The Cocktail Party shoe is on the other foot now.

I don’t care how jaded or critical a Dawg fan you are – bitch about the South Carolina losses, moan about coming up short in two straight SECCGs, complain about not winning the big games lately – if you can’t count this as real progress, Jack, you dead to me.

Muschamp spoke to the Gator Club of Jacksonville before a packed room at the Jacksonville Fair and Expo Center, which is about a nine-iron shot from EverBank Field, where Muschamp’s Gators made a mess of things last season — and the season before — against the Bulldogs.

The result is the Bulldogs have a rare (at least in recent decades) two-game winning streak in the series against their former starting strong safety (Muschamp).

But that Georgia winning streak is going to end soon, Muschamp vowed Tuesday night.

“Well, it’s not going to be a long winning streak, I can assure you,” Muschamp said before his speech.

Sure thing, Boom.  Define “long” for us.

These days, it’s Gator fans who have Georgia on their minds.  And you-know-what is still a big deal after six years.

Muschamp was asked if the Georgia game would be an extra emphasis in the offseason, like it was following the Gators’ crushing loss to Georgia in 2007, when the Bulldogs stormed the end zone after scoring their first touchdown. UF used that bitter defeat as motivation throughout the offseason.

Where’s Corch when you need him?

No predictions here about this season other than to say that if the Dawgs pull off a third win in a row, don’t try to tell me there won’t be some major sphincter tightening in Gainesville afterwards.  At that point Muschamp will be working on a personal seven game losing streak in Jax.  That seems respectably long to me.


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40 responses to “The Cocktail Party shoe is on the other foot now.

  1. Just like when he was at Auburn. Just can’t win much against Richt.


  2. heyberto

    I like our chances again this year, but God knows anything can happen.


  3. charlottedawg

    Aside from forgetting to show up against Louisville, I want the Gators to have a season like 2012, every year. Beat a bunch of ranked teams, only blemish is a loss to a top ranked eventual SEC East champ Georgia.


  4. RP

    We’re not completely in their heads yet, but we have the foot in the door. One more win and this thing will be reversed.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Yep. A 2 game winning streak for the Dawgs and 3-3 for the last 6–that’s parity. A 3 game winning streak and 4-3 for the last 7 is the beginning of domination.


  5. Bobby Fenton

    So 2007 is “still a big deal” to Gator fans and coaches because a single reporter took that angle in one of his questions? I don’t follow.

    2007 stopped being a big deal after 2008, when the Gators won the following UGA game by something like 76 points and, you know, won the National Championship.


    • Don’t know if you go to Jax, but the Celebration is still a topic of conversation down there.


      • heyberto

        Amongst fans, sure… There isn’t anyone on the team anymore that was there that day, and no coaches either, not that the film of that isn’t played during the week leading up to the game. All I’m saying is these guys are probably less motivated to react to that than those that experienced it.

        I think beating UGA was always a point of emphasis for Corch, even without the celebration. I hear boom talking about it at these tour stops, but I’m not sure he gives it the amount of emphasis during the course of the season and off season that some of his predecessors did, which is funny given his understanding of the rivalry.


      • Cosmic Dawg

        The Celebration bugs me. It’s like, “Hey, wow, we actually scored a touchdown on these guys!!”


      • Bobby Fenton

        I live in Tampa but go to Jax almost every year.

        I will say that there are some Gator fans who don’t think Muschamp is as consumed with the UGA game as some prior coaches given his ties to UGA, and yes, that is a refrain that won’t subside without beating UGA semi-routinely.


  6. D.N. Nation

    Georgia is 3-3 in its last 6 against Florida and 4-5 in its last 9.


  7. Dog in Fla

    “Where’s Corch when you need him?”

    On dark and stormy nights, when his introspection is interrupted by a boom, Jeremy even wonders where’s Zooker when you need him


  8. Slaw Dawg

    As I’m sitting in my wheelchair, tubes running in and out of my body, many long years hence, I wish to read (or even have read to me) “But that Georgia winning streak is going to end soon, [fill in coach’s name, perhaps Tebow?] vowed, referencing the streak that began in 2011.”


  9. Comin' Down The Track

    Spread it on.


  10. Cojones

    Somewhere in Fl there is a 13 yr-old girl who was “guaranteed” a win over UGA when she was 11. Now that coach “assures” her (as she wistfully looks at the ground and draws a small circle with one of her dance shoes) that it won’t be a “very long” winning streak when he already is two yrs past his “guarantee”..

