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Does ESPN have a Kolton Houston narrative?

For those of you who like to point out how the WWL takes it on itself to drive a story, here’s another piece on Kolton Houston.  The ending is a knockout:

But if Kolton Houston could somehow be considered a sinner, then surely he has suffered enough for his sins. Has true justice ever existed in a place where forgiveness cannot? Or, given a choice between breaking a kid and breaking a rule, would we really rather save the rule?

Anybody think Mark Emmert cares about that?  Or that ESPN’s attention could make him care?


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Gee, Gordon.

This may be the silliest thing Mr. Bow Tie has said yet.

“I was the chairman of the Southeastern Conference for two years. I tell you something, it is … It’s shameful. It really is. It’s shameful. Both the integrity, and — you talk to Coach Meyer, I mean, that’s one of the reasons that he had to leave. I mean, he’s a man of integrity, and he won two national championships, and in the meantime, people were just undermining him in every way, shape, or form. It’s a … it’s shameful.”

Just like Tressel, right?


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SEC expansion has a price tag now.

Big Mike passed out the checks in Destin this week and everybody’s impressed.

League commissioner Mike Slive capped another spring meeting in Destin, Fla., by announcing Friday afternoon that a record $289.4 million will be distributed to its institutions, or $20.7 million to each of the 14. The SEC distributed $241.5 million last spring when the league contained 12 members, with each school receiving $20.1 million.

“Obviously we passed out a bit of money to our folks,” Slive said in a news conference. “It’s the highest in our history, and we hope to be able to tell you that every year from here on out.”

Don’t throw your shoulder out with all that back patting, Commissioner.  The thing is, if I’m doing the math correctly, had the conference remained at 12, Slive’s bounty would have amounted to around $24.1 million per school.  That’s a difference of about $3.4 million, which ain’t exactly chicken scratch.  (If bowl revenue is part of the equation, then the numbers would be slightly less, since TAMU went bowling.  Same goes for March Madness and Missouri.)

The SEC Network had best be raining cash on these guys.  Assuming anybody’s noticed…


UPDATE:  Bowl loot not included in the distribution.


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