SEC expansion has a price tag now.

Big Mike passed out the checks in Destin this week and everybody’s impressed.

League commissioner Mike Slive capped another spring meeting in Destin, Fla., by announcing Friday afternoon that a record $289.4 million will be distributed to its institutions, or $20.7 million to each of the 14. The SEC distributed $241.5 million last spring when the league contained 12 members, with each school receiving $20.1 million.

“Obviously we passed out a bit of money to our folks,” Slive said in a news conference. “It’s the highest in our history, and we hope to be able to tell you that every year from here on out.”

Don’t throw your shoulder out with all that back patting, Commissioner.  The thing is, if I’m doing the math correctly, had the conference remained at 12, Slive’s bounty would have amounted to around $24.1 million per school.  That’s a difference of about $3.4 million, which ain’t exactly chicken scratch.  (If bowl revenue is part of the equation, then the numbers would be slightly less, since TAMU went bowling.  Same goes for March Madness and Missouri.)

The SEC Network had best be raining cash on these guys.  Assuming anybody’s noticed…


UPDATE:  Bowl loot not included in the distribution.


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4 responses to “SEC expansion has a price tag now.

  1. Krautdawg

    Can I jump off topic here. This is just too good. The Red&Black headline reads “Top In-State Linebacker Chooses Clemson over UGA.” Why did he do it?

    “‘I picked Clemson because it felt a lot like Buford,’ Rogers told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.”

    Was it this blog that called it “Auburn with a lake?”


  2. Cosmic Dawg

    Devil’s advocate, here. Don’t we have to assume Mizzou and A&M added to those revenues? The cash is not wholly from pre-existing TV contracts whose slots would have been filled regardless, is it?

    For instance, does SEC get a cut of A&M’s non-conf. tv games, bowl game, radio, stadium ads, other sports, licensing, merch, etc? Is the only money SEC gets from existing TV? Because in that case there would have been no announcement – it would be some fixed share of revenue from CBS and ESPN deals, right?


  3. DawgPhan

    All of the scheduling woes for an extra $600k per team. A basically insignificant sum for the big boys.