Air Raid 1.0, just another boring SEC offense

Once upon a time, Heisman Pundit gave Michael Elkon a history lesson about the SEC.

Your claim that Spurrier changed offenses more than Meyer did in the league is absurd. The proof is in the offensive numbers, the titles and the Heisman winners. For instance, the Heisman is only won with superb offensive numbers. That’s a truism. So, it’s no shock that the only SEC Heisman winner between 1986 and 2007 came from Florida, the only SEC school that had outstanding offensive production. Of course, since 2007, there have been three SEC Heismans, which coincides with the league’s offensive explosion (as I demonstrated by the numbers in my post). Do you think it’s all just a cosmic coincidence?

8. I grant you that Spurrier did introduce the forward pass to the SEC. But those offenses that started passing were nowhere near as innovative as Spurrier’s and they did not keep up with some of the other leagues and that is reflected in the national offensive numbers during that time…

I always think of that when I see a piece on what Hal Mumme and Mike Leach did at Kentucky.

In 1996, as the Bill Curry era limped to a close, a ground-hugging Kentucky offense scored a combined 27 points in its first five games. In ’97, Mumme’s first UK attack scored 28 points in the season’s first three quarters.

Having inherited a team whose offense averaged 12.6 points and 217.8 yards a game, Mumme’s first fancy passing unit put up 31.6 points and 474 yards a game, broke 51 school and 15 Southeastern Conference records and featured the nation’s leading passer.

Other than that, it was just like three yards and a cloud of dust.


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  1. uglydawg

    Winning the Heisman is not a scientific basis for anything (see Peyton Manning). If it had been fairly awarded, the whole basis of this argument would be different.


  2. David K

    Going undefeated and/or being in the National Title hunt has A LOT more to do with winning the Heisman than explosive numbers. That’s why the SEC has 3 winners since 2007.


    • The Lone Stranger

      True dat. Also, an expansive commercial market for pimping the goods is always a good thing. See Woodson, C. and Toretta, G and Smith, T.


  3. mdcgtp

    The notion that Meyer changed anything in the SEC is patently absurd. His offense massively underachieved relative to its talent (chad jackson, dallas baker, bubba caldwell, chris leak anyone?) in 05-06, and by the time he left, he had somehow parlayed two national titles into an OL that could not block, two WRs playing RB who could not get yardage out of any traditional formation on 3rd and short (where is timmy when you need him???), and a drop back QB that could not run his scheme, and a QB he recruited to UF running a version of someone else’s version of the spread winning a national title. Oh and by game 2 of the ill fated weis era, Gator fans everywhere were giddy with excitement that Meyer’s spread was gone…pardon me while I laugh.

    on the other hand, he is correct that Spurrier ABSOLUTELY revolutionized the SEC, but I believe it was more on the defensive side of the ball. Teams had to get corners who could cover his vertical routers and LBs who would NOT miss tackles on the shorter stuff. Oh, and having a pass rush was pretty important as well.

    what does that mean for air raid 2.0? the simple fact that its been around now for as along as it has makes it “less annoying” to defend than the 97-2000 time period where it felt like our defense was on the field for 50 minutes a game against Kentucky and their QB would go 40/60 for 320 yards. if you tackle well, its not a problem. If you don’t, your defense stays on the field and gives up a lot of yards outside the red zone.


    • Cojones

      My understanding of Spurrier’s contribution was on the defensive side as well.

      I think it was SI (yrs ago) who published an article on the subject of who brought the forward pass to the SEC and they gave the credit to Charlie Pell, also of FU. This makes at least twice recently that I’ve seen Spurrier given credit and, from my understanding long ago, erroneously. He certainly perfected it with his talented QBs, no doubt.


  4. Irishdawg

    The Heisman Trophy is awarded solely on the basis of media hype and nothing else. Sometimes that results in a deserving winner (RGIII), sometimes not (Matt Leinert).


  5. Nate Dawg

    Here’s what I take from this:
    1- the Heisman has become virtually unimportant to me (unless a Dawg ever gets back in the running).
    2- I can’t flippin’ wait to partake in the Mumme Poll this year (hint hint, Senator)!


  6. Heisman Trophy = most overhyped award in all of sports. An award given to Gino Torretta over Marshall Faulk and Garrison Hearst, Charles Woodson over Peyton Manning, and George Rogers over Herschel Walker isn’t worth anything other than some funny Nissan commercials.


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    One of the gutsiest sports performances was Philips against the Gnats …. but in his first start against the PilsburyThrowBoy…and Mumme air raid game plan he matched the Cantucky cats throw for throw and brought us home a victory in the final plays of that game. DGD!

    Performer of the Week:
    Cory Phillips

    “Talk about making the most of an opportunity.

    Battling inclement weather, poor footing and a slippery pigskin, Phillips displayed poise in the pocket, surprising arm strength and a quick release, getting stronger as the game wore on. Georgia trailed by 10 points after Kentucky quarterback Jared Lorenzen’s 86-yard touchdown pass to Ernest Simms put the Wildcats up 20-10. Phillips responded by hitting Reggie Brown on a 40-yard TD pass 53 seconds later, and after a field goal tied the game at 20 apiece, Phillips connected with Damien Gary on an 85-yard scoring pass to cap a 17-point third quarter.

    With the game tied 27-27 in the fourth quarter, Phillips settled in and hit Terrence Edwards from 27 yards out on what proved to be the game-winning score, completing a wild second-half comeback.

    Phillips will be on standby for the rest of the season, as Carter will most likely return to the starting lineup this Saturday against Florida. Barring further damage to his left shoulder, Carter will quarterback the Bulldogs in their final run against the Gators, Auburn, Ole Miss. and Georgia Tech.

    “After Saturday’s performance in Lexington, Donnan realizes he has a capable quarterback waiting in the wings in Cory Phillips. “


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Cory Philips should have been the starter instead of Quincy “Snort Up The Sidelines” Carter. The Dawgs team would have been much better if he had been. For every good thing QC did he would do an equally bad thing–sometimes on the very next play. What did Quincy Carter and Billy Graham have in common? They could both get a stadium full of people to jump up and scream “Jesus!!” at the same time.


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        I like that Mayor. A hopefully worthy addition: the only reason Reggie Ball is the worst 4 year starter in history is because Quincy Carter only started 3 years.


  8. Always Someone Else's Fault

    HP is committed to a variety of West Coast mythologies about SEC football and the South in general. Predictable and tiresome.


  9. mike in orlando

    Who takes Heisman Pundit seriously? Spurrier had a much larger impact on SEC than Meyer. Not even close.