Second time’s the charm.

Nice star witness you got there, NCAA.

Nevin Shapiro, the convicted University of Miami booster who blindsided the school’s athletic program with claims of gift-giving to players, is now admitting to committing perjury when he testified in a criminal trial against a local businessman who is serving 18 years in prison.

Shapiro has sent a letter to a Miami federal judge — along with an ethics complaint to the Florida Bar — claiming he lied under oath in December 2008 when he testified against Juan Rene Caro, who was charged with running a $132 million check-cashing scheme.

But of course nobody thought to let Shapiro self-corroborate on the witness stand.  That would have fixed everything.


UPDATE:  Straight from the horse’s orifice comes this.

“Who can really take the NCAA serious at this point? Or should? This investigation could have changed the landscape of policing collegiate sports, not… becoming a colossal joke as it has become…. If I had to do this all over again, I would have just kept to myself and allowed the NCAA to sink in their own stew for how ever many more years.”



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2 responses to “Second time’s the charm.

  1. 81Dog

    hey, the NCAA is a big, complicated organization. Myles Brand can’t know what EVERYONE is doing. He’s outraged, and will put a stop to this kind of reckless investigative behavior, just as soon as someone tells him what’s going on. What else could anyone possibly expect the head of the organization to do, adequately supervise his underlings and accept responsibility for their wrongful acts in pursuit of his clearly stated policies?

    (I could hardly keep from laughing while I typed that. How some people can keep a straight face while they sling the most ridiculous BS is beyond me, but apparently, if you can do it, you’re liable to end up rich and famous)


    • 81Dog

      oops. I meant Mark Emmert, but I guess they’re basically all interchangeable. One arrogant, self-entitled weasel is pretty much the same as another (I’m looking at you, Mike Adams).