Gee, Gordon.

This may be the silliest thing Mr. Bow Tie has said yet.

“I was the chairman of the Southeastern Conference for two years. I tell you something, it is … It’s shameful. It really is. It’s shameful. Both the integrity, and — you talk to Coach Meyer, I mean, that’s one of the reasons that he had to leave. I mean, he’s a man of integrity, and he won two national championships, and in the meantime, people were just undermining him in every way, shape, or form. It’s a … it’s shameful.”

Just like Tressel, right?


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  1. Dawg in Beaumont

    Considering the recent scandals in the Big 10 it really is crazy. Even setting aside the scandal at Gee’s current school, the conference also had possibly the worst scandal in the history of athletics take place within less than a year of Ohio State’s. Not to mention recent major violations by Minnesota and Indiana. Dude has no shame.

    • cube

      Also, Nebraska got kicked out of the Association of American Universities (AAU) in 2011. That’s not really athletics related but it’s still an embarrassment.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I thought being a member of the AAU was a requirement for being a member of the Big 10. How come the almighty Big 10 hasn’t kicked Nebraska out? Could it be $$$?

  2. gastr1

    Many times university presidents are little more than ambassadors. Gee clearly is not capable of anything more than being the least-involved kind of figurehead. The fascinating part, though, is that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a university president that appears to be nothing more than an idiot fan.

    As bad as Michael Adams has been, he hasn’t ever seemed–to me, anyway– to be a stumblebum of such epic proportions as Mr. Gee.

  3. heyberto

    There are no words… Just…. Wow.

  4. SK

    Corch Meyers once legitimately told a kid, while he was coaching at Florida, that God had come to him in a dream and told him that the kid he was recruiting needed to come to Florida.

    If Corch Meyers is a man of integrity then I am sober.

  5. Debby Balcer

    You would think someone would tell him to just shut up. Meyer as the bastion of integrity is hilarious.

  6. South FL Dawg

    Does anybody else find it funny that Gee’s man of integrity is Catholic and his dream job was Notre Dame? Money makes for the strangest of the strange bedfellows, I guess.

    • gastr1

      Right. Good point. I mean, Gee is a living, breathing exemplar of the hypocrisy that is the B1G. No one even need explain; he is just a mascot of hypocrisy. Bow tie and Nike hat…PERFECT.

  7. Connor

    This is obviously all just rhetoric he uses at Ohio State functions to lather up the crowd. That said, I hope he hangs for it. These kings of academia are pretty much all hat and no cattle. If Gord-o can be brought low by something as pathetic as rival bashing, so much the better.

  8. Scott

    The full audio of Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee’s misguided comments revealed an assertion that Barry Alvarez thought former coach Bret Bielema was “a thug.”

    “Someone was saying to me, well, you know, Bret Bielema leaving … that was a blessing for Wisconsin and they knew it. Because he was under tremendous pressure. They didn’t like him. Barry Alvarez thought he was a thug. And he left just ahead of the sheriff.”

    • harry balzack

      Ark AD. Jeff Long fires back…

      “As a member of the higher education community, a director of athletics and a native of Ohio, I am deeply troubled by the unfounded and slanderous remarks the President of the state’s flagship institution, Dr. E. Gordon Gee, made about Coach Bret Bielema. While I recognize Dr. Gee has issued an apology stating regret for his comments, it does not erase the unwarranted attack on Bret’s character. It is widely known Coach Bielema placed an emphasis on academics, character development and community outreach while serving at the University of Wisconsin. His 2010 and 2011 football teams won the Wisconsin Athletic Department’s community service and Champs Life Skills awards. Bret also had 131 academic all-conference selections in seven seasons and his team’s APR figures climbed each year with a most recent multiyear rate of 975 and a final single year rate of 1000. In his time here, Bret has demonstrated the qualities we sought when we brought him to the University of Arkansas and has supported our football student-athletes as reflected in one of our highest spring GPAs.”

  9. Cojones

    Wait! Thought Meyer had a calling to Jesus in his bedroom, within 24hrs of losing the SECCG to Bama. His wife, the nurse, verified his medical condition and he had to withdraw medically from FU and take his defeated and crazed body to less stressful punditry for ESPN. Then he got all well and went to OSU,(following their co-president ,Tressel, to the hollow shell of moral indignity coauthored with Gee.

    Gee, we only ripped his butt afterwards as to his hypocritical bailout and not taking responsibility for leaving FU with insufficient talent at several positions. Then he left his widely celebratedQB without a good way to make a living. Golly, Gee, we sure beat him up while sending him nawth.

    OSU and ESPN must have hired Fox News to spin that kind of idiot shit to what Gee is spouting now!

  10. Lrgk9

    GeeGee and Limbo Dejany are quickly making the Big 10 (sic) into a granfaloon.