    Isn’t there a law about snatching a kid’s mind?


  11. 81Dog

    Muschamp and the puka shell necklace crowd may be about to learn the difference between “concern” and “panic” regarding the Georgia game. There’s an old aphorism that goes like this: “Concern is the first time you can’t do it the second time. Panic is the second time you can’t do it the first time.”

    I think I sense the onset of some serious performance anxiety all of a sudden in Jacksonville for the Wuerffel/Tebow jersey wearing crowd. Maybe in four or five more years, someone can fly a plane over the stadium pulling a banner exhorting Florida to “Keep Will MuschUmp!!!”

    Enjoy the voices in your own heads again, Gator fans. The more seasoned of you will be familiar with them; even though you haven’t heard from them much since the 1989 season, they were never very far away.


    • uglydawg

      “There’s an old aphorism that goes like this: “Concern is the first time you can’t do it the second time. Panic is the second time you can’t do it the first time.” That’s priceless, 81Dog, even if it does hit a little close to home.


  12. Cojones

    Maybe Bianchi can give us a time line what with that great O line he created for them …and the great QB straight from a Body Snatcher’s pod who now will be one of the great QBs of the SEC throwing to the best WRs ever known, but who have yet to catch a CFB forward pass not thrown by the QB they have had for the last two years.
    In the WR group will be a new face who has mastered the art by intercepting enough passes to qualify his moving from D at a time when they are loaded with great WRs. This is a really devious coach lining up to do us in with a great winning smile that caps all this coaching professionalism and outdoes Saban’s countenance.

    Yep, looks like an FU comeback year to me. Or the year we change that name to Everbark Field.


  13. Rebar

    If we play as physically a game as we have the last 2, it will be 3 in a row; go back and watch the last 2 games and see how many gators were drug off the field because we finally played mad and mean.


  14. I Wanna Red Cup

    I really do not like old Boom. He is a chump and lets whup their arsses again this year. This time by about 20 or so points. Maybe we can call time out to run in MAson to throw a bomb. to score again.
    If boom don’t like it,
    fuck the gatah, fuck the gatah


    • uglydawg

      I’d like to be winning by 21 or so and then have the pleasure of taking a knee on their one yard line, four downs in a row to run out the clock…similar to something UGA did to AU a few years back…That’d be a real Dawgbite on the gator’s nuts.


  15. Brian Dawg

    A win is a win, but it would be truly nice, you know, to dominate one of these games. This year’s team has the capability. GO DAWGS!


  16. Go Dawgs!

    Important point of order: I don’t think we’ve done a good enough job as a fanbase of pointing out that not only do we have a two game winning streak over the Gainesville Lizards, they needed overtime to beat us three years ago. With apologies to Les Miles, since Tebow left we’re undefeated against Florida in regulation.


  17. Mike

    One win in a series can be an aberration. Two consecutive wins is notable. Three is a trend.

    This is going to be a fun game this year. I think the good Senator has it exactly right that Muschamp is feeling a bit pressured to bring a win home here.

    I guess the only thing that might ease the pressure of a Florida loss is if Muschamp somehow pulled a “Richt;” i.e. losing the cocktail party but wins the SEC East. I call it a “Richt” because that is exactly what Mark did the first three times he won the SEC East. He lost to Florida but still won the division.

    In fact, Mark may well want to consider losing in Jacksonville again. After all, he has never won in Atlanta when he has also won in Jacksonville..

    Coincidence? I think not

    (Not serious, just fun offseason smack talk)


    • Cojones

      Yeah, we know. You Gators are good at that.

      By the way, where did your Gov go to school? I’m sorry. Should have first asked if you voted for him.


      • Mike

        I live in Georgia, you DOLT! :-). I think Sonny went to UGA? I know he continues to be butt-hurt at all the Georgia tags with the Gator head on them. But I DID vote for him. Lessor of two evils, and all that.


        • 81Dog

          uh, Mike, Sonny hasn’t been Governor since 2010. Props to you for demonstrating the value of a Gator education, however. Read a paper sometime. They’re useful for current events and stuff.


  18. Tom

    I yearn for the time when losing to Florida was an aberration. Two is a start.


  19. Junior

    Going for the “Middle Finger” in Jax this year!


    • Cojones

      Sounds like a good name for that play of Murray to Conley vs Neb.


      • Junior

        No Shiite, that play was AWESOME. Was it Lynch that blocked the crap out of somebody on that one? The one to Marlon Brown against Ole Miss was pretty damn sweet too.