A Catholic, a Southerner and a douchebag in a bow tie walk into a bar…

In this PC age, how Gordon Gee still heads a major state university is a mystery to me.


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  1. RomanDawg

    His wives make up a majority of OSU’s Board of Regents….

  2. 81Dog

    substitue “Muslim” for Catholic, or “gay person” or “African American” and Gee would be out the door so fast it’d make his bow tie unravel. If the president of Notre Dame made a crack about Mormons, he’d be out in a flash. But I guess as long as Gee’s slurring Catholics, he’ll get a wrist slap. As a Catholic, I dont care if Ohio State keeps him; sometimes it’s better to keep the douchebags where you can see them.

    • Dawg in Beaumont

      So true, although I think it is still largely acceptable to make cracks about Mormons. There are certain groups among those in academia that it is still acceptable to ridicule simply on the basis of their identity with that group. Southerners, certain religious denominations (definitely not Islam), etc…

      • Dog in Fla

        “There are certain groups among those in academia that it is still acceptable to ridicule simply on the basis of their identity with that group. Southerners, certain religious denominations (definitely not Islam),”

        On the other hand (the one that was not cut off), were it not for the Islamists, there would be no one to make fun of while people-watching during long layovers in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport

        • 81Dog

          of course it’s ok to make fun of ignorant Southern folks. I mean, from the lowliest dockworker with a sixth grade education to Joy Behar, they all know they’re just stating the truth, right?

          • Kobe

            Yes, of course, you’re all right. Muslims are just so immune from criticism and jokes in this country. Also, they totally hate us for our freedoms and we never did anything to them and why oh why does everyone ALWAYS pick on us poor ole southern white boys! Life is so unfair…

            • mwo

              I’ll tell you why everyone ALWAYS picks on us poor ole southern white boys, for the same reason UGA licks himself – because they can!

            • Dawg in Beaumont

              Not trying to speak for 81Dog here, but my statement above was specifically speaking to academia (since that is the world Gordon Gee is in). There are different acceptable groups to mock based on the work/social community you are a part of (definitely some of those communities would encourage Islam mocking), but it has been my experience after over a decade in academia that the groups I listed are definitely permitted to mock and Islam is definitely not permitted to mock(not saying I want it to be).

              I don’t really mind the mocking either way, but I do enjoy pointing out hypocrisy.

            • 81Dog

              Unless Gordon Gee is a Muslim, your example is…..stupid.

              Nobody said Muslims were immune from criticism. What I said was that if some academic, bow-tied, arrogant know-it-all university president decided to make a “little joke” about Muslims, or gays, or blacks, he’d have been ridden out of town on a rail.

              Speaking as a Southern white boy who’s also a Catholic, I could give a rat’s ass what Gordon Gee thinks about me. He doesn’t define me, nor do his simple minded stereotypes; that’s kind of the point here, sparky. He’d have gotten a lot more than sensitivity training if he’d skewered one of the darlings of the academic hoi polloi. Picking on stupid ignorant Southerners (notice Gordon didn’t identify what race Southern folks did, and neither did I) is still ok, ditto Catholics (regardless of race, also, I might add). Feel free to misinterpret my point until it fits your narrative, though.

              I hope you aren’t a UGA grad. I’d hate to think we’re turning out people that dumb these days.

              • Dog in Fla

                “A Roman Catholic, a Tiger and a Devil walk into a bar…” at Happy Hour, order shots, don’t tip and laugh about how this week’s Gloom, Despair and Agony is Regrettable, Wrong and Hurtful and Terribly Disappointing.*

                The high-fives about who has the best publicist don’t last for long because there will be new victims next week. There always are. Most likely, it will be the Southerners who, from a century and half of being oppressed and mocked by Northerners mostly from the Catskills, are best known for simultaneously trying to occupy all three legs of the victim rescuer perpetrator triangle. The main competition for the Southerners next week for the Most Offended Award will be an Imam from Detroit and Joy Behar.

