Nothing like getting an expert opinion.

At this point, I think there’s a pretty general consensus that the best reaction to Big Game Bob’s assertion that the SEC isn’t all that because, hey, their crappy teams put their pants on one leg at a time just like the Big 12’s crappy teams do is to yawn because it’s a fairly meaningless observation, particularly given that he’s comparing the bottoms of a 14-team conference and a 10-team one.

But you should know somebody’s got Stoops’ back.  Mr. Decided Schematic Advantage has weighed in.  (Is there something about being a former Gator assistant coach that’s conducive to whining about this?)  And let’s face it – Weis at least has the currency of perspective here.

“We were the only team in the whole league that didn’t play in a bowl game. It was us. We were the sole member,” Weis said. “You talk about bottom-feeders, you think Iowa State was a bottom-feeder?”

Now there’s you some conference pride, buddy!

Nobody knows suck like Charlie Weis knows suck.


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10 responses to “Nothing like getting an expert opinion.

  1. I am so sick of him. Shouldn’t he be dead by now?


  2. Timphd

    Fat Charlie will be out of football, at least as a head coach within two more seasons. Maybe he gets an assistant position somewhere. Why does anyone care about his opinion on any topic?


  3. I do not know. Scorpio where are you man. We need to start doing something right now about the SC game. Keep those karmic bitches at bay.


  4. gastr1

    The SEC went 6-3 in bowl games; Big 12 4-5. SEC #4 42, Big 12 #1 Oklahoma 13. Pac 10 #2 Oregon 35, Big 12 #2 Kansas State 17.

    But hey, Iowa State would have beaten Arkansas.


  5. Dog in Fla

    “you think Iowa State was a bottom-feeder?”

    Even Jay Jacobs has come to that realization


  6. D.N. Nation

    The four worst teams in the SEC were worse than any team in the Big 12. The problem is, the 10 other teams in the SEC were all better than their counterparts in the Big 12. So congrats, Stoops/Weis, your “N/A” was better than our Kentucky. Still doesn’t mean Texas A&M didn’t drop 80 or whatever on the Sooners.


  7. Cojones

    Did I just read that Weis pointed out Iowa St and not Kansas? Cheez!!


  8. stoopnagle

    I wonder how Charlie’s boss feels about Charlie’s evaluation of KU football?


  9. Dawg19

    Charlie Weis is to the Big 12 what Brick is to Anchorman…