SEC football is fan-tastic.

It turns out the SEC has created something it calls the Working Group on Fan Experience and charged it with coming up with recommendations to keep us bringing our wallets on Saturdays.

The problem is they seem to be going about their business bass-ackwards.

“Every industry that depends on people showing up for your events has to worry about this one,” said Stricklin. “One of the biggest challenges we have to deal with is how good the product has become on TV. And we have to make the in-stadium experience as good or better than watching it at home on TV.”

If you’re making TV watching your benchmark, you’re already losing.  Look at some of the issues they’re exploring – wi-fi, replay, the secondary ticket market.  None of those are about enhancing the quality of the live product.  They’re just hole plugging, trying to keep up.  Now the last item Barnhart mentions, game quality, does help, but it doesn’t make it less easy to stay home (since you could see such games on the tube, anyway) and in any event, there are plenty of coaches and ADs who aren’t thrilled with the idea because it doesn’t suit their agendas.

But the conference is worried about this, to its credit.  Or at least it says it is.

The SEC is going to invest some real money into high-level market research to discover what fundamental changes have to occur that will allow the conference to at least hold on to the attendance it currently enjoys.

“What is the real attitude of our fan bases?” said Strickland. “We know about all these issues, but what are the real world solutions? Soft attendance is something we’ve been dealing with a few years. We have to get a handle on this now.”

If it helps, I’ll save you some money with a few suggestions.

  1. Tailgating.  Some places, like Ole Miss, get how big a deal this is.  Saturday in the Grove is an amazing experience, one that can’t be duplicated at home in your backyard.  But there are also places like Athens, where the administration seems to have been if not outright hostile to making the tailgate an enjoyable experience, at least indifferent to it.
  2. The in-stadium assault on the senses.  The constant commercialization inside Sanford Stadium grows ever more relentless.  Ads run constantly on crawls.  The scoreboard has its fair share of them, too, and you hear their blare on the PA system.  You can’t get away from them.  At least when I’m at home and the ads show up I can either mute the TV, hit the head or go grab a beer.  If the athletic department really needs the money that much, throw a couple more Jason Aldeen concerts to cover it.  And while we’re on the twin subjects of blare and music, is it really necessary to play as much inane pop music as loudly as possible as is done?  I could go to any number of professional venues for that.  (Which is one reason I don’t.)  In Athens, it seems particularly silly given the presence of a school band throughout the game, but what do I know?
  3. Traffic and parking.  When I first got season tickets back in the 80’s, getting into town and parking was a relatively easy and inexpensive experience.  Now it’s a bitch, and if you want to park anywhere within shouting distance of the stadium, it’ll cost you pretty good.  Some of that’s the result of on-campus improvements and some of that’s what you get when you expand stadium capacity, but if you’re going to take in the extra money all that generates, it seems the least you can do is spend a little of the extra jack to make traffic control both before and after the game efficient.

I keep saying it, but college football is a unique experience.  The SEC should be looking at ways to preserve and enhance that.  Do that, and we will come.  Trying to entice a student population that doesn’t seem particularly interested in showing up by giving it another venue to tweet and text doesn’t strike me as exactly what the doctor is ordering here.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this.



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  1. The other Doug

    I think getting the students back into the stadium is key. They provide a big part of the game experience with their excitement and noise.

    I think the other big issue is tailgating. UGA and Athens need to work together to make it a great experience for the tailgater. They need to focus on great locations to tailgate and a family atmosphere. I’m not talking about dry tailgating! Just getting rid of the drunk obnoxious jack asses.


  2. Castleberry

    They may have to take a look at price. They have ratcheted things up to the top of the market and I think that is the reason for the attendance softening more than any decline in experience. Fewer cupcakes on the schedule couldn’t hurt either.

    In regards to #2, is it me or didn’t the Redcoats used to play a little more? Maybe they can’t play over the freaking commercials. I’d rather hear the band do their thing than jock jams or whatever they’re hocking on the jumbo tron.


    • HVL Dawg

      I can remember about a decade long period when the redcoats would take the entire 3rd quarter off. They didn’t report back from halftime until the 4th quarter. I think the redcoats do a very nice job these days. They certainly pull their weight between plays. Maybe commercial breaks are different but they are in the game for sure.


