml, so he continues to sit.

The NCAA refused to comment for the story.  Can you believe the organization didn’t want to take the opportunity to explain how this is about protecting the student athlete?

It’s even harder to believe that Houston’s parents haven’t done what Mark Schlabach suggests, which is to sue the NCAA.  Maybe they’re still hoping that Houston will become eligible and the NCAA will accept a petition to grant him back a year of eligibility.  If things ever get to that stage, I suspect that Mark Emmert will express surprise over the request.


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