What’s fair got to do with it?

I’m starting to get very tired of this.

LSU coach Les Miles doesn’t have a problem playing eight SEC opponents every season.

Miles also realizes the Tigers could play nine SEC games in the very near future.

Miles just doesn’t think it’s fair that LSU has to play Florida every season, while other teams in the SEC West don’t.

Cry me a river.  When did life in the SEC become fair?

I don’t mean that rhetorically, either.  This is the same conference that prohibited Mark Richt from running his no-huddle offense ten years ago simply because the officials and other coaches were too damned lazy to keep pace.

“Mark Richt would eat their lunch,” he said. “He would go straight to the ball and snap it. He’d get in 100 plays. We have about half the coaches who think we go too fast and about half who think we go too slow so we must be in about the right spot.”

Cut to 2013, when the SEC began experimenting with an 8-man officiating crew… to keep up with no-huddle offenses.

There’s been no rules change in the interim.  Just a change in what’s perceived as fair.

So if Les Miles is appointing himself SEC Director of Fairness, by all means let’s hear what else he’s got on his to-do list.  Otherwise, it’s time to quit whining and play the hand he’s dealt.  Listen to the new guy, dude.

“There’s never going to be a fair way,” said Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin, whose Aggies drew Missouri as a permanent crossover opponent. “If you look back seven or eight years ago, you would have said the SEC East was the strongest division. You can’t say what’s fair, because things change in this league…”



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8 responses to “What’s fair got to do with it?

  1. Irishdawg

    You wanna know something I don’t think is particularly fair? Oversigning and giving players a pass on a dozen drug test failures. Wonder how Les feels about that shit.


  2. Debby Balcer

    Miles and Spurrier are just crybabies.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Really starting to hate Les Miles’ guts.

    I didn’t hear anybody at LSU offering to trade places with Auburn when Florida was being coached by Ron Zook and Georgia was beginning to ride the first crest of the Mark Richt era. I didn’t hear anyone at Georgia or Florida crying foul that Tennessee got to play Alabama every year when Mike DuBose and Mike Shula were coaching there. Life’s tough in the SEC. Freaking deal with it. He’s taking all the respect for LSU which I’ve had and shredding it up one sentence at a time.


    • Macallanlover

      My sentiments exactly, LSU has been my favorite team in the West for many years but between reinstating Jordan Jefferson and now this weekly tirade about schedules they have lost me. Don’t want to just beat them in Athens, would love to put his whiney butt on the hot seat.


  4. LSU01

    As an LSU fan, I find the whining from Les to be quite embarrasing. I’m hoping this is just a ploy to get the League Office to throw him a couple of bones as they conjure up the 2014 and beyond schedule. I personally love the Florida game and would hate to see it disappear. However, the bridge schedules of 2012 and 2013 have been a conspiracy theorist’s dream in their lack of competive balance amongst the presumptive frontrunners.

    Senator, I appreciate you being one of the few bloggers out there willing to call out Slive for his incompetence as THE primary reason for expansion and the resulting negative consequences. The lack of critical thinking and power worship by the media at large is embarrasing. They have consistenly hailed Slive as a brilliant strategist who has been Krameresque in his foresight about where college football is headed. When in reality, his monumental failure in negotiating the prior TV deal has led to a series of reckless decisions that are leading our conference to a very uncertain future.