  3. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    If you want to compete with my nice sofa and big screen TV, how about yanking those high school benches out of the stadium and replacing them with seats. You know, like I get to sit in if I go to Turner Field, Phillips Arena, Stegeman, Gwinnett Arena, Coolray Field, Georgia Dome, etc. If I want a back ache I can go work in my yard for a few hours and save a lot of money doing so.


    • D.N. Nation

      You notice that none of the venues you listed as comparison were college football stadiums?


      • Bourbon Dawgwalker

        Other college football teams aren’t competing for my money, UGA already has my allegiance. Other sports teams in the area are competing for my money. Just b/c colleges get away with crappy seating doesn’t mean we should continue to let them.


  4. Senator, nail -> head. Traffic was manageable because people would decide to arrive early, stay late or a combination. With the restrictions, if you tailgate, you do it before because of parking. Therefore, traffic is ridiculous and parking expensive. The ads and the music have gotten to the point where I’m glad to have some professor who researches something I don’t understand get honored during a TV timeout. Killing rivalry games aren’t going to help matters any as well.


  5. Sanford222view

    Granted I’m in my forties but I completely agree with the Senator. When I was a kid The tailgating experience was so much better. That is number one on my list. Number two is fewer cupcake games. Now that I have kids I only make about 3-4 games per year now as it isn’t worth the time and effort to go watch Coastal Carolina in 97 degree heat. I typically attend one cupcake to take my boys to a game but more than two on the schedule is a waste for me. Finally I agree the pumped in music and ads are annoying but I can deal with those if they address the other two issues.


  6. DawgPhan

    Tailgating is great for me and my group. Plenty of free parking and zero inference from the man.

    If the in-stadium experience has improved with the live game check-in’s. Those are a great addition.

    Traffic is going to be bad getting back to Atlanta after a game. I think that the improvements to 316 are going to make things flow a little smoother…and for their part I think that UGA gets me off campus and on the loop as well as it can.


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    Our selfish Dawg Brethren had a lot to do with loss of tailgating. Litter piled tailgate sites and trashed restrooms were embarrassing. And like “the other Doug” points out, the drunk out of control fan is hard to deal with. During the Goff era we finally quit attending as a family for awhile. That fan that just had to throw out the F bomb every other word just ratcheted up my dad’s BP. I know it’s old school and I’m for freedom of speech but you don’t talk that way around my mother for very long. Just sayin’.


    • 81Dog

      THIS is a huge point. The stupidity of a selfish few helped make it easy for the bean counters to do what they wanted to do anyhow with parking and tailgating: rachet it way down, move it off campus and charge out the nose to park in decks on the fringe of campus.

      Also, Mr. Drunk Know it All I Paid For My Seat And I Can Stand and Say What the F8&% I Want To is certainly another self inflicted wound for the in stadium experience. Today’s self-entitled young adults (and some old ones) think they can say or do whatever they like, whenever they like, without regard to common courtesy or any consideration for the people around them.

      You’d think if the bean counters would concentrate a little more on enforcing basic civility on campus and in the stands, that would help people enjoy being in the stadium a lot more than assaulting everyone’s senses by blasting ads at 1000 decibels during every blessed the second the ball isnt in play. However, ads GENERATE money, and enforcement is a COST to the bean counters. It’s a lazy approach to the bottom line.

      You’d think it would be easy enough to figure out the parking without gouging everyone. You’d think it would be easy enough to police the tailgating/trash problem with a little planning and a few strategically placed game day dumpsters. Parking issues and trash issues go hand in hand. If you have to schlep your tailgate a long way from your parking spot, of course there’s going to be a lot of disposable stuff. Those tiny cardboard trash boxes are a joke. The can scavengers will happily bust into loose bagged trash. Get a few freaking dumpsters, have a few roving UGA PD guys “encouraging” people to use them, voila.

      Sadly, the common sense approach is the least likely to occur. As long as the athletic department at UGA (and elsewhere) looks at fans as “profit centers” to be squeezed as hard as possible rather than guests to be reasonably accomodated, it’s just going to keep getting easier to stay home.


  8. Joe Schmoe

    Completely agree. The Adams administration has been hostile to tailgating and has never spent the money to provide adequate facilities (trash bins, Porto toilets, security, etc.) and has then wanted to act like we are all a bunch of drunken trailer trash because they allowed things to get out of control.


    • Joe Schmoe

      Also, I hate the banner ads. Really ruins the aesthetic of the stadium to me. While on that topic, I also wish they would bring back the red shadows on the field numbers. They gave the field a very distinct look. It looks really blah now.


    • Beer Money

      My favorite was Adams bitching about everybody peeing and shitting on North Campus. You know why they were doing this, Mr. president? Because you made it as unwelcoming as possible to people by keeping almost every building locked up on North Campus and did not provide any porto-potties either.

      I hate to say this, but go to Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, hell any place that has the stadium close to campus and you will find academic buildings open with plenty of air conditioned/heated restrooms available.


  9. JasonC

    Senator, maybe you can do some pro bono work for the conference.


  10. DawgPhan

    guessing most of you complain about “kids these days” at least once a day…


    • Macallanlover

      Guesing more people should have done a better job of parenting to the “kids these days” and the kids of the generation before. Bad behavior is NOT something that should be tolerated or excused and yes, it does keep others around them from enjoying their experience. Might allow thousands who feel like AthensHomer Dawg to save their money, watch at home, and not subject his children or parents to those who act like punks. Guessing “the village” ain’t working very well at taking care of society nor raising our children. We are more than financially bankrupt, we are morally bankrupt as well, and tolerance is to blame for much of it. Perhaps you don’t pay enough attention to get that or, and this is more likely, you don’t really care.


      • DawgPhan

        Lulz…talk about driving home the point.



        • Macallanlover

          Yep, old fashioned and proud of it. Wish you well with the new mores but afraid it will be hell to pay.


      • Spare me. Munson in his later years complained about how boring and quiet the crowds had become. Man he would hate you.

        Unless he is spilling bourbon, save your outrage at the drunk guy who is yelling and make some damn noise yourself.

        I’m only 34 but I very much believe out fans have become a bunch of sanctimonious asshole pussies approaching the level of Tech fans.
        Get to your tailgate early. Drink. Make lots of noise at the game. High five your neighbors when we score.

        People like you make me realize we have a Bunch of shady-side hand-sitters who do nothing but complain about Bobo and drunk kids. I’d rather us knock half the stadium down and fill it up with real fans like we used to have.


        • Macallanlover

          Alcohol doesn’t have to rob you of your sense of civility lad. Call Charter if you can’t handle it responsibly or need it to be a “real fan”.


        • AthensHomerDawg

          Gee Spence I generally like your posts…… but “Unless he is spilling bourbon, save your outrage at the drunk guy who is yelling and make some damn noise yourself.” Really?
          “I’m only 34 but I very much believe out fans have become a bunch of sanctimonious asshole pussies approaching the level of Tech fans.”

          We are not Tennessee fans. We know how to hold our liquor, conduct ourselves in polite company yet still bark and shout for our Dawgs!

          I seriously doubt that Larry would hate any Georgia fan certainly not Mac. At 34 those frontal lobes of yours are supposed to be developed to the point where you think a bit before spouting off like that. Late bloomer?

          “I can’t express enough of my deep feelings toward the Georgia football fans,” Munson said when he left the microphone for the final time after declining health. “I feel I owe them so much more than I can give. I’ll remember all the great times with the Dogs and have the fondest wishes and good luck toward them all.”


          • Ath, I wrote that in a bit too much anger. Munson loved the fans, of course, but he did often reminisce about the old days when they made noise. I don’t know where people are remembering Georgia fans as a bunch of saints and scholars from the olden days. It was a drunk, loud ass crowd and Munson knew it. Maybe I can’t know, but people didn’t get so bent out of shape about someone being drunk.

            I’ll be upfront, me and my friend season ticket holders (we went in together) have a blast at games, yell the whole damn time, stand up on 3rd downs, and also get along great with anyone near us. But the guy who didn’t cheer at all during the Tennessee game and only made a peep after Bobo didn’t score on the 4th possesssion of the first quarter to get pissed off is exactly the type of fan I loathe, and I bet he doesn’t think much of me (Im sure he didn’t after I told him how dumb it was to complain about 21 points in a quarter).

            Alcohol or no, far too many of our fans of all ages sit around and don’t get into games. I wish they’d stay at home and give their tickets to someone who cares enough to stand up and/or yell on 3rd down. And I wish they’d quit acting like the young fans are ruiinng some grand civil tradition they had going where they wore white gloves and drank Arnold Palmers all day.

            For my money, I’d rather go to a game with no scoreboard, no pumped in music, and nothing other than a crappy stadium, a band, and some rowdy ass crazy fans. The current trend of UGA fans is the opposite, and I feel certain Sanford is not that intimidating precisely because of the mute morally outraged people who think showing up in red counts as participating.

            My apologies to anyone I offedned, including you Mac, for spouting off. I’m sure Mac and ATH are great fans at games who make the place loud.



            • 81Dog

              you might consider that it’s possible to be loud and supportive and and into the game without being a drunk, F-bomb dropping, “enjoy looking at my backside all day because I paid for my seat and I’m never sitting down” douchebag. The people who want to treat a game like it’s church on Sunday? Yeah, they’re not adding a lot to the atmosphere, but they aren’t just peeing all over it like the geniuses who act like they invented UGA football, no matter what age they are.

              the crowds WERE loud and rowdy in the 70s and 80s, but people were a little more considerate of their neighbors then, too. Once everyone realizes we all go to Athens to see the game, not to see Drunk Former Frat Boy’s performance artistry, we can all go back to being loud and rowdy in a way that doesnt involve cussing out old ladies or playcalls in front of 12 year olds. I don’t think you’re one of those guys, nor do I think all of our younger alums are, and some of our older alums are as bad or worse. Everyone seems a lot more likely to be in your face about “I can do what I want” without giving much thought to whether they SHOULD do some of the stuff they do. Those people are a big part of the problem.

              I’m just sayin’….


              • Spoence

                1. Stand up on defensive 3rd downs and make some noise. Or any big play. It’s that simple. Standing up the whole game is certainly obnoxious.
                2. I take issue with people who don’t want their kids to hear any swear words. There’s a line that needs to be toed, sure, but every 6 year old out there has already heard the bad words. Let them hear some artful swearing by some fellow Dawg fans when appropriate… it’s a right of passage. If someone is so worried about their kids hearing some cursing, they’re welcome to wear Gold and Blue and go to the stadium by the coke meuseum. I hear it’s a great place to read and have some quiet time.
                3. Since this, apparently, is an unpopular position, I will also stand up for the right of any self-respecting Dawg fan to get drunk before (and at) games. Pissing on the bleachers should be reserved for away games, and falling down or spilling is bad form and should be reserved for the student section. Perhaps we’re on the same page here. I’d say the above is also just true for life, but basically hold your liquor.
                4. Bottom line for me is this – there’s nothing wrong with being loud, drunk, and stupid at games. Just don’t be an asshole to those around you. If you are in my section you’re welcome to share our bourbon and teach little Timmy in front of us how to appropriately refer to Auburn fans. And yes, it will involve some profanity.

                Maybe all this will change when I have kids. But God I hope not.


                • 81Dog

                  I agree completely with your point number 1. Just remember some people CAN’T stand easily or comfortably, and be kind to those folks. If everyone in front of me stands, I pretty much have to stand to see, and if I dont stand, the people right behind me can’t see anyway. Just (as you seem to understand) try to use a little common sense, is all I would add.

                  Point number 2? Not so fast, my friend. There’s a big difference between people who don’t want their kids to hear “any swear words” (it’s unrealistic that a kid of about any age won’t hear a ‘hell’ or a “damn”, or what you might consider misdemeanor swear words) and someone like me who objects to hearing, as I did at Auburn in 2008 (just so you wont think I’m picking on UGA fans) “TUBERVILLE YOU F&%*ING IDIOT WHY DO YOU KEEP F&%*ING CALLING THAT STUPID F&%*ING PLAY YOU WORTHLESS MOTHERF&%*ING JACKASS.” It isn’t a Baptist church ladies auxiliary meeting, but it ain’t Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, either. I can almost guarantee you that you will understand this better when you have kids, but think about it this way: if you wouldnt rant like that (and by here I mean “you, the fan” not you personally) in front of your mother, your boss, or your own kids, then don’t do it in front of someone else’s mom, kids, etc. And if your boss approves of that kind of unhinged, bourbon fueled rage, let me know where I can send him a resume. Again, it’s a matter of marginally good judgment and a touch of what used to be considered common courtesy.

                  3. I have no problem with people who like to get drunk, either slightly, completely or blindly. I’ve done all 3. All I ask is that you not take your desire to maim your own brain cells to the point where you are raining down F-bombs and vomit on your neighbors. Again, common courtesy, which it appears is not as common as it should be. Not everyone finds Drunk Boy and/or Girl wildly entertaining. It’s your business if you want to get knee walking drunk, just dont interfere with anyone else’s enjoyment of the game. If you can’t do that, get drunk at your house and avoid the DUI later. Or the cost of cleaning vomit out of your friend’s car, which I assure you is both expensive and not always completely successful.

                  4. There’s nothing with being drunk or loud at games, as long as you do so at the right times and without ruining it for everyone who doesnt find “Jackass: UGA Football Edition” as wildly entertaining as those of you who claim it as your birthright. That said, we part company at “stupid.” There’s never a good time to be a dumbass. There are only times you escape without the consequences you are unwittingly asking for by your stupid conduct. “Getting away with being a dumbass ” is not the same thing as “it’s a great idea and perfectly fine to be a dumbass.” Think more James Bond and less Johnny Knoxville.

                  You seem like a reasonable guy. You just have to have a smidge of regard for everyone whose standards of deportment differ from yours, just like they have to do for you. It’s better when we all get along, because we’re all (mostly) on the same team.


                • Tough to argue with your points, sir. We may not be too far apart on most of this. Like most things in life, if I (we) took the time to just hear the other side out there’s usually not that much to disagree with. Feel free to head over to our tailgate or seats for a drink and a few choicely placed f-bombs and subsequent apologies sometime.


                • 81Dog

                  I respect your reasonable approach, Spence. You continue to look at things your way, and I’ll continue to look at them the correct way. (it’s an old joke)

                  We aren’t far apart, and I can’t swear I’ve never dropped an f-bomb in a football stadium, especially against AU at Sanford in 2005 at the very end. I’m actually tempted to drop one now just thinking about it. But, I haven’t done it often, I don’t think I’ve ever done it in front of little kids or ladies who remind me of my mom, and even at that, I aspire to do better.

                  I watched two drunk female Tech fans (I am guessing late 20s/early 30s) turn the air blue with f-bombs directed at a couple of mid 60ish UGA gentlemen who displeased them back in 2005. The UGA guys had the gall to insist on remaining in their own seats (in the Tech club section), rather than move so that said charming ladies could pile several more of their drunk ass nerdy pals in there to cuss UGA, the referees, Chan Gailey, and whoever else displeased them. It was not impressive. Me, I don’t want to be THAT guy at a game. Their nerd dates stood their looking like they would cry; I think they feared getting their ears boxed in front of the (dwindling) Tech crowd, or perhaps getting left behind in the parking lot after the game.


  11. TL

    Frankly, one of the things that makes the in-stadium experience less enjoyable is television. The length and number of commercial breaks — making games last three-and-a-half to four hours — makes the game less enjoyable, have less of an ebb and flow, and more disjointed than anything. Since we know that commercials on TV are the only way that the SEC is getting the megabucks they get for game rights, I don’t think that will change much and, if anything, it will get worse.


    • stoopnagle

      Interestingly, I went back to see how long each game was last year. The mean was 3.5 hours but a few of the shorter games were on CBS.


  12. JRod1229

    I don’t always understand the hate for pumped in music.. yes there is a time and place for it (and should never be to the level Tech does it), but if you haven’t noticed the team loves it.. I get that rap isn’t for everyone (even for me), but it serves a purpose. Students get jacked up, team gets jacked up. It’d have been no different when you a student Senator.. everyone has different musical tastes but there are times when the band can’t quite get the crowd in a frenzy.


  13. pcidoc

    Being able to get the radio simulcast with clarity would add to the experience. If you have wifi, you could get it on GXTRA.


  14. Go Dawgs!

    The schools need to get a LOT less hostile to tailgating. Ten years ago, you could tailgate so many more places and they didn’t harrass tailgaters. You can’t put anything on the grass before 7 am, and that’s fine if we think it will disturb students’ sleep which I doubt… but I have seen UGA cops at our spot harrassing an old man over a PA system LITERALLY at 6:57 telling him to move his stuff or get a ticket. Um… think that woke any of our precious young minds up? And another way to make tailgating more friendly again? Do something about the kids (college and younger) coming by my tailgate every ten seconds trying to solicit funds for their band or cheer team or whatever the heck else and the guys walking by trying to hawk cheap unlicensed t-shirts every thirty seconds.

    Ads make money and that’s fine, but Georgia’s got to get a little less over the top about it, too. You can go to a Braves game and it doesn’t feel like you’re getting hit with nearly as much advertising and that’s likely because it’s all so much more passive.

    But the bottom line is give me a good freaking game to watch. I will leave my house at 4 am to get to my tailgate spot at 7 am even for a night game as long as it’s something I can get excited about. I hate watching big games on TV because the atmosphere is what makes those things fun. You can tinker with the video and the audio and whatever else in Sanford Stadium that you want to, but what makes the “stadium experience” special is the energy of fans who are engaged and enraged and hungry for a win in a game where that is in doubt. There is nothing Greg McGarity can do to make the stadium experience special for the Coastal Carolina game. It’s getting easier and easier to skip those.


  15. BulldawgJosh

    Personally, I’d like to see alumni sections at the game. It may be arrogant of me , and while I appreciate the importance of having non-alumni fans to make the program a success, I feel that most of the problems I’ve dealt with at games are people that never came to the school.

    I’d probably buy even more season tickets if I could be assured the other purchasers around me were alumni.


    • H. Randolph Holder

      I agree with this. Perhaps it starts with giving current alumni contributors a 1 tier upgrade in seating as normal attrition occurs since we do have a tiered seating system. New alumni contributors could be given some sort of points credit on their initial donation. There should be more to it than who just shows up with a check. After all, the alumni are the people who present the greatest possibility for donations to other university programs.


  16. mwo

    Or they could sell beer at the games.


  17. Tyler

    I think letting fans leave at halftime, like Clemson does apparently, would mean a lot more people willing to come, especially in tandem with a better tailgating policy(ie, more spots available, shuttles to get people from their spot to the stadium, more volunteers and workers to help with the trash).

    To that point, as an alum who was assigned some community service hours, I think the threat of forfeiture of a game day ticket along with being tasked with tailgate clean up might work as a successful deterrent, as well as a great way to give back to the university when you get busted for underage funnin’


  18. Mean Machine

    I think you nailed the biggest points Senator. As an Athens resident, I don’t have the problems of tailgate harassment or parking and egress, although I know from family members that it’s a huge problem.
    My biggest problem with Saturdays in Athens is the fact that it takes me a quarter of football to get a Powerade. If it’s going to be a money making operation, then make it one. You enhance fan experience and make more money at the same time. Staff the damn concession stands or build more.


  19. watcher16

    Senator – How long until SEC stadiums allow alcohol to be sold? I think we get more people then


  20. I love that Barnhart is such a shill for the people who run the SEC that he can come up with a lengthy list of issues causing the decline in attendance without addressing the first factor that any economist worth his salt would identify: price. Gee, could it be that increased ticket prices – not to mention mandatory donations – have caused some people to decide not to buy tickets?


  21. stoopnagle

    Be cool about tailgating… yes.

    Cut down on the volume and veracity of advertising at the game… OK.

    From what I can tell, it’s as organized as it can get with getting out of town. I know a good friend who parks near Aderhold (has a pass), stays until the final whistle, and he never has a problem getting along his merry way. Of course, he’s heading up 441 and not to ATL. If 316 is the issue, well, we all know who to blame for half-assing it, right? It ain’t UGA.

    I’d say you could do a lot by just accepting there is a secondary market for tickets and stop worrying so much about it. Especially with student tickets. That issue is so convoluted it’s ridiculous. Just let it go, give the kids something transferable and their section will be packed.


  22. cube

    I couldn’t agree more Senator. Great points.


  23. Spoence

    Senator, I agree with all your points above, and would go further. Any attempt to make a stadium like a TV is dumb. Instead the focus should be on the novelty of the stadium event itself. Take out the jumbotron or at least keep it off most of the time. Let the band do the music (with rare exceptions) and make tailgating much more fan friendly.

    Great post, sir.


  24. 69Dawg

    The current problems began with His Majesty Mike Adams. I’ve had season tickets since Dooley was coach and the most changes to tailgating and RV’ing and everything that makes being there the most fun stopped with Adams. He was going to show all of the Alumni who was boss and he did. Campus cops threating 60 year olds for arriving 10 minutes too early with their RV.

    The traffic problem is on Athens-Clark County and the State Patrol. Apparently the art of directing traffic has been replaced by sitting on your butt and controlling a red light, if and when it pleases you. I saw the visiting team band busses wait for over 30 minutes to make a right on Broad because the trooper wouldn’t change the damn light. There was no traffic headed the way they were going.

    Heck this is my last year and the only reason I brought them this year was Murray was coming back so I figured if he cared enough I would too.