                * A University of Notre Dame spokesman says disparaging remarks by the president of Ohio State University aimed at the school and Roman Catholics are “regrettable.”


                Tiger Woods brands Sergio García’s remarks as ‘wrong and hurtful’


                Nick Saban ‘Terribly Disappointed’ By Devil Remarks


                • Cojones

                  Did you hear the one about Joy Behar (not sure what her transgression is other than being honest and forthright) and an Imam walking into a Detroit bar…..oh….you have?

      • gastr1

        Oh yeah? Which ones?
        In academia, specifically, now, and please cite your examples.

  3. Anon

    OSU and the Big Ten have academic integrity?

    Remember, their athletes ain’t go there to play school. Classes are useless.


    I want my FREE TATTOO!!

  5. theconstitutionalbully

    Really, these comments are not worth the conversation. We still have free speech here in America.

    • 81Dog

      “Free speech” under the US Constitution means the GOVERNMENT can’t (generally) limit your right to speech, even on controversial topics. It doesn’t mean private citizens can’t call you a dumbass when you say something stupid. It also doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want,. whenever you want, about anyone you want, with no convsequences. If you say something ignorrant, you are fair game for those who want to mock you for it

      • Dawg in Beaumont

        Well said. It is a huge pet peeve of mine to confuse “Freedom of speech” with “Freedom from being mocked for stupid as hell speech”

        • theconstitutionalbully

          Yeah that’s how they phrased in the Constitution!!!

          • Dawg in Beaumont

            I really don’t think you understand my point. I intentionally wrote “Freedom from being mocked for stupid as hell speech” in a non-constitutional style to show that is exactly what you are not protected from. But by all means, throw in a few more exclamation points, that’ll show em!

          • cube

            You should stop the Q-tip when there’s resistance.

          • 81Dog

            English isn’t your first language, is it? Are you really this dense? Open a book sometime, and get someone to help you with the big words.

          • Gravidy

            Let me see if I can help you out. You are free to say most anything you want, and I am free to say I think what you said is stupid. Fortunately, it works both ways, or it wouldn’t really be “free speech”, would it? Got it now?

      • Dog in Fla

        “Free speech” under the US Constitution means the GOVERNMENT can’t (generally) limit your right to speech, even on controversial topics.”

        Except when they specifically decide to limit a lot more than just speech


        • 81Dog

          ooooooooooooooooooo k. Seems like a perfectly legitimate reporting job to me. I’m amazed at the awesome power George W Bush still apparently wields five years after he left office. How does he manage to get away with it? It’s probably Cheney, isn’t it? Thanks for opening my eyes! Clearly, the takeaway here is that the First Amendment means anyone say whatever they want without being criticized, and Gordon Gee is a victim who is just trying to enlighten the masses about the evils of Catholicism and the SEC. Please accept my abject apologies.

          • Dog in Fla

            “Seems like a perfectly legitimate reporting job to me.” It’s all a set up. He’s imaginary like the Notre Dame player’s girlfriend.

            “How does he manage to get away with it?” Obama is too chickenshit to have him prosecuted and imprisoned.

            “It’s probably Cheney, isn’t it?” It’s always Cheney whose toxicity is well beyond remediation.

            “Thanks for opening my eyes!” You’re welcome.

            “Gordon Gee is a victim who is just trying to enlighten the masses about the evils of Catholicism” Really? The Catholic Church should take in a Joy Behar minute what a known loudmouth college president says about a priest at Notre Dame as being its worst case scenario any day over what the actual worst case scenario for the Catholic Church is.

            “and the SEC.” I hate it when someone uses hyperbole describing someone’s reading and writing skills, such as, “English isn’t your first language, is it? Are you really this dense? Open a book sometime, and get someone to help you with the big words.” You have entered the world and mind of G. Gordon Gee. Do not adjust your settings.

            “Please accept my abject apologies.” While I don’t think they are really and truly are abject, I’ll accept them anyway because that’s just the type of hail fellow well met guy I am.

      • “If you say something ignorrant …. ”

        See what he did here?

