Jim Delany’s new theory

Ever wonder why schools leave conferences?  Jim knows.

Question: Geography, or contiguous states within the conference footprint, has been a must-have with any Big Ten expansion. Why is that so important?

Delany: “You look at those on the outside (of conferences), and things don’t always hold together. Schools on the perimeter haven’t held together. Arkansas was on the perimeter in the Southwest Conference and eventually left for the SEC. Nebraska was on the perimeter in the Big 12 (from the stronghold of state of Texas), Maryland was on the perimeter in the ACC (from the Carolinas). It’s not a coincidence that these things happened…”

Now that is a load of hooey.  Delany, who went to school at North Carolina, knows damned well that Maryland was a founding member of the ACC.  The Terps didn’t wake up one day, say “hey, anybody notice we’re a long way from Tobacco Road?” and decided to up and leave.  Maryland’s decision to jump came as the result of Delany offering a financial lifeline to a school that had epically mismanaged its athletic affairs and was desperate for the cashola.  Nor does Maryland seemed concerned about being further out on the Big Ten’s perimeter than it was from North Carolina.

Or if you’d prefer an example closer to home, Arkansas swapped being on the perimeter of the SWC to being on the perimeter of the SEC.  Heard any news from Fayetteville about the school changing conference affiliations in the last twenty years?  Of course not.  I know it’s a long way from here to the perimeter, but from where I sit, those Hogs don’t look crazy.

Schools are jumping ship for one reason these days, and one reason only – and it’s the same reason that drives pretty much everything in college athletics right now.  Perimeters are fine and dandy as long as the pay is good.


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18 responses to “Jim Delany’s new theory

  1. uglydawg

    This begs for a history lesson…how did GT end up outside the SEC?
    Did they leave because of the bad blood with Bryant and Alabama? Wasn’t GT independent for some time after leaving the SEC? I think (but I’m not certain) that’s what happened…An Alabama player took a really cheap shot that put a Tech player in the hospital, and Bryant wouldn’t punish him..(going from memory here) Bobby Dodd quit the SEC in protest(?)….and stayed independent until invited into the ACC. To many, the biggest thing is that the Nerd’s aren’t in the SEC now . I don’t want them back, but it is an interesting study of how there was once a time when money didn’t trump principles.


    • Dog in Fla

      The gnats could only buzz around but could not penetrate the perimeter of oversigning



    • AthensHomerDawg

      Maybe but it had a lot to do with recruiting numbers and limits that Dodd was pushing. I don’t think he and the Bear were too fond of each other.


    • Those days are gone with the wind.


    • Cojones

      Between Jack Lescoule (NBC Today Morning Show Sports Announcer) and the AJC they wallowed all week in the foul hit the Bama player put on the Tech QB (he had passed and was standing on his tippy-toes watching downfield when a forearm came through the single face bar helmet and broke his jaw plus pushed his teeth up into the gums with only the tips showing). Don’t think Chic Granning played any Tech football after that. It was an egregiously foul hit on an unprotected QB who never saw it coming and in today’s atmosphere of QB protection, the Bama player would be banned from football.


      • Chopdawg

        I’ve seen the pictures of that play, it was in 1960 or 1961. One of the dirty ‘Bama players was Darwin Holt; but there were two unbelievably cheap shots on Tech players on the same play, Graning and another Techie were out for the season as I remember.


  2. uglydawg

    I just did a little research…according to oversigning.com, GT and Tulane left the SEC because of oversigning..primarily by Alabama. Alabama and GT played a long series after they left the conference. The SEC wasn’t as prestigeous as it is now…but it’s all interesting if you enjoy history.
    The whole thing crearted a “holier than thou” mantra that many nerds still cling to till this day.


    • Cojones

      My recollection at the time is that they wanted to play ND and Navy/Army(they had good teams then) who were independents and the SEC said “NO!”. The official word back then was that Tech quit in order to schedule whatever they wanted, i. e., Independent/Big10 schools that they felt were tougher than the SEC. Bobby Dodd did like him some NC pathways and the SEC weren’t it back then. The SEC thought that Tech was looking down it’s nose at everyone and gave them a big Bon……uhh…make that a bon voyage.


      • James

        Source? This sounds made up. The oversigning thing I’ve read a lot several different places.


        • Cojones

          Source was probably the AJC back then. My recollections aren’t made up, only my conjectures are. There are several other conjectures abounding about rivalry with Bama and some may be true, but oversigning wasn’t in any readings that I can remember. I’m sure they are there, but that wasn’t the reason bandied about in differing newsprints at the time.

          Use Furman Bisher’s name to search, but the big reason that I read that was written then had to be with playing independants while in the SEC. Tech went Independant because the flavor of the SEC was below the flavor of the Independants. If you had read the “country cousins” quotes about UGA from the GT crowd then, you might understand the flavor of our rivalry being written into the first “Good Old-Fashioned Hate” book that later was copied for other rivalries.

          Sorry for the late reply, but my doctor spent the day with me and didn’t get back.


  3. Its such a idiotic statement that its really not worth your time disproving it Senator. So the real question is– is Delany an idiot or a liar?


    • mdcgtp

      My sentiments exactly. As to whether he is an idiot or a liar, its hard to say because at times he says idiotic things that he can’t possibly believe are true. What does that make him? I don’t know. That said, the fact that he has been able to maintain a gravy train for his league given its lack of credible success and declining demographics (read rust belt) suggests he is not a complete idiot.


  4. Dog in Fla

    No one could have predicted that Jim Delany’s new perimeter defense theory would be lifted from shtf.com estimable to survivalists as a site which offers the following tips:

    “Long-Term Security, Perimeter Defense and Lethal Tactics:

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  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Since Maryland is now going to be on the perimeter of the Big 10 I guess this means that Maryland will bolt the Big 10 for a new Big East-type conference when that forms sometime in the future.


  6. Macallanlover

    I think Tech’s demise started with Dodd’s decision, and has been speeding downhill in recent years. Greed was also a factor in the Dodd screw-up, he didn’t want to share bowl revenues. So scheduling independence, bowl money, and scholarship flexibility combined to cause them to leave the SEC.

    Near the top of all bad decisions made in CFB, they were once a respected program. Hard to see any way they crawl out of this hole in the next 15-20 years to become relevant again. Keeping their head coach just delays the chance to turn things around, even if they could. The sinkhole gets deeper and deeper every year.


  7. James

    I’m torn on maryland, and his point isn’t totally off — Maryland’s feeling of being snubs by a conference with cultural HQ in NC is well documented. They didn’t leave because of that but there’s no love lost, regardless of this “founding member” stuff, which as far as I can tell isn’t really that relevant. It’s not like the ACC is 100 years old.

    And I’m starting to discount the “lifeline” angle as well, even though it the company line from Maryland during the announcement. How much blowback would there really be if they had to cut a couple non-revenue sports? None to very little, especially from the people who matter.

    It’s unclear to me that Maryland would have turned down the Big Ten if they were in good financial shape. It’s still an infinitely better financial deal, and we know damn well that being economically healthy isn’t stopping anyone except maybe Notre Dame from being just as money hungry when the opportunity arises.