‘Hey, I’m an Alabama fan, but that game y’all played against us was the greatest game I’ve ever seen in my life.’

Make sure you read this great Ivan Maisel piece about how Georgia’s staff and players cope with last year’s SECCG heartbreaking ending.

You think Aaron Murray was dialed in on the game’s last play?  Put it this way – he didn’t learn how the ball wound up in Conley’s hands until he watched the tape the next day.

And Richt’s quote at the end will just tear at you.

“Sometimes,” Richt said, “the farther away I get from that type of thing, and the more time that I might have to reflect — my life slows down a little bit — yeah, we were just so close, so close to being able to play for a championship. Win an SEC, obviously, and play for a national championship, which we’ve not been able to do at Georgia since I’ve been here.”

The tone of his voice softened, and he dug out a small piece of the hurt.

“It was just, tough,” he said. “It was tough.”



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9 responses to “‘Hey, I’m an Alabama fan, but that game y’all played against us was the greatest game I’ve ever seen in my life.’

  1. Krautdawg

    Damn that hurts. But losing the big one at the last second is supposed to hurt. If it didn’t, I’d be worried.

    Nonetheless, I think you need to stay proud that you were in the game to start with; that you put up your best fight; and that you fought damn well. Losing doesn’t mean we weren’t good enough. It just meant that on the last play, the mistakes broke Bama’s way. Their corner forgot to blitz; if he does, he knocks down the pass & we’ve got another shot. Our RB blocked too far back; if he doesn’t, the DL gets blocked & Murray gets his pass off. In an even fight, that’s all it can take.

    Let it hurt, gentlemen, and get angry. Then get after it.


    • 79dawg

      Kraut sounds like a good, sensible German…. Our guys gave their best effort, the breaks didn’t just go there way – that’s life folks!
      I was sitting in that end zone and didn’t realize what exactly had happened until we got home and saw it on the highlights…. When the clock hit zero, the celebration crap started, so there were no replays inside the dome as I recall…


  2. gastr1

    I heard tell of some respected coach, cannot recall who, that believed that a great team did not become great until they were scarred by painful losses. To start, they had to be invested enough that the loss really hurt. Well, seems to me we have the “hurt” part down, and now we need the scarring over–it remains to be seen if the wound is sufficiently closed.

    Here’s to being battle-tested this year.


  3. I love you CMR. Sorry, Cojones. Like Jesus taught us, sometimes being hurt is the best way to overcome. It sure is the best way to learn a life lesson. It’s the stuff that seems the worst that teaches us the most.


  4. Rusty

    “It was just, tough,” he said. “It was tough.”
    I still haven’t watched the replay….


  5. Slaw Dawg

    Sometimes it seems as if our Dawgs are slowly inching their way to the big one. If so, maybe the next step is making it to the nat’l title game and losing a close one before winning it. Please, God, let it not be to Ohio State…


  6. Confession here fellas. I left the game. I was sure it was an interception. I had great tickets and a good view of the play. I was sure it was a clean pick. I left.

    As I walked away from the Georgia Dome, a crowd of people gathered around a TV screen outside the World Congress center. Hope sprang anew for a brief instant, then disappeared.

    I vow that from this moment forward I will not pull a Grizzard. I will take the pain of impending defeat with the ever so slight hope of another Lindsay Scott moment. And if it doesn’t come? Well, I still love my Georgia Bulldogs.

    There. I got that off my chest.

    Go Dawgs.