The more, the merrier

Wishful thinking, or honest assessment?

“I like it for several reasons,” Thompson said. “I’ve been espousing a playoff the 14 year history of the Mountain West. I testified in Congress. I think it’s a great step forward. I’m probably in the minority in that I don’t think we’re going to stay at four for the next 12 years. I know that’s what the contracts say and everybody’s following that script these days. We’ll see. Who knows where we’ll be down the road.

“But I like it for several reasons. One, America has an insatiable appetite for a playoff, for this team versus that team. Maybe they aren’t the right teams all the time, or maybe the (NFC) West snuck into the playoffs at 8-8, but if they win a couple games and get hot, they can go to the Super Bowl. That’s what we’re accustomed to in every sport, except college football. Going back in the history of the Mountain West, maybe one of those TCU teams, maybe one of the Utah teams could have gone into a four-team playoff instead of just playing in a BCS bowl.

“But I like the opportunity for the student-athletes. I understand the pitfalls of expanding and playing 15, 16 games and the wear and tear on kids, but we would be able to figure that out…”

You’ve got to love how these guys have a unique product that they’re just dying to crap all over.  For the right amount of money, they’ll do it, too.  But as long as it’s for the student-athletes…



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4 responses to “The more, the merrier

  1. uglydawg

    “I testified in congress” pretty much sums it up. Charley Foxtrot.


  2. Lord at the use of ‘I’…


  3. mike in orlando

    Thing is, does anybody TRULY think it will stay at four teams for the length of the contract? At least Thompson is being honest, which is more than you can say for any of the other commissioners.


  4. Nashville West

    There is only one team sport in America where every game means something, college football. Does anyone care what happens in basketball until March? The NBA starts in September and ends in August, if we’re lucky. A regular season baseball game means about as much as a smile from a stripper.
    Now the NCAA want to “improve” things with playoffs. PLAYOFFS????? YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT PLAYOFFS?????