  11. Now now…., Cojones…If we are going to use the, “shit”, we must at least say Sweet Honey Iced Tea, or S.H.I.T. Lrgk9, what the h___ does, “granfaloon” mean. Is that in the Lexicon?

    • Lrgk9

      To see and understand a granfaloon, one must remove the skin of a balloon.

    • Cojones

      The statement using “idiot shit” is a research scientist’s expression of frustration when an experiment screws up. We often use other , more profane, utterances that would make Tiger Woods blush.

      Joy, for your sake I’d use “Poo”, but would be afeered that it would result in a broohaha over correct spelling(“Pooh”). Turd Ferguson has already claimed the more sonorous term….sooo….; does “Caca” strike a chord?

  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    It’s bad enough to accuse the SEC and Florida of a lack of integrity, and hold up a weasel like Corch as a man of integrity. It’s bad enough to throw stones from a glass house. And college presidents are supposed to talk like Federal Reserve board members: you’re supposed to go ‘huh?’ after reading their statements. But when someone like Gee suffers a breakdown and says something impolitic, it should at least be a semblance of the truth.

  13. The FCC does not take the word “S.H.I.T.” lightly. Did anyone see that episode of South Park, where they had a counter going in the top right had corner of the TV counting how many times they used that word in one episode? Does anyone remember how many times it was? They got fined a certain amount for each time they said it. It’s okay….Trey and Matt could afford the fines.

    • Cojones

      S.H.I.T. = Ship High In Transit, a perfectly useable acronym in polite society that refers to manure. “Road apples” is animal specific (I prefer the illiterate French, “Pome d’ Rue”), but is not all encompassing like the word “shit”. “Idiot shit” is a blopheration that perfectly describes some pundits and others resembling people. The term “fecal matter”, while more scientific, is never used because we don’t give a shit.

      What do the word police think of “Mutha”? 🙂

  14. cube

    What man of integrity fakes a heart attack and then lies to everyone that he has serious health problems and not just anxiety/stress issues, only to say everything is all better a few months later?

  15. Jimmy Tressel

    I agree with Gordo. Integrity is not firing the school president when he begs you not to.

  16. Bobby

    Coming from the guy who let his wife smoke weed at the Vanderbilt presidents house and then divorced her after she got caught so he could keep his job.

  17. Rival

    Cognitive. Dissonance.

  18. 81Dog

    I never thought I would see a college president who made Mike Adams look like a spendthrift or a reasonable human being. Congrats, Gordo. Way to double down on being a douchebag. If Mike Adams is somehow involved in leaking the tape to the media, bonus points to him. HE’s still a douchebag, too, but he’s a lot more clever than President Bow Tie.

  19. Maurice Clarett

    THE Ohio State University

  20. Ausdawg85

    Jadeveon Clowney.

    (Makes as much sense as anything Gee has to say.)

  21. ME

    Coach Meyer sure was not undermined with UFs drug use rules. Can you say Percy Harvin

  22. Gee is not a Catholic…I believe he is actually LDS, or Mormon.

  23. ME

    better yet. Show me where Meyer wanted to suspend players or kick them off the team & he was over ruled. And look @ this link to the OSU drug policy It might be weaker than UFs. Somehow there is a difference between being suspended from “competition” & being suspended from “the competitive season competition”. So I guess y week suspension from “practice competition” against your teammates for a second test failure counts for something as compared to a 2 week suspension from “the competitive season competition” for the 3rd test failure. We just need to get rid of the kids that are not college students and never were/will be and are only there to develop a pro career. Let them go play semi-pro somewhere where they can get a 1/2 assed degree from a 1/2 assed school if they so desire to finish school. White/green/black/yellow or whatever race/creed/color they are, stop degrading academics to use these kids to win & make money at all costs of integrity. I will keep supporting my school academic & athletic goals and having fun tailgating regardless.

    • Mike

      Well, Rainey WAS suspended for five SEC games for texting a threatening message to a woman. I mean, it is not like he actually beat her up or anything like that. Not like Sanders Commings beat up a woman, anyway. And how many games did this fine young Georgia Bulldog miss? Just two.

      • Nat Dawg

        Nice try. Rainey told a woman he intended to kill her. Commings pushed a woman in a heated public argument (he did not “beat her up”). Not the same thing.

        Regardless, the point of the comment (and others) is to show that Meyer was not the lone “man of integrity” in the SEC that Gee is trying to make him out to be.

        You’re a bad guy man. If I didn’t use my health/family as an excuse, we’d be going at it right now.

        • Mike

          You are exactly right. They are not the same thing. One is a physical action meant to harm another human being. The other was just words. The woman said she did not feel threatened.

          • Nat Dawg

            The only reason Rainey’s suspension was 5 games was b/c the incident(s) happened during the season and Meyer had to wait for the felony charges to get knocked down to misdemeanors before reinstating him. If it had happened during the offseason and been reduced to misdemeanors before the season, would Rainey have been suspended at all? Using Meyer’s approach to other disciplinary issues as a barometer, the probability is that he would not have been.

          • NRBQ

            More Gator bullshit.

            Those on the scene said the girl was “all over” Commings, and he pushed her away.

          • Macallanlover

            Publicly taking back my past defense about “Mike” being an OK guy despite his gator allegiance. Defending/minimizing Rainey in ANY way is pure scum, he has no integrity and sold his soul for a college football preference. Justify it anyway you wish, the player should have been immediately, and forever suspended from CFB. You are as slimey as Urbie.

            • Mike

              Your reading comprehension is suffering, scotch lover. I was neither defending nor minimizing Rainey’s behavior. Nor was I taking issue with his punishment. I was merely comparing it to the more egregious actions and and lessor punishment from a player on a rival team. It was fortunate that Commings merely stuck the poor woman in the face. Had he texted her, he might had had to sit out three more games

              So, using YOUR logic, no doubt you are defending/minimizing Commings actions? And if so, does this demonstrate your “scum” nature? Some of your brethren above are certainly justifying his actions. As if there is any excuse for a football player to strike a woman. No doubt they are scum too? Do you believe that? Or are you just uncomfortable with the obvious comparisons of the Rainy/Commings events?

              So many questions. Happily, we have the whole off season to ponder them

              • Macallanlover

                It isn’t reading comprehension that is at issue Mike, it is the depth of the discussion you missed. I am hard core against violence so I will never minimize it regardless of the color jersey a player wears. As was noted above, the situation with Commings was not even in the same universe as rainey’s threat. Getting into a public argument and losing it enough to shove someone is relatively trivial, certainly not acceptable, but miles away from a real death threat. He was punished btw, it isn’t like it was brushed under the carpet. His wasn’t a felony offense. (You can naively accept the victim’s LATER justification if you wish but there is little doubt about what happened in the interim period following the initial report.) We believe and support discipline at UGA, and enforce to it like no other, that isn’t even in dispute here. No one can claim the same at FU, you aren’t Auburn or Miami of the 80s, but you aren’t Georgia.

                The few FU fans I know and talk CFB with were unanimous in wanting Rainey to go, perhaps you should take a look at your standards, pretty obvious to me that you would lose this argument even in a Gator bar. I stand by my position and comments, what has changed is my impression of you as a person. Some things are more important than blue and orange versus red and black,

                • Mike

                  meH. Spurrier was a almost rigid disciplinarian. Discipline fell of dramatically with Zook and Meyer. Which is something that made a lot of Gators uncomfortable. Including me. We are glad to discover, thus far anyway, that Muschamp is taking more of the Spurrier approach. (as an aside, on the surface it appears that Spurrier’s standards have slipped rather dramatically at USCe)

                  You are as quick to justify the actions of Commings as you are to condemn those committed by Rainey. Let me say this. There is NEVER A JUSTIFICATION for hitting a woman, with the possible exception of self defense. Maybe you know enough about the Commings case to postulate that is what happened. If so, then I am in your camp. But since he was charged, and I did not see where charges were dropped, it is hard to believe that was the case.

                  Rainey’s actions were also inexcusable. But at no time did he pose a physical threat to the woman. She testified to that fact. And I say that as the father of three daughters.

                  Maybe in your bizarro world, texting a threat a woman is more serious than striking a woman. But not mine.

        • Dog in Fla

          A victim of his own device, part deux, in which an undermined Chris and his female victim go at it right now by engaging in an extraction from a motor vehicle followed by a footrace, wrestling and unemployment

          “GAINESVILLE, FLA – At approximately 8:26am on January 10th, 2013, the Gainesville Police Department received a 911 call…[yada yada]…Rainey and the victim got into an argument over Rainey’s cellphone. The female victim entered the vehicle of Rainey’s roommate, and Rainey confronted her on the passenger side of the vehicle, and began pulling her out of the vehicle. Witnesses then observed Rainey slap the victim across the face with an open hand. Both Rainey and the female victim then fell to the ground. The victim was able to run away, but Rainey chased after her because his cellphone was in a bag the victim was carrying. Rainey grabbed the bag again, and they both fell to the ground again. Neither party suffered visible injuries from the encounter. Multiple witnesses confirmed the incident.”

  24. Dog in Fla

    Touchmybaby Bielema!

  25. Bryant Denny

    Bielema was on such a winning streak who woulda thunk Gee could have broken it.

    • Cojones

      Yeah, but it doesn’t matter to my Porker in-laws. They think Bobby is still their coach.

  26. Dawg19

    Jeremy Schapp had a good piece this morning taking Gee and the NCAA to task.