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Why is the Tennessee fan base different from any other?

Now if somebody were to ask you what sets Vol fans apart from the rest, you might point to any number of things, ranging from attire to musical taste to an extreme tolerance for student-athlete hi-jinks.  Someone else might suggest it’s about class.


But Butch Jones is here to tell us that’s all wrong.

Tennessee remains a long way from getting to that championship level, but Jones believes he eventually can get the Vols to that point. He believes Tennessee’s fans are patient and passionate enough to understand the program’s short-term challenges and long-term potential.

“I think the thing that separates our fan base from a lot of other fan bases is we’re very knowledgeable,” Jones said.

Why, yes, that’s it.  At least if you mean “knowledgeable” in the sense of being consistently disappointed in the direction of the program for the last decade, it is.  There really aren’t too many other fan bases who can share Urnge Nation’s depth of experience lately.

Although I suspect that when Jones says knowledgeable, he really means tolerant.  Good luck with that, brother.



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Hell is Seat 37-F.

Hands down, this is the most Bianchi-ist thing Mike Bianchi has ever written.

Everybody knows Nick Saban is not really the devil.

Urban Meyer is.

He was only half kidding.


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If you love somebody, set them free.

Mike Gundy’s decided he wants to be this year’s Randy Edsall.  Wes Lunt is a quarterback who’s left the OSU program, and his list of schools blocked by Gundy numbers an astounding 37.

Now it’s not all Gundy’s fault.  He can do this because the system lets him.  Still, there’s something wrong when the same guy who flirted with taking a job at Tennessee just a few months ago can now block a kid from enrolling at the same place.

Maybe Gundy was one of the coaches who called Jimbo Fisher to give him some moral support about Matthew Thomas.


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