2012 SEC SDPI still thinks the world of Mike Bobo.

Matt Melton’s back with his annual analysis of the strength of conference teams.  (If you need an SDPI refresher, take a look at last year’s post on the subject.)

Here’s how things shape up:

The West was stronger than the East, but not so much because of the teams at the top, which broke pretty evenly.  It’s the suckitude at the bottom of the East that’s the difference there.

A few other observations:

  • The top of the conference wasn’t as dominant in 2012 as it was in 2011.  You have to get all the way down to sixth before you see an SDPI figure that’s an improvement.  Is that a reflection of expansion or overall quality?  Beats me.
  • Boy, Auburn really sucked last year.  Loeffler being worse than Malzahn isn’t a surprise but VanGorder being a bigger flop than Roof is.  No wonder he’s just a position coach in the NFL now.
  • Hugh Freeze did a fine job in his first year at Ole Miss.
  • The header is a little tongue in cheek.  Georgia didn’t slide in the offensive rankings, but its SDPI figure did – ever so slightly more than Grantham’s group did, in fact.  (Bobo wasn’t juggling suspensions over the first third of the season, either.)
  • LSU slid big time in one season.  Of course, Les chalks that up to the cross-divisional rivalries.  Unfair!
  • More and more, Vanderbilt looks like a program that has its bearings.  The numbers show an impressive consistency that’s solid.
  • Mississippi State’s consistent, too.  But in the Bulldogs’ case, that’s not really a compliment.
  • If TAMU gets a defense, look out, world.


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20 responses to “2012 SEC SDPI still thinks the world of Mike Bobo.

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    FU and USCe lived on D. A&M lived on O. Bama lived on both.

  2. Dog in Fla

    Big Game Bob Lost in Translation: “It’s the suckitude at the bottom of the East that’s the difference there.”

  3. Suckitude….Senator, is that attitude that sucks?

  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Gee Bluto, the venom directed at BVG is something to behold – one would think he f-ked us over instead of being the best DC UGA had in 2 decades. I really don’t give a damn what he’s done since leaving UGA. It’s his performance for the Dawgs which I believe merits praise from Dawg fans, not derision. For what its worth, the Falcons D dropped substantially after BVG was dumped – but I guess nobody notices that. I don’t think BVG was expected to work miracles with aubie in 1 year, despite the huge paycheck.

    • Macallanlover

      I understood the love for BVG when he was at Georgia but have never understood people forgiving him for the way he frigged us on his childish departure during recruiting. And the Senator is right, he has been a total disaster since leaving us, both on and off the field. Karma baby!

    • hassan

      Love what he did at UGA. No animosity there.

      But he didn’t do so great at Jax, Ga. Southern, Falcons, USC (for all of a week), Falcons (again), and Auburn.

    • It’s not venom.

      BVG may not have been expected to work miracles last year, but improving on Roof isn’t exactly my idea of a miracle.

  5. D.N. Nation

    Numbers back up the eye test: LSU just wasn’t that good last year.


    I think we could beat A&M, time may tell.🙂

  7. Cojones

    Agree. And they ain’t that good again this year. The writers have hyped LSU’s and FU’s offense beyond their talent while countering with a D analysis that affects how they rate the O. Pome ‘d Rue.

    Teams other than those two worry me more this year. Franklin’s convinced Vandy they are good (and stats show they are much better than previous years

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Yeah. In the evolution of the Commodes’ program it’s about time for Vandy to upset somebody good in the SEC. I just hope it isn’t us.

      • D.N. Nation

        Last season was a template game for when Georgia takes Vanderbilt seriously. Let’s hope it’s easily duplicable.

  8. charlottedawg

    Not meant as a knock on Bobo but the Offense is going to “regress to the mean” this year. Whatever unit did well the previous year, returns a bunch of starters, and is supposed to be the strength of the team takes a while to get their shit together if at all. It was Special teams in 2011, Defense in 2012. Same song different verse.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Last season was the mean for the UGA O.

    • Cojones

      You may be getting a little confused concerning the best O out there this year. The suspensions affected most players from D and has begun already this year. The D didn’t put all their players on the field last year and that hurt them. The O doesn’t seem to have the same social restlessness that D players have. Blame Granthem for discipline problems? Dunno, but the same rules of recompense should be set for the D as it was for the O when we had RB problems.

  9. WarD Eagle


    Just….uh…resting. Yeah. That’s it. Resting.

    Shakes head.

    • Cojones

      Yep. Bet that bedraggled Eagle (from last year) by now looks much like a turkey vulture restin’ on a naked branch. Since he flies in a clockwise direction, could you boys rig him a blinder on his left side so that he doesn’t try to crash into his reflection on the box seat windows? The Audubon Society would appreciate it.