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SEC on CBS, 2013 edition

Here’s what’s out there so far:

Sept. 14              Alabama at Texas A&M                3:30 PM

Oct. 19               SEC Doubleheader                        12:00 NOON;  3:30 PM

Nov. 2                 Georgia vs. Florida                                3:30 PM

Nov. 9                SEC Doubleheader                         3:30 PM; 8:00 PM

Nov. 29               Arkansas at LSU                             2:30 PM

Dec. 7                SEC Championship                         4:00 PM

I’m not really sure what the magic is on October 19th.  There is a full slate of conference games that day, but none look like marquee matchups today.

November 9th is all about Ole Miss-Arkansas… just kidding.  CBS wants another Alabama-LSU prime time game.  The rest of that day is kind of meh.

The 9/14 game won’t have much hype going in, right?



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O Auburn, where art thou?

Is Auburn in decline?  Bill Connelly’s chart would seem to suggest so.

If you’re looking for the English translation,

If you completely remove 2010 from the chart above, you get a pretty clearly defined, seven-year downward trend. That Auburn not only bucked its trend and played at an elite level in 2010, but won a national title, is still just the damnedest thing.

Of course Matt Hayes would tell you that’s just the result of playing Georgia every year.


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“Les is looking out for himself, simple as that.”

If I can return to the scene of Les Miles’ cri de coeur for a minute… it seems that Matt Hayes has Lester’s back.  Here’s his case:

“All I want,” says Miles, “is a fair and equitable deal for all involved.”

Right now, it’s anything but. No matter how you look at it, Auburn, LSU and Florida are impacted most by the SEC’s standing scheduling rule of one permanent opponent from the opposite division.

LSU and Florida play each other; Auburn plays Georgia. Meanwhile, SEC kingpin Alabama plays Tennessee.

Why, you ask? Tradition, Mike Slive says.

Considering how far the SEC has come under Slive’s watch, and how he has set up the conference for the future, it’s hard to argue with that decision. That is, until you look at the numbers.

In the last 10 years, LSU and Florida have both been ranked in their game nine times. In the last 10 years, Alabama and Tennessee have both been ranked in their game once.

Wait, it gets much more compelling.

Since 2000, Auburn has played Florida and Georgia—clearly the East Division’s heavyweight programs—a total of 19 times. LSU has played Florida and Georgia 17 times, and Florida has played LSU and Alabama 17 times.

Meanwhile, Alabama has played Florida and Georgia eight times—the lowest total of any West Division team. Alabama’s argument is it plays Tennessee, which started the BCS era with a national title but has recently fallen on hard times.  [Emphasis added.]

Now Hayes is being a wee bit disingenuous here – at the start of the cycle he cites, Georgia was not one of the East’s heavyweights – but he gets at what’s really eating up Les twice in that passage.  Quite simply, every year Alabama plays Tennessee and LSU plays Florida.  Right now, that’s a lousy tradeoff for the Tigers.  And in the here and now, nobody should have the time for trivialities like tradition.

That’s assuming that this is even about tradition.  Hayes isn’t even willing to credit that as a motive.

At the mercy of Slive, who said earlier this month that he’s “willing to look at all scheduling models” at the SEC’s annual spring meetings next week in Destin, Fla. The hurdle for LSU, Florida and Auburn: the remaining 11 teams are happy with their permanent partners because the series (from each point of view) is winnable.

I feel kinda dirty now for wanting to preserve a series that’s more than a century old.  And eleven SEC teams all think their permanent rivalry games are winnable?  Hmm… maybe Big Game Bob is right about the conference.


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Hugh Freeze, master of space and time

Man, one good recruiting class and you start thinking you’re the shiznit.


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The more, the merrier

Wishful thinking, or honest assessment?

“I like it for several reasons,” Thompson said. “I’ve been espousing a playoff the 14 year history of the Mountain West. I testified in Congress. I think it’s a great step forward. I’m probably in the minority in that I don’t think we’re going to stay at four for the next 12 years. I know that’s what the contracts say and everybody’s following that script these days. We’ll see. Who knows where we’ll be down the road.

“But I like it for several reasons. One, America has an insatiable appetite for a playoff, for this team versus that team. Maybe they aren’t the right teams all the time, or maybe the (NFC) West snuck into the playoffs at 8-8, but if they win a couple games and get hot, they can go to the Super Bowl. That’s what we’re accustomed to in every sport, except college football. Going back in the history of the Mountain West, maybe one of those TCU teams, maybe one of the Utah teams could have gone into a four-team playoff instead of just playing in a BCS bowl.

“But I like the opportunity for the student-athletes. I understand the pitfalls of expanding and playing 15, 16 games and the wear and tear on kids, but we would be able to figure that out…”

You’ve got to love how these guys have a unique product that they’re just dying to crap all over.  For the right amount of money, they’ll do it, too.  But as long as it’s for the student-athletes…


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