A different view of Florida

I read this analysis of LSU’s 2013 schedule out of interest to see what the beat writer had to say about the Georgia game, but here’s the part that really caught my eye:

5. FLORIDA, Oct. 12 – I’m not saying TCU is better than Florida, but the Tigers get the Gators at home and not in the season opener. The Gators were one of the few teams in the Miles era to out-physical LSU in last year’s victory against the Tigers. But this year they limped out of spring practice and didn’t have enough bodies to close out with a game, opting for a practice instead. The roster is still in transition from the Urban Meyer days. QB Jeff Driskel is mismatched for the offense and the Gators don’t appear to have the passing game up to speed. Leading rusher Mike Gillislee is gone and the defense replaces seven starters, but Florida is still Florida and will show up with excellent athletes, and Coach Will Muschamp’s mentality.

Color me floored.  Not because it’s inaccurate.  Quite the contrary; he hits on every flaw and still gives credit where Florida deserves it.  It’s just that I haven’t seen anyone else in the media look at the Gators as dispassionately.

Florida will be a tough out this year.  But to me the Gators look like a team in transition that used every drop of what they had last year to get to 11 wins (again, Muschamp turned in a good coaching job).  A lot of holes remain and to this point they don’t all seem to have been filled.  So it’s weird for even a short description like that to read so differently from what the media consensus has been.


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  1. Cojones

    Not the consensus on your blog, Senator. While you have furnished articles that praise and articles that refute that praise of the Gators, that section of that article could have been written by many on here…and has been written as of the last two days.

    Some of us were OK with the hype making them overconfident this season, but that article could make them shore things up when playing us. We know their best effort is saved for the Everbark Field. This makes the second not-so-great article written since their Spring Practice/practice game.


  2. Gravidy

    This is from his bit about the Georgia game:

    “With the Bulldogs, like LSU replacing seven defensive starters, the team that has the ball last could be the winner.”

    It surely does sound like he is predicting a track meet to me. If so, is he saying the Georgia defense will be that bad? Or is he saying the LSU offense is suddenly something other than barely competent?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not brashly predicting a victory for Georgia – far from it. I just don’t see how he thinks LSU’s offense is going to run up and down the field.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Some teams managed to walk up and down the field on Georgia last year and we weren’t replacing a ton of defensive starters. LSU usually can manage a competent rushing attack, and goodness knows the 2012 defense was pretty vulnerable against the run.


      • Gravidy

        Yeah, you’re right. I was trying to make a point of how bad LSU’s offense can be some times. But UGA’s run defense certainly had its bad moments last year as well. I still don’t think the game will be dominated by offense the way that writer seems to be suggesting, though.


    • Governor Milledge

      How many offensive starters does LSU have returning? We have 10 out of 11.

      LSU makes a game of it if Mettenberger takes a serious leap in performance his senior year


  3. Go Dawgs!

    I’d love to see this guy’s prediction for the SEC East. He seems to have his head on straight and looks beyond the helmet logo.

    To me, it’s a toss-up between Georgia and South Carolina. If Clowney didn’t play for the Gamecocks I would say the division belongs to the Bulldogs but he neutralizes a lot of our advantages in the game. And I think that game is going to determine the division winner.


  4. Macallanlover

    I agree with you, Senator, that seems a dead-on analysis of FU. I understand they have good athletes but the amount of love they are getting is disproportionate to the liklihood they can put all those pieces together successfully. And they did maximize their talent to squeeze 11 wins out of that group, especially against FSU (only to collapse embarrassingly to Louisville.) While I like our chances against what they have, there should be no question we will get their best effort of the year in Jax this season.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    2013 FU: 8-4 regular season, then a bowl loss. Look at their schedule.


  6. Rebar

    I think this years game will all be about our defense against their offense. We have to fast and physical all game. Our offense is basically the same coming back this year. With Florida, its all about being mean and nasty all game. If we don’t play physical, we lose.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’m afraid to say this because I don’t want to jinx us but…I don’t see it that way. The Gators lost almost all their good players on D. We have almost all our good players on O coming back. I’m looking for UGA to put half a hundred on ’em. Our D will be plenty good enough to stop the FU ineffective O that is returning. A blowout win for the Dawgs IMHO.


      • Cosmic Dawg

        I tend to agree with you on the half a hundred. I think our defense vs their offense is probably a draw. But our offense should crush them. Given AM’s unpredictability in Florida games, however, I wouldn’t mind keeping it on the ground a little more than usual and just let Gurley and Marshall grind it out.

        I think we should have one of the best offenses in UGA history this year. If the D can just do a little more than maintain, it could be something special.

        Now – hand me that bone powder and the owl foot so I can get rid of that jinx.


      • Rebar

        Florida will still have a tremendous defense, even with younger players coming on this year.


  7. Mike

    Actually, it is not that accurate at all. Assuming the injured players heal, Florida has considerable quality depth at every position, save perhaps QB.