  6. Dog in Fla

    “Gee is undergoing a ‘remediation plan’ because of the remarks.”

    G. Gorden, a prolific fundraiser and non-stop booster club speaker with whom even Nick the Devil Himself is dissappointed, is given advance Procedure for Remediation of Contaminated Properties flow chart to study for enhanced re-education training that he will be subjected to in basement room of Schmidt’s Haus of Sausage and Fudge compound in Germantown sector of Columbus

  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    “,,,how Gordon Gee still heads a major state university is a mystery to me.” Come on, Senator. We had Mike Adams. How long did it take to get rid of him? Frankly, every time I’ve met a university president I’ve come away unimpressed. Third raters who learned how to play academic politics is all they are. If they had to make it on merit in the private sector they all would starve.

    • cube

      I was right with you until that last sentence Mayor. I agree that many of these university presidents are political opportunists and not all that impressive but I’d also say the percentage of people just like them in similar positions in the private sector is just as high. Well…maybe not just like Gee…but just like Adams and some of his ilk. The large corporations are full of them.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Sadly, cube, you are correct. I live in a world where you eat what you kill. What you described above is , at the core, what’s wrong with business in the United States. Sometimes these clowns end up being put in charge, too. Just ask Merrill, Lynch.

  8. TennesseeDawg

    … the Southerner ducks

  9. Mike

    I haven’t scrolled down to read the comments section in many months (not to say I haven’t read many, many of the posts). I’m sorry I decided to choose this posting’s comments to begin reading them again.

    • 81Dog

      Come now, Mike. Don’t just sniff disapprovingly at “the comments.” Please share what you find objectionable. It is unclear what the nature of your displeasure is. Perhaps you can enlighten us. What don’t you like? Lessons on the First Amendment? People who disapprove of ignorant statements about Catholics and Southerners? Inquiring minds want to know!

  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    This is the angriest thread I’ve seen in 6 years that didn’t lapse totally into politics.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I concur.
      “Before I speak I have to have something important to say.”

      Coming from a very varied background myself I generally keep my thoughts to myself unless asked. Dad, a Southern Baptist, mom raised by a Presbyterian minister, father in law a Catholic from Ohio and a NY born mother in law, the daughter of a Jewish immigrant. My sister’s first husband was a Mormon. Her second husband was not. I was raised in a Baptist church and my wife attended Catholic service until college. Since we dated in HS I have attended her service with her. We have a Mezuzah on the door frame of our house, which occasionally draws a comment from guests. I have attended some interesting family affairs. Everything runs pretty smoothly except with some of my wife’s cousins. They are avid Notre Dame fans. They don’t cotton to me.😉

    • 81Dog

      It always happens when someone with a bow tie starts runninghis mouth.🙂

  11. Cojones

    Looks like Gee is maintaining the great Tressel image of OSU.

    Don’t know if many of you have listened to lyrics from the Broadway hit “Hair” that was popular years ago, but you should do yourself a favor and listen to “The United States of Love” sung by an African American that contains every epithet known and pronounced about African Americans. It serves as an innoculum to racial slurs when it hits your senses. We need such a song for Muslims and Arabs in order that everyone can get their prejudicial shit immunized to no expression .

    • 81Dog

      I dont think the problem is so much that the targets of Gee’s lame attempt at humor had their feelings hurt. Speaking for me, my feelings weren’t hurt at all. The problem for me is I recognize what a hypocrite Gee is (with his $64,000 budget FOR FREAKING BOW TIES LAST YEAR. Excellent use of taxpayer money.) If one of his professors had made the same joke about a “protected class”, I am sure Gordo would have denounced and fried that person quickly. He just gets to make a half hearted apolpology and move on.

      • 81Dog

        “Fired” rather than fried. I’m sure Gordo wouldn’t fry anyone, though he probably would consider having them flambaed, perhaps with a nice olive oil based sauce.

        • Cojones

          “Fired”, “Fried” – it works both ways. Did I ever tell you why the camel is labeled “The Ship of the Desert”?