He had his reasons. Nobody said they had to be good reasons.

According to Joe Schad, Mike Gundy’s rationale for blocking Wes Lunt’s transfer to half the known college football universe is based on three factors:

• That Lunt allegedly cited a desire to transfer “closer to home” and that those blocked schools are not “closer to home.”

• The belief that at least some coaches at some interested schools improperly contacted Lunt.

• The possibility Oklahoma State could face some of the blocked conferences in a bowl game.

The third one is my favorite.  I’m surprised Gundy stopped at 37 schools.


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18 responses to “He had his reasons. Nobody said they had to be good reasons.

  1. Merk

    If I were the kid, I would stay at OSU. Every freaking game I would jog to the opposing sideline and drop a few hints off to the other team. Make damn sure Gundy has a few losing seasons. What would be the worst that would happen? Gundy kicks him off the team? I mean Gundy is so damn worried about the effects of his backup QB leaving. Hell maybe make some youtube videos explaining gameplans and post them Friday before the games.

  2. DawgPhan

    So everyone knows that Gundy is a total jerk in this situation, but Jimbo is protecting everything sacred and holy about college football? I guess I am missing the difference here.

    • Well, for one thing, Lunt has no future at OSU. If Gundy’s not going to play him, why be so restrictive with his future? I can see a transfer restriction to other schools on OSU’s schedule, I suppose, but the sheer size of the list, along with the lame reasoning behind it, suggests a degree of vindictiveness that’s a shame.

      To this point, Fisher just looks like a guy who’s caught between a rock and a hard place.

      • gastr1

        The one reason to be restrictive that I can see is that the kid knows the offense and the signals. (But is that worse than a coach moving from place to place? Does Gundy restrict that too? I bet he would if he could…)

        Still…it’s very small and petty to do this to this level. You don’t like the kid, just get rid of him and move on. Not sure how much of a grown man Gundy really is, frankly.

        • If I had proof that another coach had tampered with the kid, yeah, I suppose I’d restrict, if only to stop that kind of poaching in the future. But if you notice, Schad doesn’t say anything more than Gundy has suspicions about that.

      • DawgPhan

        Both are are grown men blocking a kids ability to transfer to a different school. One is being passive aggressive and the other wants to flex his muscle. Two jerk ass sides of the same coin.

      • AlphaDawg

        The Rock and Hard Place are self imposed. Try to convince him to stay, if he still insists release him. No more Rock. No more Hard Place.

    • gastr1

      The difference is that at least with Mathew Thomas, there’s an established precedent involving honoring letters of intent and the one-year waiting period that Thomas is seeking to circumvent. I’m not on Jimbo’s side, but I understand coaches’ concern on this one even though I don’t agree.

      In Lunt’s case the process for transfer is well-established and happens all the time. Lunt is not requesting special circumstances (to my knowledge). Gundy is just being Gundy, which is a total asshole…If we put him, Bielema, Spurrier, Urbz, and the Laner in a room together, the whole CFB universe might explode from the level of methane emitted from said room.

      “Football coaches can such douchebags”–meme of the week.

      • DawgPhan

        I dont think that Thomas is looking to circumvent anything other than the punitive 2 year ban. If he gets released from his LOI he still sits a year if he transfers. If he doesnt get out of the LOI, he sits 2 years.

  3. Go Dawgs!

    So Gundy’s looking forward to possible bowl matchups with Tennessee and Vanderbilt? Given the trajectory of Tennessee’s program over the past ten years and the fact that Vandy’s ceiling appears to be the 8 or 9 win level, I’d be damn proud as an OK State fan to see the ambition in my head coach.

    Winning a bowl game doesn’t really matter anyway unless it’s the big one. What a dick.

  4. 69Dawg

    This ultimately is an NCAA problem. The great and powerful OZ (NCAA) needs to set a limit on the resrictions coaches can put on transfers. They should also drop any requirement that the school must release the property er student. This whole mess is just another NCAA pub nightmare and a supporting evidence for the “Plantation System” that they run.

  5. Cousin Eddie

    Gundy should come out and say he will not transfer (take another job) at any of those schools.

  6. Why did he stop at 37? He’s a MAN. He’s 40!

  7. Dog in Fla

    I’m a Man @ 2:56:

    “I hope some day you have a child and somebody downgrades him and belittles him….You make me want to puke.”


  8. Normaltown Mike

    blocked those that didn’t meet his definition of “close to home” ? What a turd.

    Makes me think of the school yard bully holding a kid down and using the kids hands to slap himself saying “stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself”