The official start of the offseason

It’s violation of team rules time again!

There is a chance Georgia will without starting safety Josh Harvey Clemons when the Bulldogs open the season against Clemson on Aug. 31.

At least there was no sign of Mudcat’s car being involved.


UPDATE:  JHC’s suspension for Clemson is official.

Georgia coach Mark Richt confirmed to the AJC that Harvey-Clemons would indeed be suspended for the nationally-televised opener when asked about it before the SEC Meetings in Destin on Tuesday. He declined further comment.

That’s probably wise, since I can’t imagine that anything else Richt might say about it would be suitable for a family publication.


UPDATE #2:  Seth Emerson has some advice for Butts-Mehre.

By the way, if Georgia is going to keep its drug policy, and there’s no evidence it won’t, then it would probably be a good idea to stop scheduling Clemson and Boise State to start the season. Just a thought.



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  1. *sigh* The ignorance of youth…

  2. AthensHomerDawg

    Smoking in your dorm room? I thought that was passe when Torin Kirtsey left town………

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “However, Flournoy-Smith and Harvey-Clemons were said to have “exhibited signs of marijuana ingestion” as they had blood-shot eyes and dilated pupils.” Were they eating it or smoking it?😉

      • What is a blunt? AHD, no one eats it. Takes too long to get the medicinal effects.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Joy…. I was making a joke.😉
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      • adam

        Which shouldn’t really be a punishable offense.

        They never should have admitted they smoked anything. They also shouldn’t have smoked in a dorm room. And also there’s no rational argument for marijuana prohibition in a country that drinks so much alcohol and smokes so many cigarettes.

        But I think suspending someone for *almost* getting in trouble is stupid. So is reporting them to Student Conduct, but it’s typical of the UGA police and our incredibly stupid “police chief”.

        • The984

          I don’t think we suspend JHC (how eerily similar to THC) unless he fails a drug test. He’s definitely going to be (or already has been) tested. If he fails that, then he’ll be suspended. That’s why it’s only a possible suspension right now.

        • The Students that made the call are just a bunch of jealous wanna be’s. It is just terrible when jealousy rears it ugly head.

        • 81Dog

          as so many of my clients do, they had the right to remain silent. They just didnt have the ability (thank you, Ron White, for the greatest legal line EVER).

  3. Damn. Damn. Damn. This is the stuff that pisses me off the most. Smoking a blunt in a dorm room is the height of stupidity. Go to someone’s house for crying out loud. Morons.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Cojones. Are you at home?😉

      • Listen, get in your car and use a pinch hitter that looks just like a cigarette. Been doing that for years all over the south. Smoke 911, tell them Joy sent you. Never, never have I been caught. However, I have been to jail in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. Mostly for smart mouthing officers and.drinking. Only one charge stuck. DUI but that is all over now. Katie bar the door. I am free at last. Cojones how is your health? Where on earth is SJIII?

        • Carolinadawg

          “Listen, get in your car and use a pinch hitter that looks just like a cigarette. Been doing that for years all over the south.”
          Wow, now so many things make sense…

      • Cojones

        Awright, but this is the last pot technology bit that will be repeated. If you were here for the discussion last year, you were given the modern definition of a “blunt”. It is as described in the report: a cigar with the front scooped out to allow pot to be packed into the tip. It is consumed after filtration through cigar tobacco and disappears into the cigar itself. It avoids some detection because the cigar smoke smells to high heaven as well, but not in an enclosed place. Blunts should be smoked openly outdoors in order that the pot smell will dissipate with the cigar smoke. By the time it is detected (if at all), nothing is left except the cigar tobacco smoke.. It is used so often by HS kids that it is almost identifiable that a youngster is smoking pot if he smokes a cigar.

        No doubt the stupid season has started for our players. Stupid to smoke it as an athlete who undergoes random testing; stupid to smoke it in a closed environment with no smoke filtration through the crevices; stupid to tell someone you smoked if you already have participated in a coverup; stupid to have participated as a Georgia Bulldog because the consequences will affect the team as well as yourself. Just friggin’ stupid.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Well maybe we need a different point of view. However, “everybody knows that … smoking ain’t allowed in school. ” 😉

        • Honey, I forgot about that last year. Short term memory loss, ya know? But, still you can use a pinch hitter at Bone’s in the bathroom and there is no lingering smell of weed. It is the papers and cigars and such that cause the problem. I agree it was really very stupid. Let’s take him out back and shoot him. HIS ABSENCE WILL NOT AFFECT THE TEAM THAT MUCH. He needs to suffer the consequences of his actions. He will learn much from this.

  4. DawgPhan

    or just keep your damn mouth shut…they didnt have anything on them except them admitting to smoking pot.

    If they fail a drug test, then I guess they sit…other than that, I dont see how they sit…but I am sure that they are doing to be testing dirty here shortly.

    • There are ways around that and believe me they all know howl to test clean. Again Smoke 911. Ask for the tea. It is guaranteed or your money back.

      • Cojones

        The only way to get it out of your system is through exercise (with lots of water) while abstaining for several weeks. My time limit has always been 10-14 days. There has been many substances advocated (without data) , but none work including every natural substance sold on the health market. I had THC data performed with consumption of several (St James wort, yellow flower petals of differing plants, liquids purported to selectively scavenge THC, etc) that were as effective as a Muschamps’ “guarantee”. There is no evidentiary scientific data published under peer review that has been found to rid the system quickly of THC. All claims to the contrary have never proven to be scientifically true.

        THC gets into fatty cells and releases slowly, further complicating the amount of time needed to purge traces from the system (the fatter you are, the longer it takes). If someone finds how to selectively scavenge THC from fat cells or that rids one of fat cells, well, the world will be your oyster (or your smoking parlor fat farm).

        • Yes, you are correct. The juice, plenty of water and exercise takes care of me in exactly 15 – 18 days. If you are a fatty you should not smoke if you know you might be randomly tested. If you are never going to be tested you should smoke as many “fatties” as you can.

  5. DawgPhan

    this is also the second time that JHC has been suspected of ingesting.

  6. Boy you are making assumptions based on very little information. Look up dumb and ass in a dictionary, before you call someone that!

  7. Joe Schmoe

    The secondary is probably the last place we could afford a suspension. Damnit.

  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    What is it that Spurrier said? “I like playing Georgia early because they always have a couple of players suspended.” History repeating itself.

  9. Macallanlover

    Disappointed in him, all the players have shown an awareness of the need for a strong start. If he fails the test, we have no choice but to adhere to our standards, which I support. My issue is the lack of a consistent set of standards from the NCAA, some schools do not test for marijuana. I am in favor of legalization and treating it the same as alcohol but until that, the university and team rules are a part of th discipline we have to expect from the players. If guilty, JHC is not a good team player and has jeopardized our first game; part of growing up is learning to be held accountable for your actions. Now, the bigger point is how many of the general population are held to the same standard? Is there a figure available for how many non-athletes are cited and turned into the Sudent Council. Let’s deduct 2-3/10ths of the grade point for the first offense and 5 10ths for the 2nd, then kick them out of school on the next offense.

    • Cojones

      Unfortunately non-athletes are held to a differing standard. Plus they all aren’t on scholarship. The athletes know what they signed up for, but some can’t lose old habits of comradery and socialness, not even for the sake of the team. Wonder now if that is why Ty-Flournoy left. Sad to find out that “Team” isn’t respected for what it entails.

    • Bobby

      I don’t have exact statistics, but this is how the process basically works:

      If found in violation of smoking weed, any student is put on probation the first time. If found in violation a second time, they are automatically suspended.

      The Office of Judicial Programs does not initiate investigations into student conduct. Rather, a case is opened only after a formal complaint. Formal Complaints can be brought by anybody: vindictive and petty editors at the Red-n-Black; a police report forwarded by A-CC; a University Housing report; or just a random person w/ nothing better to do.

      While many of our players have gotten in trouble for violating team rules, many of them (if not most) have been fortunate enough not to have a formal complaint made to the University. It’s routinely handled in house, even if it’s public knowledge.

      Usually, it’s completely random whether a student actually gets formally reported. Formal complaints are most likely to be brought for Housing Violations by a student-resident of the dorm in question. Next University Police will invariably forward arrest reports to the University Judiciary. A-CC routinely will forward its arrest reports, but it doesn’t always happen. If a violation happens out of town (like on Spring Break), the students almost never get in trouble w/ University Judiciary, unless some party takes the initiative to file a complaint. Out-of-town cops rarely forward police reports to UGA (they don’t give a shit).

      • Macallanlover

        Thanks. Seems a little disjointed in how rules are applied. I wonder if the entire student body faced similar scrutiny if the penalties would be changed? Seriously doubt it would be enforced the same way, Adams seems like such a phony.

  10. Spike

    You can’t fix stupid. I wonder what his teammates think.

  11. Gatorhater27

    So now we get to listen to Chip Towers whine all summer that no one will confirm or deny JHC’s suspension. Great.

  12. Normaltown Mike

    Just be glad he wasn’t handing out with Ricardo “Clowny” Crawford and Demario “Makarov” Mayfield last weekend.

    • Ain’t dat the truth! Talk about being caught red handed. Now those boys are the dumb ones. That is exactly why they are former players and will never be anything else.

  13. Bright Idea

    If this possible 1 game suspension of JHC happens and we worry that it will cost us the Clemson game then it sounds like we will be 0-12 on the season. I just don’t see it as a big loss. Put another UNPROVEN player in his place and go on.

  14. JHC was suspended for the Clemson game per Mark Richt.

  15. cube

    Ok, this is more like it. It felt weird that we had got to this point in the offseason without a suspension. Things are back to normal.

    This is Georgia football.

  16. WillTrane

    How can you suspend someone for a football injury? The football helmets must not protect the brain housing. This is what happens to young people when the elite educator class imposes a “tobacco” free area. Plus somewhere the elite educator class did not teach them there are other great, pleasures in the world other than some toxic weed. And these two are socially maladjusted they can not get out of their bed and some pot. They have a football injurty. They are just too damn little. If you must ingest some plant life, try a mushroom for a change. Teach a kid to fish [see Theus and Marshall], and you would not have this problem. But let’s face it, there is just a damn culture of drugs and drug abuse in Athens and Clarke County. Send them to jail for a year.

    • Cojones

      Unfortunately, mushrooms and fishing don’t mix. There is no guarantee that you can get bait on the hook or throw a rod and reel w/o throwing it into the water. However, it has been reported to me that some people who have run out of bait, then used a small bud (the only thing left because all foodstuffs had been consumed) and produced fish. That’s a little bit too expensive to me.

      The “drug culture” even extends to the fishing holes. In fact, it may even push beer out of the fishing cooler because Fish and Game will arrest you for drinking beer while boating, but not for pot possession since you don’t flaunt it like cooler beer. It’s also hard to recover if you have to ditch it to the bottom of the lake. When that happens It’s been noticed that the fish bite better, but they don’t pull as good.🙂

    • NRBQ

      A year in jail for smoking a joint?

      Christ. Hate to be one of your kids.

    • PTC DAWG

      You need a reality check.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      you guys are crazy this is the most awesome post ever jail for a year not for the pot but for being stupid Alcatraz

  17. Debby Balcer

    I hope the team lets him know they are disappointed in him. Kids that age are stupid but that does not excuse it. I hope the rest of team learns from this and this is the only suspension all year.

    • Wow, don’t you think having CMR disappointed in you is enough? I hope the team supports him and does not judge him. Weren’t you a kid once upon a time? Did you make any mistakes?

      • Debby Balcer

        I was a kid and no I did not make those kind of mistake I have a brother with major drug issues so I don’t find even marijuana a joking matter. I think he needs to feel the disappointment of Mark Richt and his teammates he let them down too. He knew that going to GA meant losing playing time for smoking and his chose to put his want for a high above his teammates. They have recovery right to be upset. I hope someone reads him the riot act like Shaun Williams did last year. If you need to get high at the cost of playing time you have a problem. He can light up once he is done with football.

        • Debby Balcer

          Every not recovery

          • Wow, I am impressed that the mistakes you made were not mistakes that caused you to suffer any consequences. What dorm did you live in your freshman year? I know you were not in a Sorority or you would not be able to say, “I did not make those kinds of mistakes.” Sorry about your brother. Major drug issues are tough on the family. Never had anyone with “drug issues” in my family. My heart goes out to you and yours.

        • Cojones

          It isn’t so much that the THC addicts them, it’s more of a youngster sneaking illegal forbidden fruit. In this case it comes from a want to relax and be one of the boys again. It is part of J H-C’s social behavior; it’s similar to having a beer and with the same penalty (if caught or turned in). Coach will suspend them for that as well.

          Question: Why hasn’t this subject been brought up along with the “fairness of schedule” ? How about some fairness and equity concerning drug policies?

  18. 69Dawg

    Old Steve really knows the Dawgs and he has never said anything about our team that was not the absolute truth. We are who we thought we were. After seeing the way the players off of this years team were killed in the draft because of repeated suspensions you would think it might make a difference but I guess some people are too stupid to put two and two together.

    • …but I guess some people are too stupid to put two and two together.

      Or they are just a 19-year old in college. Teenagers/young 20-somethings aren’t exactly known for their keen sense of wisdom. Hence the old saying about youth being wasted on the young.

  19. Russ

    Too bad he’s not playing for Lester. He’d have 9 strikes remaining.

  20. Scott

    We are always going to have suspensions entering the season. Its a fact of life for this program under Richt. So please let’s not schedule anything but cupcakes to open the season.

  21. Boz

    That F’ing RA that called the cops needs a code red… The kids were “safe”, in their dorm room, not driving around. Were the cops afraid they might eat all the doughnuts in the vending machine?

    • Dog in Fla

      The RA has a responsibility greater than you can ever imagine. You want him patrolling the halls. You need him patrolling the halls. And, between recons, making sure the vending machines are fully locked, stocked and loaded with donuts.

      • charlottedawg

        I was an RA, we had couldn’t enter the room unless given permission by a resident. From what I understand it was even more hands off at East Campus Village. I don’t know the exact situation but the RA probably could’ve left it at, opening the door, telling JHC “I smell something funny, if you have anything I highly recommend you get rid of it, NOW!” and left it at that. It also saves you a whole bunch of paperwork as an RA. Unless it was a life/ death situation, I usually told the suspected resident if they were doing something stupid to stop so i didn’t have to write them up. It worked every freaking time and saved me a lot of headaches.